be awe struck by her cuteness

The First Time He Sees His Baby

Yugyeom: Can’t stop smiling at his baby boy. He is so happy. He will sit and quietly sing at him and forget there is anything in this world but the three of you.

Kunpimook: Marvels at the miracle that is his daughter. He loves her instantly and plans on doing so much fun things with her the coming 20 years. He happily kisses her cheeks and giggles at her.

Youngjae: Can only look at her. He loves her so much already and she is so beautiful. He will giggle when her tiny hands grab his fingers and he will cooe softly at her.

Jinyoung: Makes a face at his newborn son and kisses him on the nose. Jinyoung is a proud but slightly silly dad. 

Jackson: Awe fucking struck. “Jagiya, we made this, look how cute she is, we made her, aren’t we awsome.” Is also super excited and proud.

Jaebum: He is proud in a silent way. He will sit beside your bed and gently stroke his sons cheeks and whisper to you how beautiful he is and how much he loves both of you.

Mark: Takes his baby boy in his arms and gently rocks him. He whispers softly at him that he loves him and mommy so much.


Ok but AkiAli???

Akiteru seeing Alisa from afar when(if) Nekoma plays agains Karasuno.

Imagine him just awe struck at her tall beauty(imagine if shes just either Akiteru’s height or even slightly taller uvu)

Imagine all he knows is that shes related to the tall lanky half Russian on Nekoma. So he thinks she only speaks Russian or so. So is afraid to go talk to her.

Imagine him studying Russian just to speak with her, but hes really bad at it and she cant help but find him so cute when hes stuttering and fumbling over badly pronounced Russian to her.

Imagine her just smiling big just like her lil string bean bro as she just finally speaks Japanese to Akiteru saying how hes done a good job but if he really wanted to ask her out all he had to do was say it in Japanese.

Hes just struck by that but he cant help but blush at this marvelous beautiful woman. And deff does agree to asking her out uvu

Imagine them gushing over their tall lanky cute little brothers and showing eachother the tons of pics they have in their wallets!

Imagine Akiteru learning a cute name to call her in Russian uvu


Until Dawn Sims 4 Adventures! - or, when your Sims act so much like their counterparts it’s almost not funny.

I took my Until Dawn Sims out to the spa for the day (I got the Spa Day pack specifically for Sam really, as she’s like the original yoga child) and hijinks ensued. (Look at Chris and Ashley being all cute in the background - no intervention on my part!)

OK, it was by my direction that Sam dressed in a towel instead of a robe, because I’m an awful human being, but then she struck this pose and I about died laughing. Yes, we know you rock the towel look, Sammy-girl.

Also Mike being… well, Mike.


Back in her ordinary clothes, Sam tells the group a story (I do love these new animations)

Hannah and Sam are yoga children.

I don’t know what Mike thinks he’s doing, but Josh disapproves. After the look he gave Sam, I don’t think he’s got much high ground. (Also twins doing twin dancing, and Chris being dorky.)

Back at the Washington residence, I’ve seen a lot of people in the UD fandom expanding on the friendship between Ashley and Matt, as they share such great chemistry in their short scene together. So here’s Ashley and Matt being buddies:

By far the hardest thing about playing these guys, though, is the twins. Because I wanted to get plenty of pictures for Sam’s bedroom wall, and the Washington house, I’ve been getting them together to do as many cute things as possible - and it’s making me very fond of them. The trouble is, in order to keep up with canon, I’m going to have to kill them off at some point. I was never one to kill off Sims even when I was younger.

I don’t wanna I don’t wanna I don’t wanna…