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Angel In Disguise (Steve x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! To the anon who sent this, I hope you feel better, sweetheart!! This is actually quite long but I had a lot of fun writing the last part. I hope you guys don’t mind though, I just got so carried away writing it and yeah…I didn’t really know if you wanted Steve to end up with the reader so I kinda left it out in the open so yeah. Anyways, enjoy!!😊

Request: Hello doll :) Would you mind doing a Steve Rogers imagine where he’s like your best friend (just like a big brother) and during one Mission you get shot but the Jet is destroyed and the avengers have to take care of you on their own. Steve is Holding your Hand while you’re unconscious and Bruce gets the bullet out. You then get a fever and it Looks back but they can bring you back and Steve keeps taking care of you all the time ? :) I just feel sad and thought I could send in a request like that

“Did you bring your guns?”

You sighed as you looked at Steve. “You can see the guns strapped to the side of my thighs, Cap. They are very visible.”

“I was just making sure,” Cap said.

“And besides I have pyrokineses, I only brought the guns because you insisted.” You gave him a look.

Steve sighed as he stood up. “I just want you to be careful.”

“I know, I know,” you said as Steve gave you a smile before walking to where Clint and Nat were flying the quinjet.

You took a deep breath in before leaning your head back, closing your eyes. The team was sent on a mission as apparently, one of the enhance that HYDRA was working on escaped and was wreaking havoc at some small town. The team had already shut that HYDRA operation before going to find the enhance.

The worst part of going on the mission so far was Steve just nagging at you, making sure that you didn’t forget anything and making sure that you were prepared, all that stuff. You knew he didn’t mean any harm by doing all that but he was like a brother that you never wanted, you still loved him though. The two of you were like two peas in a pot, he was so carefree around you that when you see him interact with other people, it’s weird as he gets so much more serious.

“We’re reaching,” Clint called out but the jet started to shake, the shaking getting worse and worse as time passes.

“What the hell is happening,” Tony asked as you stood up shakily, making your way to the front to look out of the window. You held on to Steve’s shoulder as you saw the grey clouds ahead, before lightning flashed directly in front of the jet.

“That’s not a good sign,” you muttered.

“Thor, can you find a way to stop the storm?” Cap asked as he glanced back at the god who nodded and opened the ramp before swinging his hammer and flying out.

You raised a hand to cover your eyes as the strong wind blew into the jet, Tony trudging forward in his Iron Man suit and shutting the ramp. You let out a breath as he closed the door.

Suddenly everything stopped, the jet stopped shaking and you thought that maybe Thor already solved it but you were wrong. Thunder boomed as lightning strike again, this time hitting one of the jet’s wings.

“Hold on!” Nat shouted as the whole jet tilted to one side. You almost fell and lost your balance but Steve caught you and held onto you as Clint tried to regain stability while Nat checked how damaged the wing was. “Um, you guys aren’t going to be happy about this.”

“What happened?” Bruce asked, looking at Nat.

Nat glanced at Bruce with a stressed look. “The wing isn’t just damaged, the wing was completely ripped off by the lightning.”

“You guys better hold on tight, it’s not going to be a smooth landing,” Clint warned as the whole jet started spinning, the archer trying his best to control it.

You held on tight to Steve as the jet hit the ground, jerking all of you forward. When the quinjet stopped skidding, all of you just stayed there, taking a deep breath it before preparing yourselves and walking out.

Well, now all of you have no way back to the tower. The communicators doesn’t seem to be working as well, it’s probably because of the stupid storm.

As all of you headed out of the jet, Thor landed in front of all of you, worry in his gaze. “The storm is not natural.”

You frowned as you looked at him. “The lightning completely ripped off the wing of the quinjet, so I would say, yes, it’s not natural.”

The god shook his head, Cap walking out beside you. “What’s going on, Thor?”

“The storm doesn’t seem to be created by nature, it seems as if it’s being controlled by something,” Thor said.

“Or someone,” Tony interjected, looking as if he found out something important. “I think I might know what the powers of the enhanced we’re dealing with have.”

“Weather manipulation,” Bruce said, coming to stand beside Tony as he nodded.

“Exactly,” Tony replied.

“Okay, so we have to go find that person, but where? We’re stuck in the middle of some forest,” you said, crossing your arms over your chest.

“I think we might have landed near the edge of the forest, from what I remembered from the map.” Clint looked around before pointing straight ahead.

“Let’s go,” Cap said, his voice commanding as everyone started heading to where Clint pointed to.

Soon enough, a town came into view. Buildings, shops, diners. However, some of the buildings looked destroyed.

“This person really seemed to be having fun,” Nat commented as she surveyed the area.

“Tony, Thor, both of you fly around to see if there’s anybody injured, the rest of you, we’ll look around here,” Cap ordered.

All of you were about to do what he said when lightning strike directly in front of all of you, causing all of you to jump back.

“I’m not going to let all of you ruin my fun.”

You looked to the side to see a man around your age looking at the team, an evil smirk on his face. His hair was pure white, contrasting with his dark colored eyes.

Stepping forward, you glanced back at the rest of the team. “Tony, Thor, go. The rest of you go as well. I think I can handle it.”

“You? Handle me?” The enhanced sneered, you turn back to face him, flicking both of your hands lightly, fire bursting out from your arms.

The enhanced looked surprised before he raised his hands, his eyes turning greyish white, thunder booming again.

“Shit,” you muttered. “Dodge!”

All of you managed to jump out of the way in time, the lightning hitting where you were. You straightened up as you aimed your arm at him, shooting out a fireball, knocking him back.

He flew back, groaning. When the enhanced slowly got up, he looked down to see that you had burned a hold in his shirt, burning a bit of his skin as well. He growled as he glared at you.

You took this chance to throw another fireball at him but the moment your fireball hit him, you felt a sharp pain in your side, making you gasp as you fell on your knees, everything going dark.

