be awe struck by her cuteness

So I was at comic con last weekend and this little girl, maybe all of 5 at MOST, was there, all awe struck by all the princesses. And she went by a Belle and a Cinderella and shyly said “hi.”

I thought, “that’s cute,” and turned back to a booth with art I could kill for. Then I hear the loudest, most excited shriek of, “MOANA!” And turn in time to see this little girl dart and do a FULL BODY TACKLE on a woman dressed up as Moana. Who then just gave her tiny human missile the biggest hug.

It was the cutest freaking thing ever.

Tea Party

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1,434

Summary: Kim Taehyung is the class clown who you’ve really never had time for, but when your parents invite his over for dinner, you find yourself getting to know him in a way you’d never anticipated.

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Covert Affair (Request)

Taeyong x Reader

Word Count: 4.3k 

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Warnings: Suggested child neglect and miscarriage 

A/N: I’ve never had to put a warning before for a scenario.. It isn’t too prominent, tbh it’s more hinted than anything, but I just put them as warnings just incase.. So please read with caution if those are sensitive topics! But this was requested by  t h e  Taeyong stan and lord, it has stretched me out of my comfort zone ngl 

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BTS REACT: To their girlfriend’s small hands compared to theirs

Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact:
Can you do a bts reaction to their gf comparing how small her hands are theirs , thank you~🙈

Rap Monster: After watching you struggle with opening a water bottle he would laugh at how cute and small your hands were.

“Seriously Y/N are your hands that small?”

Y/N: “You try to open this then.”

She’s so cute. Would confidently take the bottle into his larger hands, but *GIF*

So it wasn’t just her hands being tiny…why is this so tight?

Originally posted by rapsuckas

Jin: Would never give up playing with your hands.

“Y/N how are your hands so adorably small?”

Suga: He wouldn’t have noticed at first, it would just be a random day and moment where he would realise just how much smaller your hands were compared to his.

Why is she so cute?

Originally posted by jjks

J-Hope: He’d be the kind to brag to everyone else about how small and adorable your hands were.

“She went like this, she was so adorable. My jagi’s hands are so tiny and cute.”

Originally posted by hoseokayo

Jimin: You two would have just been chilling together when he notices how small you hands are compared to his and starts teasing you about them.

That is until you bring up his height.

Y/N: “Well you’re not that tall either.”

She did not just…

“Oh really, well you can cuddle with someone taller then.”

Be prepared to do a lot of aegyo and stuff to get him to stop being so salty.

V: He would adore your hands and compare them to his all the time.

“Look at how short your fingers are compared to mine, is this even possible?”

Originally posted by tae-hyung

Jungkook: He’d be awe-struck. He knew your hands would be smaller but when he compared them to his the significant difference shocked him.

“How are her hands so much smaller hyung?”

How is she this cute?

MagizooHerbologist - Part 2

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 2138

Warnings: Violence?? I guess idk 


Originally posted by painfulblisss

Africa. It was a beautiful, dry land, expanding for miles around with no hint of a change in terrain. The edges of the flat lands seemed to divulge into a blur, with the heat being clearly visible through the refraction of the harsh sunlight. You slaved over a dry bush, pushing the warm sweat off your face with the palm of your hand.

“Hurry up (Y/n)! You’ll miss the mating dance!” Newt beckoned you over with a wave and an ecstatic grin. You sighed, abandoning the Shrivelfig you had been collecting to lay next to the excited Magizoologist. You propped your elbows up in the dry grass, its hard spindles digging into your flesh slightly as Newt passed you his pair of binoculars. You were both lying flat on your stomachs, on top of a small hill, now observing a wild Erumpent mating ritual.

“It’s amazing!” You announced in a hushed voice. “But what would happen if they accidentally pierced each other with their horns?”

Newt snickered at your curious question, looking at you with a wild enthusiasm.

“Well Erumpents are… how should I put it? They’re- immune to their own horns. I mean, they can still hurt members of their own kind. They have been known to do so a lot when protecting their territory, or fighting over a mate. But they won’t explode, because their horn’s fluid doesn’t have an effect on the same species.” He explained happily. “They have some sort of anti-explosive agent in their blood.”

“That’s fascinating.” You whispered. Newt turned to you, becoming entranced by your look of complete dedication to the scene. You were so submerged in the magical beasts’ love dance that you hadn’t noticed Newt was doing one of his own. His heart had begun beating loudly in his chest, his stomach proceeding to flip as he watched your lively face watch the act in awe.  

