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You ever notice how everything cool and awesome and positive about Dwarves is Viking inspired? The way they’re usually shown to battle, drinking tons, their attitude about honour and death and the aesthetics of their weapons in nearly everything? 

And everything bad about them, like they’re ugly and small and have hooked noses and are super greedy and are kind of cowardly when the plot calls for it and kind of want to stay among Dwarves, is kind of a nice list of every negative stereotype about Jews? Funny that 

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I feel the need to point one thing out, though it is glaringly obvious and I doubt you are not yet aware. But it's been on my mind for a while, and I simply cannot be quiet any longer. Simply put, you are awesome. <3

*gasp* the scandal, how shall I ever live it down?! (thank you, that made me laugh ❤️️)

I just want to give a shoutout to @letshavepunsoffun @skeletorific @howdysinners and @living-with-the-skelebros. They’re all so amazing, and really they’re just the greatest group of people I’ve ever met! Each of them are so awesome and cool in their own unique way, and the Undertale fandom is lucky to have such creative and kind souls. I love you guys!!


Fanart based on Domenika Marzione’s Freezer Burn series, which I highly recommend.

Miranda Tung and Steve geeking out about food is the best. Plus, Miranda is just awesome. Bonus BuckyNat because Revenant is the best WinterWidow longfic I have ever read.

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YASS NORDICS AND TOMATO GANG. I love them so much. Fav ot3, if you have one??

Rocksalt: Mine would probably have to be the Anko Family (Norway,Denmark, Iceland.) They have pretty cute family aesthetic - not romantic. I’m not big on romantic OT3.

Kosher: guess who’s down for the axis being an OT3 ayy

Iodized: awesome trio would have the most fun night outs ever!! for family ot3 it would be kievan rus

Smoked: Don’t have one.

Regular Show Series Finale

Oh man, what a series finale! That was awesome. Seriously, this is one of the best series finales I have ever seen. The ending was perfect and AH! IT WAS AMAZING! Thanks to the cast and crew for this epic finale. I don’t think thank you is enough to express my appreciation of what you have done to impact me and others for 7 years. It was a honor to see what you have done. Regular Show has ended. It will be remembered as being regular.

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