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Ranking the RR teams by the quality of their hugs

hauntzer: N/A
impact: short and sweet. 10/10
ray: not a very tight hug but very very nice. 10/10.
zig: N/A
expect: got excited about my friends and me wishing him a happy belated birthday while we hugged. 15/10 super cute
vizicsacsi: felt nice!! 10/10.
soaz: a quick but friendly hug. 10/10

svenskeren: N/A
contractz: slightly awkward because he was at least a head shorter than the vast majority of the audience. gave everyone a lil pat on the back as if he was trying to comfort them. 15/10. very adorable
mikeyeung: N/A
trick: soft, small and round!! three invaluable qualities when it comes to hugging! 10/10.
xerxe: had a closeup view of his beautiful mane. 10/10.
broxah: the hug to end all hugs. it started out harmless like a typical hug between people who don’t know each other well. then he pulled me closer. his arms are definitely very strong and he squeezed me a bit. i felt safe and at peace. 1500/10. i’m still swooning

a very nice, friendly hug. 10/10.
jensen: he’s always a bit awkward interacting with fans but he’s doing his best! i appreciate it. 10/10.
ryu: N/A
perkz: he has the perfect hugging height. 10/10.
exileh: had to stand on my toes to hug him. the minimal stretching definitely felt good after sitting down for a while. 10/10.
caps: a very nice hug. 10/10.

doublelift: N/A
sneaky: he feels just as soft as he looks. 10/10 still kinda regretting not having pet his hair
arrow: N/A
zven: poor guy always has to crouch so that mere mortals like me can hug him. i fear one day he may ruin his back. regardless, his hugs are very nice!! putting my chin on his shoulder felt like an accomplishment. 10/10.
samux: a warm, friendly hug. 10/10.
rekkles: N/A

smoothie: his hugs in and of itself feel very nice. he’s v talkative while hugging which made me a bit nervous but also made me feel v appreciated!! 10/10.
xpecial: N/A
mithy: hugging mithy feels like coming home after a long day. 10/10.
hylissang: a solid hug. a good hug. a hug you can trust. 10/10.
jesiz: a soft, gentle hug. 10/10.

Walked back to my apartment today and passed two girls taking graduation photos in front of my university. A sad reminder of how I will not be graduating this semester.

I hate seeing people in their cap and gown. I hate hearing about people talk about graduation. I wish I was in their shoes.

I know we all work at our own pace, but I can’t help but to be disappointed in myself. It almost feels impossible, like it will never happen.

I just can’t wait to feel like I’ve accomplished something. For these past years of struggling to seem worth while. To find light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s so hard to accept that you’re gone forever

I never knew I could hurt like this

And everyday life rolls on

I wish I could talk to you for a while

Miss you but I try not to cry

As time goes by

And it’s true you’ve reached a better place

Still I’d give the world to see your face

Hiro did his best to look like his brother. Having his hair cut and even wearing his cap just to ‘see’ Tadashi again.

I Thought You Were Different (Part 8/?) (Rogers/Barton x reader)

Part 7

When you woke the next morning, Steve wasn’t there; his side of the bed had already grown cold and the room was silent.  Grabbing your phone, you found it to be much later than you usually slept, quickly shooting to wakefulness at your realization.  But Clint hadn’t been by to wake you for your therapy session as he had for the past several days…and now your curiosity was awake as well.  You texted him with no reply, followed by a text to Steve, again finding silence as your only response.

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Ahhh the ask box is open!! How about the boys finding out their s/o is pregnant?? Thanks!!

Hey non I hope you like this! It went on quite long and I had to add some little bits because I couldn’t resist. Also Trigger Warning for: Pregnancy, birth, and mentions of periods.

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I strained my right calf stretching too soon after my morning run today (like there was an audible pop and everything). So, while I am sitting here at my desk with my leg elevated, moaning and sobbing and not doing my work that needs to get done, I am going to write a thing and get over this writer’s block that has been stalking me the past few weeks. It will probably be angsty because I am in a mood.

I really think Mikasa likes Jean back, but she feels like she’s not allowed to, because she just can’t afford to care about him. (“The lives I can care about are limited”)

We can see in her personal Interview that she avoids the topic of Jean and especially the topic of liking him.

In the newer chapters I feel like we see her caring more and more for Jean and less for Eren. I feel like she starts seeing that Eren doesn’t appreciate her, while Jean does and how she should let her feelings develop.


Some people have already noticed the similarities between Toads and Tiaras and Back in Black, but here’s one I haven’t seen talked about yet. Both Lana and Lucy are shown enjoying their makeovers. For Lana it takes longer to warm up to it, but once she does she’s posing in front of the mirror and admits she feels pretty good. Lucy, meanwhile, is admiring her reflection almost immediately and seems pleased while saying “Hmm, I can live with this.”

Of course both girls end up going back to their old looks in the end, but not because they didn’t like their makeovers. It was because the makeovers just didn’t suit them. The pink girly girl style isn’t a bad one, it’s just not who Lana and Lucy are on the inside. Lana will always be happiest in her red baseball cap and grubby overalls, and Lucy will always prefer somber black and white. That’s who they are, and that’s what makes them awesome.

Zodiac Wars V


 “Did you like the apple?” Sag asked Virgo once he was done. “I picked it out especially for you.”

“Sure you did,” Virgo responded, sighing.

“What was life like, in Scorpio’s base?” Sag sat down once again on the floor across him, “what did you do when you were back there?” Virgo shook his head.

“Awful attempt, you think I’m going to tell you?”

“No– I don’t mean tell me your plans. I’m genuinely curious about what it’s like. I don’t really know Scorpio that well. I was just wondering what your life was like, that’s all,” she looked up at him, eyes shining with curiosity.

“Well,” Virgo said, “for one thing, Scorp never makes any of our team do something as tedious as this,” he smiled, pointing at Sag, who laughed. “I had my own bureau. It was quite nice actually– I had a pretty big room, light streaming through when I worked. And Cap was right next door me, and I could see her everyday,” his heart ached as he thought of Cap– he missed her a lot.

“You’re quite close with Cap?”

“Yeah, she’s my girlfriend,” Virgo smiled, “I would do anything for her, and she’d do anything for me.”

“Really?” Sag asked him. “The Cap I know, she wouldn’t even lift a finger for anyone if it didn’t benefit her. Cap is really smart, and it’s been what, at least two days? And yet, we haven’t had any problems with her. Are you really certain she’ll be coming for you?”

“How can you be certain? You haven’t even left this room.”

Sag shrugged, “I just have a feeling.”

“What did Cap ever do to you that could’ve been so bad?” Virgo asked her. He couldn’t understand: Cap was the best person he ever knew.

“It was long ago. Back when we were kids, I used to be best friends with Cap. I thought she was super kind, caring and loyal. We’d talk about everything together, and she’d understand me, even when I said the most ridiculous things. I had many secrets, thoughts and things I was scared to admit even to myself– but I told her all of them because I trusted her, and she promised I could. She was one of those rare people who made me feel like I could belong somewhere,” Sag paused. Virgo continued listening, rather surprised. He always thought Sag had liked being rather carefree and unbound to anyone or anywhere.