Oh no, he thought. I’m in love with her.

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Wolfish pt.2 (Theo x Reader)

Originally posted by stilinski-jpeg

Warnings: just theo being theo

Previous: Original   [1]

A/N: well, well, well, part 2 is here, yippy!!! Hope you enjoy this !!! I bet you will!!! i’m thinking about making 4 parts, so stay tuned for that… i recommend to read with music! 


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Ok but AkiAli???

Akiteru seeing Alisa from afar when(if) Nekoma plays agains Karasuno.

Imagine him just awe struck at her tall beauty(imagine if shes just either Akiteru’s height or even slightly taller uvu)

Imagine all he knows is that shes related to the tall lanky half Russian on Nekoma. So he thinks she only speaks Russian or so. So is afraid to go talk to her.

Imagine him studying Russian just to speak with her, but hes really bad at it and she cant help but find him so cute when hes stuttering and fumbling over badly pronounced Russian to her.

Imagine her just smiling big just like her lil string bean bro as she just finally speaks Japanese to Akiteru saying how hes done a good job but if he really wanted to ask her out all he had to do was say it in Japanese.

Hes just struck by that but he cant help but blush at this marvelous beautiful woman. And deff does agree to asking her out uvu

Imagine them gushing over their tall lanky cute little brothers and showing eachother the tons of pics they have in their wallets!

Imagine Akiteru learning a cute name to call her in Russian uvu


The First Time He Sees His Baby

Yugyeom: Can’t stop smiling at his baby boy. He is so happy. He will sit and quietly sing at him and forget there is anything in this world but the three of you.

Kunpimook: Marvels at the miracle that is his daughter. He loves her instantly and plans on doing so much fun things with her the coming 20 years. He happily kisses her cheeks and giggles at her.

Youngjae: Can only look at her. He loves her so much already and she is so beautiful. He will giggle when her tiny hands grab his fingers and he will cooe softly at her.

Jinyoung: Makes a face at his newborn son and kisses him on the nose. Jinyoung is a proud but slightly silly dad. 

Jackson: Awe fucking struck. “Jagiya, we made this, look how cute she is, we made her, aren’t we awsome.” Is also super excited and proud.

Jaebum: He is proud in a silent way. He will sit beside your bed and gently stroke his sons cheeks and whisper to you how beautiful he is and how much he loves both of you.

Mark: Takes his baby boy in his arms and gently rocks him. He whispers softly at him that he loves him and mommy so much.

Untitled Foxxay

One shot set after the finale. Slight AU where Misty survives just fine, no trauma. Smut/fluff

The early night sky was dark as Cordelia returned to the academy house from a semi-disastrous date, completely sober and very much alone. She’d met the man at the grocery store when they both reached for the last bottle of orange juice. Cordelia had smiled shyly and withdrew her hand, but he insisted she took it. They struck up a conversation, and she left the store with his number in her phone, a date on Friday night and a smile on her face. He was cute, seemed polite and nice, outgoing. And he was. Cute enough. Polite enough. Outgoing enough. The date wasn’t awful. But together they had less of a spark than even Cordelia and Hank. She’d said her goodnights and politely dodged his attempt to kiss her when they reached the gates of the school. She thanked him for dinner, said she had a good time and locked the gate behind her, sighing as she walked up to the house. It was the first date she’d been on after Hank, and it wasn’t a great re-introduction to the dating world. 

Cordelia pushed open the front door and stepped inside, the house quiet. Zoe and Queenie were away for the weekend, leaving just Cordelia and Misty in the house. Delia liked Misty; a lot. They were inexplicably drawn to each other. She enjoyed spending time with her, teaching her about her powers, often did things just to see her smile. She would occasionally find herself thinking romantically about Misty, but quickly suppressed those thoughts. She slipped off her nude ballet flats and picked them up,  not wanting to track anything into the pristine, neutral house. She padded up the stairs, hearing no music from Misty’s room as she passed. Odd. She usually heard Stevie emanating from inside at nearly all hours of the day. She thought she heard a somewhat unusual noise from the other side of the wall, but decided it must just be the house settling.

She shut herself in her room, putting her flats back where they belonged in her closet and tossing her dress in the dirty clothes, then stripped off her lingerie, optimistically sexy in case the date went well, and threw it in the hamper on top of the dress. For a moment again she thought she heard something coming from Misty’s room, but after listening she couldn’t make much out and went back to getting dressed. Shuffling through the pajama section of her closet, she pulled out a short silk nightdress and a slightly longer cardigan, pulling the two on quickly and grabbing a pair of underwear from her drawer. She sat down in her bed and pulled the covers over her, then grabbed her book from the bedside table and opened to her marked page.

