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Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Boxer!Cocky!Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1750ish

Warnings: some cursing (not too much imo), sexual tension, sexual innuendos, implied sex afterwards

Summary: Two words. Boxer Tom.

A/N: blame @tbholland

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There’s something so therapeutic about consistently punching and kicking a punching bag; the noisy thumps that were emitted every time your fist or foot connected with the bag and the aches that settle into your muscles when you get home were weirdly comforting. Screw paying for a therapist, this is where it’s at. A downside though, was the sticky sweat that covered your skin until you were able to shower and the ragged breathing you got after every session; though today, you’re not sure if it’s from the exercise or how pissed off work made you today. Now that you thought about it, this is the most relaxed you’ve felt all week. The next punch on the bag was harder than the previous ones.

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Raise your hand of BTS’s new album is the only reason you’re gonna make it through the school year

so far (for my multi-fandom peeps)

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💙💙 is your name Dwayne Johnson? Cause baby you Rock my world. 💙💙 P.s. Yes I cringed the whole time writing this and I do realize how bad it is; however, it does not change the fact that it's still true! And yeaaaaaaah I'm back 😊💙.

…are you French?? because Eiffel for you


The Leaky Tiki’s by Joe Barrett Photography
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Adventureland in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

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Guess what I spent hours and hours wandering around the glass desert and I'm on day 400 in game and I still haven't found a single gilded ginger. Fml

I feel that pain… It helped me out to check the wiki for gilded ginger locations and create a route to check every day. :3

@supremeruleroftheinternet several years ago Ror surprised me with a date down on campus by asking me if I wanted to go for a short walk. He’d arranged child care, had made chocolate covered strawberries, lit candles, and had a movie waiting for us when we walked into the Tamarack. I’d posted about his thoughtfulness on fb and other women commented something similar so Ror joked that he was going to write a book and call it ‘How to Melt Chocolate and a Woman’s Heart’. I’ll let him know that he should actually sit down and start it. ;)

Seriously though. That man is worth his weight in gold and I’m blessed beyond measure.


Not to mention the number of private merit -based scholarships also available to non-citizens without student visas (or any legal residency status) is very very limited and often barely covers anything.

'Why do we worry about our weight?'
Travis Mcelroy
'Why do we worry about our weight?'

“When I hear people be like, “I’d love to have another piece of cake but I can't” I’m like, “Fuck, some day you’ll be dead! Eat that damn cake!”…. Like, some day you’ll die! And no ones gonna worry about your weight anymore. They’re gonna worry about how happy you were." 

anyway ppl liked griffin giving real ass advice so here’s travis