“One day,” Sag went on, “we were with Aqua and Gemini. As you know, they’re pretty popular and all. It was a pretty average day. While the four of us were talking, I went up to get a few drinks for us. As I walked back, I noticed they were gone. Completely left me. I just shrugged and decided to go back home, but I felt a little sad too. Later, Cap texted me, and said that we couldn’t be friends anymore, just like that, out of nowhere. Apparently, Cap had told Aqua and Gemini all of my deepest thoughts, but twisted them a little so that they sounded super weird, and made up a few lies about me, because she had a crush on Aqua and wanted to make sure Aqua never liked me. After that, Gemini and Aqua told her that they didn’t really want to be around me, so she said that she never really liked me anyways and just left me. She didn’t even give me a warning. She lied to me, and left me, her closest friend, without a second thought because she wanted to impress someone. I’ve never trusted or liked her since. All she cares about is her reputation.”

“That doesn’t sound like the Cap I know,” Virgo frowned.

“Yeah well that’s only what she did to me. She’s always lying, twisting stories and events to make herself look good. I can’t stand it. And you can’t see it, because you believe her.”

“Or maybe I can’t see it because it’s not true. Out of interest, is that why you pretend not to care?” Virgo asked, “because when you do care and open up, you’re afraid people will leave you like that?”

“I’m not afraid of it; people do leave. That’s why it’s important to learn to be self-reliant. To let go of them, before they drop you.”

“I feel the same way a lot of the time.”

Sag laughed lightly, “You? Seriously? When have you ever felt that way?”

Virgo smiled, “Always. I have many secrets; the difference is I pretend I don’t. So you’d assume that because I have a girlfriend, tend to always double text people, and act rather clingy I’m dependent– but truth is I’m just like you. I don’t ever truly rely on anyone but myself.”

“Yeah but people don’t leave you, even if you did rely on them. I’m always alone. That’s also the difference.”

“You know,” Virgo smiled, “you’re never truly as alone as you seem.”


“So, ready to set up the cameras?” Scorpio asked Gemini. “Set up as many as you can, we want to track their every move.”

Gemini nodded, “no problem. We’ll probably manage to finish in about three to four days. So anyways, I’m just going to go sleep now. I’m tired.”

“Sure,” Scorpio said, and shut the door after Gemini left. She liked being alone a lot, but sometimes it scared her. Being alone meant she could let all her emotions loose because no one would ever see her, but it also upset her because sometimes she wanted people to know how she felt. It was tough to deal with things on your own. It was tough to make decisions that were tough and pretend that it didn’t affect you because you could “push your emotions aside”– but inside, she couldn’t separate her emotions aside which made her feel lost and weighed down. Sometimes she wished someone would comfort her and assure that she made the right decision. The worst was, she often regretted most of her choices– especially the day she lost Cancer. Scorpio spent almost everyday imagining what her life would be like with Cancer, but she knew it was too late for that. The only thing she did know was, after all of this was over, she couldn’t keep Cancer alive. Not when she had killed all of his friends, not when she had wrecked their lives. It would kill Cancer to see her, and it would kill even more her to see herself kill Cancer slowly and emotionally. But tough choices had to be made, and even though she sat on her desk, crying silently now, it had to happen.


 Libra laughed. “You lost! You lost the game! Now you have to do it, we had a deal!” Leo frowned. If only she had won, Libra would’ve been forced to kiss Taurus. But she didn’t win, and now she was forced to uphold her end of the bargain– to confess her feelings for Sag and kiss her.

“Do I have to?” Leo looked at Libra.

“How would you feel if you’d have won and I backed out?”

“I hate you. Why did we play this game again?”

“Because it’s so much more fun than what Aries assigned us,” Libra smiled, “so when will you do it? Tonight?”

“No, we said tomorrow.”

“If you do it tonight, I’ll tell you who I like.”

“I know it’s Taurus,” Leo laughed.

“It’s not.”

“Fine, deal.”


“Tell me everything. Who is behind Scorpio’s plans?” Aries asked Cap, a knife at her throat.

“I’m not telling you.” Aries pushed the knife deeper into her throat, right until it was at the edge of cutting through.

“Tell me.”

“I would,” Capricorn smiled, “but maybe next time, don’t let me take things from your pocket.” She stabbed Aries in the leg with the end of a knife, and cut herself free as he howled in pain.

“See ya later!” Cap yelled out and ran away. Aries frowned.

“Not so fast,” he muttered and ran after her. She would not get away. For after all, Aries always got what he wanted, and Aries never lost.


They had been talking for a few hours now. Virgo was beginning to feel less and less uncomfortable as he talked to Sag. For a moment, he almost forgot that he missed home. Not only had their conversation been rather entertaining, but Virgo was also surprised at how in depth and deep Sag could be. Outside her joyful attitude, it was almost relieving to know she had a brain down there, and a rather unique one. He also kept going back and forth between Cap and their relationship. Everything Sag had told him seemed to awful to be true, yet Sag was known for her truthfulness. He was slowly beginning to question everything Cap had told him, because what if Sag was right? What if Cap only ever cared about her reputation? Surely since I’m close with Scorpio, it could be a theory that could work out– Virgo stopped himself. Thinking this was wasn’t a good idea.

“Is everything alright?” Sag asked Virgo.

“Yeah, it’s fine. I was just thinking about Cap.”

“You’re afraid that I’m telling you the truth. Well I’m not a fan of lying, you know,” Sag smiled slightly. “You know, it’s okay to doubt things. Not everything is completely black and white, or perfect.”

“Everything has the potential to be perfect though,” Virgo frowned, “I know it can’t be, but this relationship felt so perfect.”

“But if everything can’t be perfect, why wouldn’t you question it when it is?” Sag raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t know,” Virgo shrugged, and looked down. “It’s just that even though I know it can’t be perfect, to pretend that it is sometimes– it just gives me hope in a way, you know?”

“Yeah I get it. It’s like hoping for the best even when you know it won’t be that way.”


“See Virgo, you’re never truly alone in the way you feel.”


I’m back at it, now that the holidays have started!

Let me know your thoughts!