The house was absolutely silent, save the flipping of her pages and the noises she once again thought she heard from Misty’s room. She shut the book, listening closely, and thought she made out her name. Curious enough, she got up and slipped out of her room, padding quietly down the hallway to Misty’s room. Before she could process the obviousness of what she was hearing, she pushed open the door.

The sight that met her was far from what she expected. Misty was sitting on top of her bed, reclining back on the pillows at the head, her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth dropped open. She was naked except for a plain nude bra, her legs open and fingers pumping in and out of her dripping wet core. But what was even more shocking to the Supreme were the words coming out of the swamp witch’s mouth. Or, more specifically, the name. 

Misty moaned Cordelia’s name over and over between oh my gods, shaky breaths and occasional gasps. Wordless, Cordelia loved the way it slipped out of the other woman’s lips, and she was momentarily mesmerized by the way Misty’s body arched, the curve of her breasts, the way her long fingers slipped in and out. 

The other witch opened her eyes for a split second, gasping when she saw a flushed Cordelia standing in her doorway. “Oh my god, Miss Cordelia!” Misty screamed, flushing bright pink and scrambling to cover herself. Cordelia came out of her trance and the two stared at each other in shock for a few moments, their breathing heavy for very different reasons.
“Oh, my god, uh..I’m sorry,” Cordelia finally said, struggling to find words. But she wasn’t sorry. In all honesty, Delia thought it was hot, the beautiful swamp witch thinking about her while she touched herself. She’d be lying if she said she hadn’t at least thought about doing the same thing. Something she didn’t quite recognize, lust or love or just pure madness, took over Cordelia and she approached Misty’s bed. “No I’m not,” she practically purred.

Misty didn’t recognize this side of the supreme. It was a side she’d only seen in her fantasies, a confident Cordelia who worshipped her and loved her, lusted after her. Her labored breathing had calmed slightly though the ache between her legs had not, and she gazed up at Cordelia, who’s deep brown eyes were glazed with passion. “Good,” she said, softer than she expected, scooting over on her bed. 

Cordelia took Misty’s word and movement as an invitation and allowed her cardigan to slip off of her body onto the floor, sliding into bed beside Misty wearing only her silk nightgown and lacy panties. “Good,” she repeated.

Still covering herself with the quilt, Misty reached out and pulled down the straps of Cordelia’s delicate nightgown. Delia sat up momentarily and swiftly pulled the dress over her head, revealing an expanse of skin that Misty had dreamed of kissing a thousand times. Misty’s cerulean eyes wandered over Cordelia’s body, taking in every freckle and curve, the color of her hardening nipples against the backdrop of her alabaster complexion, the way her collarbones and hipbones stuck out ever so subtly. Every detail of her was perfect. Misty moved closer to her, one hand holding up the quilt on her body and the other bracing her on the bed, and crashed her lips into the Supreme’s, not hesitating for a second. Cordelia gasped into the kiss, reciprocating every move with a fiery passion. She reached a hand up and gently pulled the quilt away, moving back from the kiss to look at her.

“I want to kiss every single inch of you,” Cordelia breathed, kissing her again. Her tongue pushed past Misty’s lips as her hands began to wander over the swamp witch’s body. She reached around her back and unclasped Misty’s bra, pulling it slowly off without their lips leaving each other. She palmed a small breast, gently tweaking her nipple to elicit a breathy gasp. 

“Oh god, Delia,” Misty panted into Cordelia’s mouth. Wanting to give her lover the same pleasure, Misty trailed sloppy kisses down her neck to her collarbones and finally to her soft breasts, taking a pert nipple into her mouth and sucking. Cordelia arched into the touch, a shiver running down her spine when Misty gently raked her teeth over her sensitive peak. She moaned softly, her hands weaving through Misty’s wild curls. 

After a while, Cordelia gently tugged at Misty’s hair. The swamp witch responded by snaking a line of kisses back to Cordelia’s lips and rolling her hips into Delia’s from above. The Supreme let out another moan and sucked Misty’s bottom lip into her mouth, slipping out from under the swamp witch and flipping positions so she was straddling her. Misty could feel Cordelia’s wetness on her stomach, making that between her own legs that much more prominent. Delia leaned down and peppered Misty’s face, neck and chest in soft, wet kisses, her hands sweeping blonde curls out of Misty’s face and ghosting over her body. 