If you missed it, here’s

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Y'all I’m so up in my feelings about Infinity War like I got news that a teaser was released while I was on my break at work and I literally started crying. Like I was sitting in the back reading, “Bucky is fighting alongside Black Panther, Cap has a beard, etc” and I was legit fucking crying and it might just be cuz I’m hormonal af, but like I’m so excited for this agh

imagine pocket-sized jungkook studying next to you while a kpop playlist plays in the background. sistar’s touch my body would come up on shuffle and jungkook would immediately jump up and start dancing on top of your worksheets.

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Sam is a total cockslut for Dean and loves how big he is, staring at it and always wanting to ride Dean. Dirty talk. ;)

He doesn’t love it, he swears. He can’t love it by now.

“This was a perfect fucking idea, Sammy,” Dean stretches out on the blanket.

Dean is perfect. He is Kansas born, green eyed, freckled skinned, deep-voiced perfection. You’d think there would be something wrong with him. He’s a gentleman, has a nice laugh, holds doors open for ladies and kids, and can give an orgasm god couldn’t perfect.

So it has to be his dick right? It’s gotta be small, has to be.

No, not even his dick. Not a single inch of it. Sam adores the way Dean has to adjust himself a lot of the time because he’s half hard most days, all because of Sam. Only slightly chubbed up it lays along Dean’s left thigh.

It’s the last day of school here in Illinois and this large field is their escape. There was no homework to be done, no people to socialize with, and they did their laps and training already while Dad is gone. Here in this grass on top of a red, ragged flannel blanket, they’ve eaten their sandwiches and looked at the clouds while Dean sings along with the music coming from the Impala a few feet away.

Taking his shirt off and straddling his brother, Sam goes to grind on top of him lightly. The slow, lazy smile that makes it onto Dean’s face makes Sam hot.

“I was thinking I’d ride you. I-if you wanted,” he tells his brother.

“Of course I’d want that. Just remember we got a time limit, Dad-”

“I know, but maybe you shouldn’t mention Dad while we’re about to fuck,” he laughs, unbuttoning his jeans.

He stands up over Dean. His brother only gets so many luxuries in this life and one of them is getting to see Sam strip out of his clothes. Dark denim slipping off slim, pale hips in summer sun. Moles and beauty marks revealed before delighted green eyes. Boxers next with a little more uncertainty, dropping them to his ankles while a red hue breaks across his chest due to more than humid heat.

“Can’t wait till I get inside,” Dean sighs, wiggling off his jeans, and it’s so Dean like to go commando.

Sam drops back onto his knees, feeling some grass getting through the sheet as he grabs up the lube and flips the cap.

“You were just inside me last night, Dean,” he huffs, paying some attention to the beads of sweat beginning to roll down his back.

It’s a lie if he says he isn’t addicted, that he doesn’t love it. The hard length that curves to the right, veins that stand out the harder Dean gets, and how his cock turns a darker shade of red the closer he is to finally coming.

Dean breaths slow and even so he can keep himself from rolling Sammy onto his back and sliding right up inside the tight, hot pink of his brother. Grabbing up the lube from beneath the edge of the sheet to his right and squinting against the sun, he hands the sticky bottle over to Sam.

Tranquil silence in nature that Dean has never loved more in this moment. These are things he likes to think about while on a hunt with Dad while Sam is left behind. Or when Sam is brooding and spiteful, or when everything in his life just seems hopeless. Not just because the ever expanding body of his little brother is over him, thrusting his thin fingers into himself. Not that he has do much because Dean had just screwed him in the back of the Impala last night.

He runs his fingers along still pale skin, moles in random places of Sam’s body, up toward tightened nubs. Sam is ethereal, to say the least.

He hears Sam’s breath catch as his body leans forward, pulling his fingers from his body gently.

“Ready, darlin’?” he asks, breathless and burning up.

With a nod Sam lifts up enough to push all of his brother inside him, Dean’s eyes slowly falling closed with a breathy groan. Sam with his head thrown back, sunlight hitting his face when he gets down to the fat base, and grabbing his own dick to give it a couple strokes.

With a sigh, leaning forward to rest his weight with his hands on Dean’s chest, he starts off slow. An inch in, an inch out. A long groan from Dean and a whine from him.

“Faster, Dean. Put your hands-” Sam begs, grabbing Dean’s hands and putting them on his slim waist.

He stops Sam for a second to bring his knees up, toes clenching in the sheet.

“Lean back, Sammy. Yeah, put your hands on my knees,” Dean prompts, pushing him back to support himself on Dean.

Sam is a lot more exposed like this, his sweaty palms gripping his brother’s knees. The feral look from Dean has him licking his dry lips and lifting himself on shaky legs to bounce on the throbbing cock inside me.

“Love riding dick, don’t you? Like having something in here, baby?” Dean croons, pumping his hips up slightly to encourage Sam to ride faster.

Sam’s lip pulls back on a low growl, finger nails digging into hot flesh as he fucks himself down, hard, into Dean’s lap. The sting of skin on skin against his damp ass only add to everything he’s feeling. 

“Just this dick, only love fucking your dick,” Sam answers back, letting out a guttural groan at the end.

Sam pushes the inside of Dean’s knees to spread them wider, wants to make Dean come inside him already. He can hear the desperation in his brother’s voice, his words as he scrambles to hold on to Sam or curl his fingers into the sheet.

“Keep going, keep going. God, yeah,” Dean begs, forehead wet and freckles face red.

They’ll both be a little sun burnt and so sweaty their skin will stick together, but that doesn’t stop Sam from flicking his bangs from his face and swiveling his hips just the way Dean loves.

“Riding just the way I taught you, huh? Show me what else you learned,” Dean breathes heavily, licking at his top lip.

Sam’s eyes go predatory with a wolfish smile. The wet friction on his dick stops for a moment so Sam can lean forward, all in his space again so his eyes have to cross.

Dean cries out softly, Sam’s ass moving, grinding with shallow thrusts. 

“You taught me this,” Sam trembles, rolling just his hips. He was unsure of this move when Dean’s hands had directed him on how to move because Sam doesn’t have the greatest ass or the best hips. But he had been practicing when he had time alone. Moving nothing but his hips and thighs to ride his brother’s cock. It made him tighter inside, could get Dean crying out like a bitch beneath him.  

Strong arms envelope him, holding him down against Dean’s chest and his breath wheezing. They’ve still gotta be careful with their time, Dad will rip them a new one if he finds them gone.

“Dean, please,” Sam pleads into a pink, slack mouth. 

He gets a long groan in response and Dean fucking up into him, catching onto his rhythm.

“Oh fuck! Hit right there–” Sam arches up, hair flying into his face. gripping Dean’s shoulders in a death grip.

“Don’t even try to move, you’re gonna stay,” Dean growls, hand slapping down and groping a plump cheek, “right here and take what  I’m giving you.”

Sam shrieks, fighting the fierce hold. Dean can use brute force when he needs to, but he’s kinda wishing he wouldn’t at the moment. Kind of.

“D-dean,” he stutters, slipping along the elders torso, still not asking him to slow down.

“I don’t need you whining like a little bitch later on tonight,” another slap to his ass, “because you want to ride me again.”

His legs twitch, his toes digging into grass to find footing. “I w-won’t! I promise,” he sobs, tears springing to his eyes.

“I don’t want you getting me hard while Dad is sleep and I’m driving, since you might decide to give me a slutty show from the backseat,” Dean hisses, grabbing Sam’s face to force him to look down at him.

His ass is gonna be too sore to sit down by time they get back on the road. Skin red and bruised, but this is just talk. At the first rest stop his brother will be on him with apologies, massaging cream onto his abused flesh.

“I don’t want you pressing up against me in bed with your mewling and those puppy eyes, asking for more of my dick,” Dean continues, “so you’re gonna get with the program and put in some effort.”

His teeth dig into his cheeks, and he rolls his hips down while Dean thrusts up, summer sun burning up his back. Bugs, brush of grass, and their heavy breaths a mix in his ears. 

“Let me up, I wanna finish this,” Sam whines, pushing away and up.

Dean lets him, arms going upward and grinding inside the hot clench of Sam. Lifting straight up and pounding back down onto fat dick. He doesn’t wanna blow before Dean, but he’s about to, holy fuck is he about to. Leaning back and gripping onto the top of Dean’s thighs he tries to hold off as best as he can.

“Dean, I’m–” He doesn’t have to say more, sweaty hand surrounding his aching cock and pumping firm and quick, a smug smirk in place on his brother’s face. 

His thighs try to lock up together, but Dean is way ahead of him, keeping his other hand on his right leg to keep him spread as he rides out his orgasm. He’s fucking loud, his voice echoing into the empty field as he shakes and sobs out every intense spurt of come.

“That’s it, baby boy. Got your fill for the day, huh?” Dean asks, still taught with the chance of his own orgasm.

Sam nods and breathes out through his mouth, sensitive in all the good places he should be. 

“That doesn’t mean you stop, Sam. Keep going, you know the rule of reciprocation!” Dean pouts, pumping his hips up a couple times, right into his prostate.

“Okay, okay. J-just take it easy,” he hisses through his teeth,  delicately moving on top of his brother.

Reaching back with one hand to roll Dean’s balls in his palm softly and tightening around his cock on every pull out. 

“Yeah, that’s perfect,” his brother murmurs, closing his eyes when his thighs start to shake.

Like he said, Dean only gets so many luxuries in this life and a good orgasm should be another one.

“You wanna come inside me?” he asks, voice quiet and his body feeling more relaxed by the minute.

“Just a little more, ’m about to, Sammy,” Dean’s voice strained, hands tightening on his hips.

Sam lets his middle finger reach right under Dean’s balls, press against it and finally watch Dean grunt once, pulsing his load out. He stops moving on top of his brother once Dean complains about over  sensitivity  and his come is seeping out around his softening dick.

Dean loses his breath once Sam pulls off of him, sliding down between his spread legs and taking him into his wet mouth; slowly sucking him. 

“Cock warmer,” Dean slurs, putting one arm over his eyes.

“You’re gonna give me more later. No matter if we’re in the car, in a gas station, in our motel room. You always give me more whenever I want,” Sam lick at the come that made its way down Dean’s balls then goes right back to suckling at the flaccid length again.

Dean groans, laughing. He knows he will.

“I know, sweetheart, I know,” he whispers, petting at Sam’s head, hearing the music coming from the car again.

Just a pair of sun burnt boys in Illinois.

I’m not too confident about this one, actually.

runningoverroses  asked:

Hello! i feel like peggy won't actually be brought back. I think while looking at the time stone, steve will certainly debate whether or not he should use it to bring peggy back. Maybe the villians or someone else will try to tempt cap with the stone and he'll reminisce and wonder what it'd be like to bring peggy back, but ultimately will decide against it since messing with time ruins just about everything lol. I'd love to see her back but it kinda isn't realistic :/

Hello! Steve Rogers would never, bearded Steve on the other hand… no I’m just kidding. I didn’t write an almost 20 page paper last year on this character for him to throw away his morals like that. Regardless of him shedding his identity as Cap, Steve has always been good. That’s why Dr. Erskine chose him out of hundreds of other men to be injected with the serum. So in regards to that article I reblogged, if indeed Peggy is resurrected somehow, it will not be at the hands of Steve Rogers. My theory is that Thanos or one of his henchmen will, like you said, tempt him as a form of mental torture or threaten to have already done it. My excitement arose from the sheer possibility of Peggy being relevant again. She’s been on my mind since Infinity War was announced because how could she not be included in a cast with 60+ other Marvel characters? And those pictures Hayley took with Louis D'Esposito the other day only gave me more (false) hope for a third season of Agent Carter, which frankly the world sorely needs right now. In conclusion, I love and miss Margaret Elizabeth Carter with all my heart and hope someday she will grace our screens again.


“Hey, uh, do you know how to get to Brooklyn, I think I may have gotten on the wrong train.” You looked up at the stranger hoping to god it wasn’t another middle aged man looking to get your number. 

“Holy shit, you’re Captain America!” He chuckled.

“Yeah, uh, Steve.”

“It’s nice to meet you Steve, I’m Y/n, and we are in the Bronx right now. So i’m guessing you definitely got on the wrong train. I’ll walk you to the bus station, you’re probably gonna need to take a few to get down there.”

“Uh, thank you, thanks. I probably would’ve been stuck out here all day. This whole public transit thing is really complicated.” You laughed at the confusion on his face. 

“Yeah it took me a while to get used to it when I moved here. But you get the hang of it after a while, or you pretend to.” You made it down to the bus station just then, turning to him to say goodbye. “Well it was nice to meet you Cap, next bus should be here in a few.” You turned to walk back towards the cafe. 

“Hey wait!” You turned back to see him holding a piece of paper towards you. “That’s my number, uh, feel free to call if you ever need anything…or like wanna get coffee or something.” You almost laughed at how nervous he was, Captain America was nervous to ask YOU on a date. 