“I need yuh bad, Cordelia,” Misty whispered throatily. That was all the encouragement the Supreme needed to crawl between Misty’s legs and place a soft kiss on the smooth skin just above her mound. Having never been with a woman before, Cordelia was suddenly thankful for the three glasses of wine she’d had with dinner. She wasn’t drunk, barely even tipsy, but enough so that she wasn’t as self conscious of her actions as she would have been had she been sober.

She slowly laved her tongue between Misty’s folds, seeking out her bundle of nerves and slowly, teasingly circling it. Misty inhaled sharply, rolling her hips into Delia’s touch. Slowly, the supreme slid one finger, then two into Misty’s wet center and begin pumping them in and out, massaging her g-spot, and continued licking at her clit. Misty’s increasingly dramatic cries of ecstasy were all that Cordelia needed to know she was doing perfectly fine and she continued her assault, occasionally moving her tongue to taste the source of Misty’s juices.

“Oh- oh god, Delia, oh god I’m so close,” Misty exclaimed, her voice octaves higher than usual. As she contracted around Cordelia’s fingers, she grasped desperately at the sheets, her knuckles turning white as her hips bucked under her lover’s every touch. Eventually, Cordelia slowed her motions and brought Misty lovingly back to earth, crawling up her body to place another kiss on her perfect lips.

“Do you like how you taste?” She asked hotly, their lips brushing again as she pulled away. Unable to say anything yet, Misty’s heavy breathing filled the room as Delia rolled off of her, propping herself up on a balled up fist to watch her lover. Her bare chest rose up and down and Delia reached out to tuck a strand of her wild blonde hair out of her face, gazing adoringly at Misty’s flushed face. “I love you,” she said quietly a moment later.

Suddenly completely sobered, Misty propped herself up on her elbows and looked at Cordelia, a look of concern, love, surprise and confusion playing on her gorgeous features.

“And not just because…this. I mean I really love you.” She bit her lip, trying not to look too expectantly at Misty for fear of scaring her off like she thought she would. 

“I love you too, Delia,” Misty said back after a moment. “Wow. I never said that to anyone before. An’ I mean it. More than I e’er meant anythin’ in my life.” She scooted her spent body closer to Cordelia, kissing her soft, plump lips and tucking a strand of angelic blonde hair behind her ear. Always the little spoon, Cordelia rolled over and pressed her back to Misty’s body, lifting her arm when Misty’s snaked around her body and pulled her impossibly closer. She draped her hand over Misty’s and squeezed it gently. 

The last thing they remembered before they fell asleep was whispering “I love you” into the darkness at the same time.

Get ready for my failed attempt at a bullet-list headcanon

  • once upon a time, there was an aspiring baker named tom dupain. during a trip to china, he met an up-and-coming merchant named zheng huiling, more commonly known as sabine cheng.
  • they fell in love, got married, and had a beautiful baby girl whom they named marinette dupain-cheng
  • the dupain-chengs lived a peaceful and wonderful life in wenzhou, china, tom and sabine’s businesses growing more and more each day
  • they decided to tom’s home country; france. why? for tom, it was to show his beloved country to his new family and introduce them to his parents and siblings. for sabine, it was to experience tom’s world.
  • once there, tom inherited the family bakery and sabine and marinette were adapting quite well despite the language barrier. they often need tom to translate for them but they are trying to learn french to lessen inconveniences
  • marinette was amazed by this whole new world and her eyes were always shining with a curiosity that only small children seem to have
  • she made her first friend during a day in the park with her mother, a blond boy with beautiful green eyes, though they weren’t able to communicate much because of the language barrier
  • through the assistance of tom, the boy had promised to learn mandarin for her so they could communicate properly
  • in turn, marinette promised to learn french for him.
  • the boy was also the one to plant the seed which would grow into marinette’s passion for fashion designing
  • however, disaster soon struck in the form of a car accident
  • the family didn’t receive much injuries but marinette suffered amnesia
  • she had to be retaught everything so the boy wasnt able to see her anymore
  • he was confused, where was his friend?
  • years later, they move on with their lives
  • but adrien still continued his mandarin lessons in hopes of finding his friend again

this is more nostalgic than angsty but eh

Submitted by Anonymous

Girl Meets World of Terror 3

This episode was really Disney as like the last two, but at least they were able to add meaning to it. 

It really is an interesting ‘What if” episode, it’s interesting how Rilaya meeting each other help them stop being lonely and start growing as a person together. 

I still hate the idea of People Change People because it isn’t true, people around can sure influence how you grow but they don’t magically changes you. 

Back to Rilaya, I really love that they still show Riley is a smart person (does Maya’s homework and was able to make it a B-) but in the same time she such an awkward person much more extreme then regular Riley. She was literally coloring in the class in those scenes. It’s like she has to have something to do with her (maybe to calm herself?) Also another intersring note, when Riley and Maya were in the baywindow and Riley say she doesn’t spend there a lot, my mind went that Riley spends more in time in bed. Like where else would she spend her everyday life? i don’t think she spend in school as she seems to come to her home after school, or topanga’s (althou it might not be topanga’s) she doesn’t have anyone to hang out with. Riley is literally ALONE as well as Maya. Both my children were alone. I want to hug these two :( 

Also, It made me laugh that Maya even in that Universe couldn’t really say no and sat down next to her. Maya has a crushhhhhh~ 

And THEM saying THUNDER, LIGHTING and the way they ended up staring meaningfully as in awe struck was great 

AND the end credit was so damn cute, and we also know why the window was open back in GM Bay Window, Cory open it for her. Wow if he didn’t Rilaya would have never met, and would have help each other as they grew up. Seriously these two are SOUL MATES whether platonic or romantic 

p.s. where the heck that money came from, DOES THAT DRESS HAVE POCKETS, DO DRESSES HAVE POCKETS? like that was the most mindblowing thing in the episode ahaha

Until Dawn Sims 4 Adventures! - or, when your Sims act so much like their counterparts it’s almost not funny.

I took my Until Dawn Sims out to the spa for the day (I got the Spa Day pack specifically for Sam really, as she’s like the original yoga child) and hijinks ensued. (Look at Chris and Ashley being all cute in the background - no intervention on my part!)

OK, it was by my direction that Sam dressed in a towel instead of a robe, because I’m an awful human being, but then she struck this pose and I about died laughing. Yes, we know you rock the towel look, Sammy-girl.

Also Mike being… well, Mike.


Back in her ordinary clothes, Sam tells the group a story (I do love these new animations)

Hannah and Sam are yoga children.

I don’t know what Mike thinks he’s doing, but Josh disapproves. After the look he gave Sam, I don’t think he’s got much high ground. (Also twins doing twin dancing, and Chris being dorky.)

Back at the Washington residence, I’ve seen a lot of people in the UD fandom expanding on the friendship between Ashley and Matt, as they share such great chemistry in their short scene together. So here’s Ashley and Matt being buddies:

By far the hardest thing about playing these guys, though, is the twins. Because I wanted to get plenty of pictures for Sam’s bedroom wall, and the Washington house, I’ve been getting them together to do as many cute things as possible - and it’s making me very fond of them. The trouble is, in order to keep up with canon, I’m going to have to kill them off at some point. I was never one to kill off Sims even when I was younger.

I don’t wanna I don’t wanna I don’t wanna…

The day I went to Taylor Swift's house.

Today I had the opportunity of a lifetime. Today I got to go to Taylor Swift’s house in Los Angeles with a handful of other diehard fans, and we all got the best surprise ever. We had the privilege of listening to ‘1989’ before it comes out in one month and one week with Taylor sitting in front of us.

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“Hey (Y/n) when you’re done thinking about Jensen can you help me ver with some lines?” Jared said with a bg smirk on his lips.

“Huh wh-what?” you were brought out of your thoughts as soon as you heard… Jensen’s name. Yeah not yours.

He snickered, opening his mouth to speak but being cut off by Misha “Oh come on Jared, don’t tease her. It’s nt her fault she has the hugest crush on Jensen” Misha ended up laughing along with Jared and you immediately glared at them.

“Will you just stop talking about it” you growled but they did not listen “I should have never said a thing to you” you shook your head, looking down at your own script.

“Aww come on (Y/n/n) I didn’t mean- Oh hey no, sorry. You don’t like that nickname”

“Unless it’s from Jensen” Jared added and they laughed again.

“Hey guys” Mark came.

Bloody great you thought. He was the one to tease you more than anybody else.