“I’ll take you up on that offer Cap, thank you.” 

When did Naruto become Hokage? Did Sasuke visit in those 12 years?

A/N: Really long post ahead. This is mostly because I saw other posts wondering about the timeline and I wanted to organize my own thoughts about these questions and decided to make a post out of it. These are just my opinions and speculations. Credit to mangapanda and mangastream for the mangacaps and to kissanime for the movie screencaps.

Originally I thought it was around the time Boruto entered the academy because in chapter 700, Boruto speaks about Naruto being Hokage as if he has been Hokage for a while now, and I doubt Boruto’s sour feelings about his dad’s job materialized over night, but rather came to be after a while. 

So in chapter 700, some time had passed since Naruto became Hokage, but I didn’t think that much time had passed because Gai asks Kakashi whether or not he should be accompanying Naruto. If Naruto had been Hokage for a long time, there would be no need to supervise or anything, right? So I had thought that maybe Gai had said that because this was Naruto’s first Gokage Meeting since he became Hokage. 

And Kakashi speaks in a way that Naruto is proving to be a great successor. The tone seems like he is implying that despite the fact that Naruto hasn’t been Hokage for super long, he is still doing a great job. 

Also, Kakashi talks about stepping down from his position as Hokage, and says “Now I’d just like to go and see all the places…” which also seems to imply that he only retired just a short while back and is now wanting to go on a trip down memory lane. I feel like if he had retired long ago, he wouldn’t use this wording because in that case he might say he wants to continue relaxing? So that still fits the theory of Naruto become Hokage when Boruto entered the academy, a little while before chapter 700.

Another cap from chapter 700 is the Eight Tails talking about how Naruto’s in a very busy position now. Again the important word is “now” and could imply a recent promotion to Hokage. But in the context of the conversation, it seems to mean simply that he is “currently in a busy position” instead of “recently.” 

The next thing we can look at is The Last Naruto movie (I know people found mistakes here and there in the movie that weren’t consistent with other stuff, but bear with me for now).

Behind Hinata is the Hokage monument and we can clearly see that Naruto’s face is not there yet. So at the end of the movie Naruto either still wasn’t Hokage or had just recently become Hokage and his face just hadn’t been etched on the mountain yet. 

I feel like it was more likely that he wasn’t Hokage yet considering Boruto’s attitude towards his dad here. He doesn’t seem annoyed at his dad having some job that forces him to spend less time with him and Naruto is obviously not busy in this screencap so we can assume he hasn’t taken on Hokage duties yet. Also again we see no seventh face on the mountain.

Boruto looks younger here too so again the theory that Naruto probably became Hokage around the time or just before Boruto entered the academy makes sense. 

But with the recent release of chapter 700+5 of Naruto Gaiden, this theory kinda goes down the drain.

Sasuke clearly says that Naruto is currently Hokage. He doesn’t allude to Naruto becoming Hokage or anything, but rather affirms that Naruto is in the position of Hokage and must protect the village. 

Here it is stated that this is a Gokage Summit going on, so my original presumption about Gai wondering why Kakashi wasn’t with Naruto because it may have been Naruto’s first Summit was also incorrect. 

Another important thing we can note is that Kakashi is also not present at this summit, so again there is no possibility that he is the Hokage. 

So where does that leave us? I think first we need to establish a potential timeline and look at two hypothetical situations that branch out into a lot of other questions.

1. Naruto became Hokage around the time Boruto was born

In this theory, the timeline would be what has been discussed so far: the flashback from chapter 700+5 of Naruto Gaiden, then the scene from The Last movie and then finally chapter 700.

This theory would stipulate that Naruto became Hokage around the time Boruto was born. The missing face on the mountain in the movie was either a mistake potentially and the tiny implications in dialogue that I noted earlier about chapter 700 were probably me reading too much into it.

This theory only makes sense if in fact the flashback for chapter 700+5 was before Sarada was born, and the reason I am saying that is that it is possible that Sakura was pregnant during that Gokage Summit. 

Her hand is rested on her stomach and she is possibly a little rounder around the stomach area so yes it is a possibility that she is pregnant in these panels. 

But I don’t like this theory for many reasons. First of all, the appearances of all the characters resemble chapter 700 and thought appearance for Naruto characters are very constant most of the time, the fact that all the Kages are the ones from chapter 700 makes me think that the flashback from 700+5 takes places around the time of 700. Which brings me to the next theory, and the one I think is most likely true.

2. Naruto became Hokage when Boruto was in his early acadamy days

This theory goes along with what I had originally stated in the beginning. If we assume all of those implications in the dialogue of 700 were true and that Naruto became Hokage a short while ago, we can also assume then that in the end of the Naruto movie, he wasn’t Hokage either. So the missing face on the mountain was not a mistake.

This theory makes sense because the timeline would be: the scene from The Last movie, then chapter 700 and finally the flashback from chapter 700+5 of Naruto Gaiden. 

There are so many reasons why this timeline makes more sense but I’ll cover only a few. I’ll leave out the argument about appearances and whatnot and focus on what makes more sense. First let’s tackle Sakura being potentially pregnant in the flashback.

I honestly think it could go either way, but for the sake of this theory, it makes more sense for her not to be pregnant here, and if you analyse the previous panel I had posted and this one above, you can say she doesn’t look pregnant. If Masashi Kishimoto really wanted to lay this flashback in her pregnancy time I feel like he would’ve made her stomach rounder and made it more obvious she was pregnant. 

So then when was the flashback taking place? In one of the panels earlier that I posted, where Sasuke tells Naruto to take care of the village as Hokage, Naruto is asking to go with Sasuke. I think everyone assumed right away that this flashback was from 12 years ago when Sasuke left on his mission for the first time. But let’s look at these panels:

Sasuke states that he’s continued investigating Kaguya. In chapter 700 he is away as well, and I think we’ve all assumed that it was on this 12 year long mission, but as much as that can be possible, it is equally possible that it wasn’t just that one mission for 12 years but other ones too.

This whole page is important in this theory because Sasuke notices something. It’s possible he is reacting to that supposed connection with Sarada but he could also be reacting to an enemy. After gathering info he could have possibly returned to Konoha and told them about what he found out about the Zetsu army. 

This makes sense because it goes along with the theory that the Gokage Summit in 700 was Naruto’s first and then the one in 700+5 was a later one that Sasuke attended.