“Are we talking again about (Y/n)’s school-girl crush on Jensen?” he said with a grin “But no, that was last week’s subject. And the week before that. And the week before that. And the week before that. Oh but- it never gets old. So tell me (Y/n), how many times have you giggled at his stupid jokes today?”

Jared and Misha could hardly keep their laughter at it.

You groaned and hid your face behind your papers and hands “Shut up!” you exclaimed.

“Oh come on now! You know you can be open with us.”

“Really though. How many times has she giggled like a love-struck teen today?” Mark asked turning to look at Misha.

“Uh I think-” he snickered “-No, I can’t tell for sure but it’s been a lot. She surely broke last week’s record!”

“Aw man, how did I miss that?!”

“I hate you all” you looked at them with a bright red face.

“Aw she’s blushing, how cute- I would say if it did not happen every single day, every single time Jensen talks to her!” Jared cracked up and everybody laughed out loudly.

“I’ll just- I’ll just-” Misha could hardly form any words from his laughing “I’ll just go ahead and ask the make up artist to put no blush on you or else you will be looking like a tomato!”

The only thing you could do was straight forward glare at them. It was not as if you could say something because you knew that everything they were saying was true. Yes, you did act like a teen girl in front of her crush and yes you did blush fifty shades of red every time he talked to you or worse complemented you, and you better not get started with how you could hardly form a proper sentence when you first talked with him. But you simply could not help it. Just like you could not help your ever growing feelings for your co-star. As you could not help your shyness that prevented you from saying a word to him about your true feelings.

Why would he ever be interested in someone so boring like me anyway?

That was the thought that every time had you backing away just the second you gained some courage.

“Oh wait wait- did you count the times she stuttered today? Was it more than yesterday?”

“No unfortunately no. She’s started working on that” Misha glared at you for a second though none of them could longer hold it and burst into laughter.

“A-And what about daydreaming? Let me guess, Jared had to pull her out of her Jensen-world how many times today? Five? Six? Nine?”

“No, no more! That is definitely more! I don’t know what she is really thinking about!” Jared piped in.

“Probably about how soft his hair is, or how green his eyes are, or how cute his freckles make him- She someitmes mumbles that without realizing it!” Misha laughed and our eyes widened for a second.

You groaned, getting up from your seat “You’re the worst. I don’t even know why I hang out with you”

“Pf obviously because I am adorable. Can’t say so for the rest though” Jared said cheekily and you flipped his hair, hitting him on the head slightly.

“Oh no hey come on! Don’t leave! Promise we won’t tease you anymore!!” he shouted after you but you only shook your head.

That’s exactly what he said yesterday. And the day before that. And the day before that. And the day before that.

But you cuold not help but just love them more for that. They were your best friends after all, even if they could not stop being immature jerks and teased you to no end.

You shook your head with a small laugh as you turned the corner. And even if you did not want it - if the guys could at that second read your mind would never stop teasing you - you could not help but be thinking about him.

Speaking of the devil. Sort of.

You stumbled and almost fell - if it wasn’t for two hands holding you - as with your head down you did not notice him and only collided with his chest.

“Oh oh sorry, sorry” you muttered looking up at him.

“No, it’s ok. It’s absolutely fine” a smile broke slowly on his lips and you bit yours, hoping that you wouldn’t make a fool of yourself now.

“Uh… how long have you been standng here?” a part of you dreaded the answer.

“Uh a while. Pretty while, actually” he smiled “Can we- Can we maybe talk a little?” he asked and you only frowned.

“S-sure” You said looking down, your heart hammering in your chest. Not sure if what was to come was good or not.

But maybe- just maybe it was, considering that shit-eating grin on his face as you both walked away and he prepared himself for what to say.

You didn’t know, but you certainly were about to know.

Riley, Lucas, and two inorganic meet-cutes

There’s a lot in the pilot which, in retrospect, SCREAMS “what you think is happening is not what’s really happening and/or is not the ONLY thing happening” in terms of the bigger picture, but I’ll get to all of it in other posts. Right now, I wanna talk about “destiny” in TV romance, GM 1961, and the three “meet-cutes” in the cold open of the pilot.

In the pilot for ‘Friends’ we see Ross talking about the dissolution of his marriage. Just then? Enter Rachel in a wedding dress, having just pulled a runaway bride on Barry. The scene shows us that Ross and Rachel are gonna be a Thing without telling us. They set them up as being “destined” for each other with almost nothing but a visual. It’s mentioned in the pilot, but later on in the series, they show us how bad Ross’s thing for Rachel was back in the day, doubling up on the destiny. (He’s her lobster!) The initial scene in the pilot isn’t a “meet cute” per se, because they already know each other, but they’re kind of meeting again for the first time and it’s the moment that shows us Ross and Rachel are gonna be a romance without explicitly saying so. It’s organic.

Now, the Girl Meets World pilot.

Maya spots a cute boy on the subway. She points him out to Riley, who also looks over. They both smile at him, he smiles back. Maya decides to use him as a “lesson” for Riley. She marches over, and from the second she swings around the grab bar, Lucas is riveted. His eyes are fixed on her from the moment she says “hi.” He tracks her with his head, follows her movements and gives her his undivided attention during their ten second “relationship.” And he keeps looking back at her once she’s gone. He never glances back at the other girl while Maya is talking to him. Maya doesn’t really notice this, because he’s just a boy on the subway and she was on a mission for Riley, not herself. But Lucas? He’s dumbstruck, smiling tremulously, staring, in awe, and then terribly confused (and disappointed?) when she “breaks up” with him and walks away. From “Hi! I’m Maya!” forward, it’s an organic meet-cute which plays out in full, involving just the two of them with no interruptions or looks at other people. It’s the beginning of their story. I wouldn’t be shocked if one or both of them could still quote the whole thing back, tbh.

And then Maya pushes Riley onto Lucas’s lap. Lucas catches her and smiles, but he looks back at Maya as they speak. He doesn’t keep Riley in his lap, he moves her onto the other seat. And then Evelyn Rand (who is not what she seems, but we don’t know that yet) shows up. Lucas offers to get up. Maybe he was gonna go use the grab bar over by the blonde, but maybe he was too scared for that and he’d have just stood up where he was. The point is that he was willing to get up and leave the moment—albeit that’s partly because he’s a Nice Boy™. Either way, this attempt at an orchestrated meet-cute by Maya fails. Riley doesn’t have Lucas’s full attention, and Rand cuts the moment off, sending Riley away.

So Maya tries again. This time, Lucas doesn’t even catch Riley. He doesn’t even try. His body language suggests he may even be actively avoiding it, which is interesting, but maybe he just wasn’t paying attention. She lands on Rand’s lap, and has to be deposited onto Lucas with the line “it’s for you.” (And again, it’s notable that Rand isn’t what she seems, because really, neither is this moment). He grabs Riley’s knee for a second (to steady them?) and then pulls his arm away, curling it into his body. Riley and Lucas just can’t seem to get started here. Maya attempts TWICE to orchestrate a meet-cute for them, but it just doesn’t flow. It’s not organic. It’s not natural. Lucas isn’t riveted by her (although he’s definitely intrigued by both girls, albeit in different ways in terms of reaction). Riley isn’t even being herself even though she’s taken with Lucas’s looks for sure. The second attempt at a Rilucas meet-cute is *literally* forced, on two levels: by Maya’s push and by Evelyn depositing Riley on Lucas’s lap after he makes no move to catch her. She tells us “it’s for you!” but is that really what we were SHOWN? Is that really the bigger picture here?

And before all this goes down, Riley makes a big deal of not being herself and of applying kiwi lip gloss, which we later find out is a call back to Angela, kiwi mango lip gloss, the purse, and “falling for a concept.” In the BMW episode where the whole thing went down, Cory actually tells Shawn that the “purse girl” (“subway boy!”) he’s built up in his head isn’t real. What’s real is him and Topanga, really LOOKING at each other. And we later find out that as much as they loved and cared about each other, Angela and Shawn didn’t make it. But that’s okay! (According to the show, anyway.) They still care about and are there for each other. Just like Riley and Lucas are gonna be. (And of course, Shawn and Angela are NOT sibling-like.)

So that’s the meet-cutes.

Later, we get 1961, which, kind of like the ‘Friends’ prom video, doubles up on the destiny. Lucas and Maya’s great-grandparents clearly had something between them, but they missed out on it. Ditto for Riley & Farkle’s great-grandparents.