However, as much as that theory makes sense, there are still so many unanswered questions, ones that we need answers to before we can make any practical assumption about the questions in my title. Again it boils down to this panel. 

According to Sarada she has never met her dad or at least doesn’t remember meeting him. This of course does not mean he never returned to the village and met with others to report on progress and whatnot. Which makes a lot of sense to me because whenever Sarada questioned anyone about her dad (Naruto, Sakura, Shizune), they all acted as if they had very recently met him and had to remind themselves that Sarada hadn’t met him in a while.

Another set of diverging theories come up then: did Sarada know her dad as a child and for some reason does not remember? This is supported by all those Sharingan activation theories that people have posted. The other is that Sasuke did in fact assign himself some mission(s) to look into the things bothering him at the time when Sarada was still a child, and for some reason did not reveal himself to her even though he might’ve visited Konoha in those 12 years.

So what conclusions can we draw from all this? None really! Everything is speculation and until all the facts are revealed through the Gaiden and upcoming movie, it is impossible to make a clear statement about the two questions asked in the beginning: When did Naruto become Hokage? And did Sasuke return to the village in those 12 years?

I think the most plausible theory is that Sasuke, when Sarada was a baby or when she wasn’t yet born, did decide to undertake some sort of mission(s) to better understand the things that happened in the war. He probably realized the danger of the mission, and decided to keep it top secret (he might’ve returned to the village in this time to meet Naruto and/or Sakura). 

When he sensed something in 700 or confirmed his suspicions, he met with the Kages to relay his discoveries. We see Naruto telling Sasuke he wants to go with him, but I feel like Sasuke already understood the degree of the mission, how long it would take and how top secret it needed to be. I think that’s why he told Naruto to stay in the village because Sasuke had already been gone a while and he knew he would be still gone for another while to come. 

He states clearly that he doesn’t want anyone to know about his whereabouts. I think this is where we need to separate the idea of some people claiming Sasuke was neglecting of his duties as a father because that is completely wrong. He did know his daughter, and him not recognizing her right away in Gaiden is not too far fetched because he had recently been attacked by another Uchiha/Sharingan user and if he hadn’t visually seen her for a while it’s possible he wouldn’t have a completely clear idea of what her exact appearance would be (he recognized her as soon as he heart her call him papa). 

But more importantly, Sasuke’s character development here is so amazing that there is no question of anything negative in his choice to go on this mission. He decides to make this sacrifice so that everyone else can have a bright future. Coming from a boy who was very much absorbed in his own agendas of revenge, him reminding Naruto of their deal for cooperation, him wanting to protect Konoha and his friends/family really depicts how he does seem very much at peace now. 

Of course Sasuke is still Sasuke and we can see in the recent chapter even that he still struggles to express his feelings verbally even though they are so clear on his face. All the little details, from him still missing an arm to him keeping his forehead protector that Naruto gave him, it really shows someone who has evolved and yet kept reminders for himself of what has happened in the past and how he will not falter in the future.

Aside from appreciating Sasuke’s growth in terms of his character, we can ponder over what is yet to come. I feel like Sasuke knew that the enemy was after him, and the reason he did not reveal himself to Sarada was indeed for her own protection so that they wouldn’t use his daughter against him. Also, just to touch base quickly on the Karin situation, I think that Sarada finding that picture was just a plot device to get Sarada to find her dad so that this whole mini-series would have some action in it. Especially since the infinite amount of hints and specific key words used in the chapters point at Sakura obviously being her mother. But again that is my own thinking. The Gaiden chapters will probably expand more on all the remaining questions.

In the end, literally the one question that still really bugs me is when were all these kids born? I want to know their birthdays! I want to know what the timeline was after the Naruto gang got married! We know about Naruto and Shikamaru’s weddings but what about the rest? I want to know about that mysterious period of time when Sasuke decided to leave on his mission and how old was Sarada at that time.

What about all the other Naruto ladies? Will they make an appearance in the Gaiden as well? What about Himawari (I think everyone is waiting for this one)!!! What will the Uchiha family reunion be like? Will we get Team 7 nostalgically fighting together again? Who the fuck is that bad guy with the eyeballs in his head (really though, what the fuck) and what does Itachi have to do with any of this?

Obviously there are still so many questions and so many things to look forward to, and it makes the wait for each chapter seem longer but more exciting!

What are your thoughts about this and what are you most looking forward to finding out about in the next chapters?


Description: Dan gets chickenpox for the first time and Phil looks after him. This is just a drabble of fluff and I’m gonna let myself out.

Word Count: 1,669

A/N: wow guess who wins award for best description and title? *sobs violently at my title-making incapability*. my competency is dwindling at a dangerously low level.

“You okay over there?” Phil’s eyebrows are raised as he looks to his side at Dan, who is hastily scratching at his neck and face. He’d been at it for about an hour now – ever since they started watching Spirited Away – and it was definitely making sitting on the couch extremely difficult.

“Hmm,” Dan mumbles through clenched teeth, scratching desperately at the irritable skin on his neck.

Phil sends him a funny look.

“Stop that,” he whispers simply. He moves an arm to pull Dan’s hand away from his neck and then holds it firmly on his lap. “You’re just going to make it worse if you do that.”

“But it fucking hurts,” Dan retorts, making a face of discomfort as he awkwardly squirms where he is sat, obviously trying to move away from Phil in an attempt to gain access to his hand again so that he could scratch his neck.

Phil sighs, keeping a firm hold on Dan’s hand as he shakes his head, picking up the remote to pause the movie. It had been completely neglected by now.

“What did you even do to it to make it so irritable?” Phil asks, craning his neck to take a better look.

“I don’t know,” Dan says exasperatedly. He huffs out a long, desperate breath. “It’s just been itching since, like…this morning?” It is more of a question, almost like he is expecting Phil to blurt out the answer for him.

Phil turns around in his seat, dropping Dan’s hand for a second to face him, and then tilts the boy’s face by his chin so that he see his neck properly. There are rash-like spots littering the sides and front of his neck, and they are starting to form on his face, too – mainly around his forehead area.

“Oh, dear,” Phil whispers, touching lightly at the skin on Dan’s neck and noticing how it almost burns beneath his fingers.

Dan raises an eyebrow, sending Phil a funny look.

“What’s wrong with my face?”

“Have you ever had chickenpox before?” Phil asks without making eye-contact with Dan, moving his hand to Dan’s forehead to take a vague reading of his temperature. He was practically burning up. Phil curses to himself quietly.

“No. No—what’s this got to do with anything? What’s going on with my fucking face, Phil?” Dan practically groans out in frustration, feeling his throat burn as he speaks. Where had all of this suddenly come from?

“Shh, Dan. You’re just going to make yourself feel worse,” Phil soothes, dropping his hand away from the burning boy’s face. “Stay here. I’ll be right back.”

Phil pushes himself up from the couch, leaving behind a very irritable and very itchy Dan, as he makes his way into their kitchen. It had been a fair while since either of them had gotten sick, but Phil was adamant they had enough medical supplies in to suffice. Once in the kitchen, Phil opens one of the cupboards that contains all of the medicines and supplies akin to such things. He rummages around for a while before he finds what he was looking for, and then pulls the bottle out along with a packet of ibuprofen. Whilst he’s in the kitchen, he pours a glass of water and got a damp flannel, before making his way back to the living room.

Dan is scratching away at his face and neck again when Phil returns.

Dan…” Phil reprimands, setting the items down on the coffee table in front of the couch, before sitting down again.

“Do you want to experience this, Phil? Because, I’m telling you, it’s pretty difficult and painful not to scratch it!” Dan snaps, his face flushed and his voice croaky.

“I have experienced that before, Dan,” Phil sighs, picking up the bottle of Sudocrem and opening the cap. “You've  got chickenpox. Haven’t you had them before?” His voice is softer now, more caring.

Dan shakes his head sadly as he lets his hand fall away from his neck. The scratching was only making it much more irritable, anyway.

“I always thought I was one of those weird, immune kids. I never got it, even when my friends did,” he mumbles out. His throat is sore and it even hurts him to whisper.

Phil sends him a sympathetic look. Having chickenpox was not up there on his list of ‘fun things to do’, so he definitely didn’t envy Dan right now.

“Face me, please.” Phil lifts his hand to Dan’s chin and then tilts it so he has better access to Dan’s face. With one hand, he gathers some of the Sudocrem cream onto his forefinger, before bringing it to Dan’s neck and rubbing it in where all the spots and rashes were.

Dan hisses out in discomfort, clamping his eyes shut and gritting his teeth.

“Is that cold?” Phil murmurs, being as gentle and as precise as he can with his movements.

Dan just nods, blinking an eye open to wink at Phil suggestively.

“Th-that’s…that’s what she said,” Dan mumbles out, his face immediately scrunching up in discomfort as the cream begins to sting his skin.

Phil only rolls his eyes disapprovingly at Dan’s ceaseless euphemisms, but there’s an element of fondness in his eyes and he kisses Dan’s cheek once because he can’t help it. The chickenpox hadn’t corrupted Dan’s sense of humour yet, it seemed. He gathers some more cream and rubs it onto Dan’s face where the spots were. They haven’t blistered yet, which Phil is silently hopeful about, because he knows from experience that blistered spots hurt like a bitch.

“All right. You’ll be uncomfortable for a while, but you can’t scratch your skin, Dan – I can’t express that enough.” Phil puts the lid back on the cap and examines Dan’s face. He looks like the epitome of every teenager’s nightmare, minus the young features.

“Why do my face and neck feel like they’re on fire?” Dan groans, collapsing his head forward to lean it on Phil’s shoulder, not bothering to make his movements careful.

“That’s the cream. It won’t feel like that forever; you just need to give it time to work.” Phil presses another kiss to the top of Dan’s flushed head, before prying the boy away from him. “Come on, up; you’re getting cream all over my shirt,” he tells him, patting at Dan’s shoulder. “You need to take some ibuprofen or else your throat will feel like it’s literally carving a hole inside of itself. It’s not a pleasant feeling.”

Dan groans and lugs his body upwards so that he can sit up properly. He eyes the cream bottle with distaste, and Phil has to suppress a giggle because he literally looks so unimpressed by the whole ordeal.

Instead of doing that, though, Phil picks up the packet of ibuprofen, popping two of the pills out and then placing the packet back down on the coffee table.

“Here, hold these,” he instructs simply, handing the pills to a reluctant-looking Dan.

The glass of water is handed to him next, and Dan takes it with a small frown on his lips. He swallows the pills in a matter of seconds, the water following suit – despite his disliking of swallowing pills. He just needs something to relieve the burning sensation in his throat that is constantly growing.

“This isn’t working,” Dan whines, instinctively moving his hand up to his neck to relieve the incessant itch, before stopping himself when he catches sight of the look that Phil is sending in his direction; a look that holds so much warning, yet so much gentle authority.

“You’re being impatient, that’s why,” Phil says calmly, taking the empty glass. “I’m taking this glass back to the kitchen to wash it, then you’re going to bed to sleep this whole thing off.”

Dan mutters something incoherent and Phil rolls his eyes. He doesn’t wait for an actual answer as he stands up in the direction of the kitchen; it would probably only be a disgruntled one, anyway.

However, when Phil returns to the living room a few minutes later, Dan is completely crashed out and asleep on the couch; his slightly damp fringe is washing loosely over his flushed and red forehead, and his hand is practically clutching at his neck. He’s breathing quite more heavily than usual, and with imperceptible movements, his closed eyelids are fluttering slightly with every intake and exhale he takes. Dan’s other arm is hanging off the couch and his fingers are brushing against the cold wood of the floor, because honestly he was definitely and completely more than too tall for it, and all Phil can think is how does someone manage impeccably to maintain their beauty when they’re ill?

He doesn’t have the heart to wake his sleeping, ill partner up from what appears to be a comfortable rest, so he sighs as he pulls off the blanket from the back of the couch and drapes it loosely over Dan’s body. He still hasn’t forgotten about the fact that he can’t itch his neck though, so he pulls Dan’s hand away from said body part and places it gently – so as not to wake him – on his lap.

And all is well and quiet as Phil begins to walk away in the direction of their bedroom to give Dan some peace, until he is abruptly stopped by the sound of said boy’s croaky, sarcastic voice:

“Fuck you,” Dan croaks out, and within seconds his hand is back at his neck again and he is scratching at it like a savaged animal, and all Phil can do is roll his eyes at the boy’s half-asleep state. But the same look of fondness is on his face as he smiles at Dan, and all he’s thinking is do you know how much I fucking adore you?

“I love you, too. Get some rest.” With that, Phil turns around with a smile on his face and leaves Dan to his own devices.