So for Lucas and Maya, we have the organic meet-cute, plus the “destiny” element added in 1961. (Even though they punk us a bit in the classroom by having Lucas and Riley react to their great-grandparents meeting with that “whoa” moment, while pretty much glossing over the fact that Farkle and Maya were “there” too. At the time, it kinda made your brain dismiss the chemistry between May/Merlin and Rosie/Ginsberg because the whoa moment makes you go, “oh yeah, it’s SUPPOSED to be Riley and Lucas.” But then they cut to Lucas and Maya instead of CORY after Riley says “she [Rosie] gave my dad his wife.” I see you, show. 👀)

Farkle and Riley have the destiny thing from 1961, not to mention the fact that they are biological legacy characters—all four of their parents are people we knew before (although we don’t find this out until later). But how did Riley and Farkle meet? Well, we’re about to find out in Bay Window. And I just BET YOU ANYTHING it’ll be an organic meet-cute for Riley and Farkle, and a less organic one for Farkle and Maya, a reversal of the pilot if you will. Something like that.

Because it’s becoming VERY clear as of late that Riley’s romance arc actually began long before she met Lucas. He’s ultimately a romantic false lead in the story of Riarkle, even if Riley and Lucas’s mutual crush was genuine (and just as a side note, speaking French/Paris was tied to romantic false leads TWICE in BMW which is probably not a coincidence…but I digress).

The library wasn’t the beginning of the WHOLE story. It was just the beginning of Riley & Lucas’s friendship/slight romance (there’s a reason the librarian said “not that one!” to the romance novel…). Lucas was a detour from Riley’s true romantic destiny: Farkle. I mean, in production/timeline order, after two HEAVY Riarkle episodes (Popular & FC) that didn’t even include Lucas…she literally mounts and rides AWAY from Farkle Nation on her princess fantasy horsey ride with Lucas. So yeah, she took a risk that changed her destiny…but only for a while. The world (life) knows what it’s doing.

In fiction like this: destiny is destiny. You can put it off, you can take a detour, but you can’t escape it. And in the world of “people change people” and “let what we had make you ready for something,” the Rilucas relationship was just a step on the way, a detour to change both Lucas and Riley so they’d be “ready for what’s next.”

And Lucas’s story? Well, so far, his story actually began with Maya and their organic meet-cute. It didn’t begin in the library. It didn’t begin with Riley. And 1961 gives Lucas and Maya a “destiny” sheen as well. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we later on discover that there’s another element of “destiny” to Lucaya that hasn’t been revealed yet, probably tying into the BMW universe somehow…

(And I wouldn’t be shocked if they later ret-conned Farkle and Riley as having really first met as babies, somehow. That’s totally the kind of thing these writers would pull.)

But my point is this: Jacobs often ruminates on what’s “real.” The Lucaya meet-cute was organic and real. The Rilucas meet-cute was inorganic and quite literally forced—and it basically failed. Twice. Because Riley never struck Lucas dumb in either meet-cute. He wasn’t in awe. Nah. He looked back at the first girl, the “blonde beauty” who riveted him and terrified him from the second he met her. And really, he never stopped looking back at her, even after he tried to “get her out of the country” (aka his head) in GM Friendship. Riley and Lucas wasn’t the only thing happening in the pilot. Like Farkle, Lucas liked both girls. As Farkle said, “How could you not?”

But unlike Farkle, Lucas never promised to love them both the same. Also unlike Farkle at the time, he had a real shot. And when he had a chance with one of the girls, he took it (albeit with prodding from Maya).

The thing about crushes is that no matter how real they are, they ain’t nothing if you can’t move past them. Riley and Lucas moved past their crush, but they didn’t move into a relationship. They didn’t even move into a proper holding pattern. Their crush was real, their mutual admiration is real, but instead of growing into a romance, it grew into a strong friendship. They just haven’t fully realized or dealt with this yet because they’ve never properly talked about it in a constructive, conclusive way.

In terms of romance in the Jacobs universe, Riarkle and Lucaya have been “realer” than the Riley/Lucas romance. Which isn’t to say the Rilucas crushes/feelings were FAKE. It’s just to say that that’s where it stops for them romantically, no matter how much Riley and Lucas like each other. They’re friends. That’s what they’ve always been. It’s why they don’t work as a couple, because it’s not who they are and it never really was. Their meet-cutes were forced, inorganic, and not internally motivated…as is also the case with many of their other “couple” milestones.

The “real” meet-cute, with the unbroken eye contact, the oblivious tornado of a girl, and the dumbstruck boy? That happened between Maya and Lucas. They’ve never been (just) friends, “not really.” That was (part of) the bigger picture. Riley and Lucas are a story within a story, not the WHOLE story. And if you only focus on Riley and Lucas in terms of romance because that’s what we were “told” to do, you miss the bigger picture.

Next up: Farkle, the pilot, character tropes…and taking things for granted.