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TG: happy thanksgiving everybody i just witnessed a five year old kid waddle into the kitchen and yell “IM GAY AND I WANNA DIE” at the top of his lungs thanks for listening

I’m so glad there’s a backlash against hindutva shit on tunglr.hell, because there used to be a big push to get a foot in the door for that bullshit (usually the pattern was some hindutva prick who dressed up their bullshit in SJ/anti-colonialist language, followed and reblogged by a gaggle of clueless, mostly white SJ bloggers who wanted to get #woke cred, and would go full attack-dog on anybody who criticized or questioned op)

Dreaming season ending for Supernatural

As apparently I write one every week now.

Lucifer sides with Sam, Dean, Castiel and Jack againt Asmodeus for the finale season battle. Castiel says they could transfer part of Jack’s power to the poor depowered Lucifer so he can fight because he will know better how to use it. Sam and Dean agree, Jack do whatever they tell him by now because “they know better”.

Lucifer goes: “Whuuuuuut? Bitches, what did you just say? That’s the bullshit you feed my son with since the begining? Nope! Nobody touchs his powers. You all listen to me: my son has the perfect amount of power, grace and soul, you hear me? I’m not my father, I don’t fuck things up. As all I created, Jack is no less than perfect like he is.”

“You created the demons” Dean reminds him.

“I twisted humans to create demons. Nuance! And the one I personnaly made myself, my princes and my knights are perfect. Not like the stupid and weak mass of the other demons.”

“But I don’t know how to use my power without making bad things happen.” Jack tears up.

“Excuse me, no offense here, but Jack, you are a baby! You may not look like one but you are litterally just months old. Give yourself a break.”

Jack cries for real now and hugs Lucifer. Lucifer is finally able to hug his son very tight for the first time and eyes the others suspiciously because Jack is like his dad and is a tactile person who needs contacts and he is sure those humans didn’t give him enough cuddles when they were supposed to take care of him.

Jack flinches in the bear hug because something brushed his shoulder.

“Oh, it’s just me. You can’t see my wings but they are here.” Lucifer says.

“Alright.” Jacks answers and resumes to hug his father.

In the background Asmodeus is grumbling. “You really think I am perfect?”

“Of course! Look at you all bossy and scary king of hell. I’m proud of you. You actually are a menace even to me.” Lucifer assures his prince.

Asmodeus doesn’t know what to do anymore. Lucifer extends another invisible wing to him. Bear hugs for everybody.

*happy and contented archangel noises*

“What the fuck?” Dean asks.

“Want a hug too?” Sam proposes.

Dean, Castiel, Sam hug happen.


frank: You know those, uh… those people? The ones I put down, the people I killed? I want you to know that I’d do it all again. This is a circus, all right? It’s a charade, it’s an act. It’s bullshit about how crazy I am. I ain’t crazy! I’m not crazy. Okay? I know what I did. I know who I am. And I do not need your help. I’m smack-dab in the middle of my right goddamn mind, and any scumbag, any… any lowlife, any maggot piece of shit that I put down, I did it… because I liked it! Hell, I loved it! I’m sittin’ here, I’m… I’m just itching. I’m itching to do it again. And you think… What, you think you’re gonna send me to a nuthouse? Some doctor, they’re gonna get me to stop from doing what I want to do? Well, that ain’t happening! Not on my watch! You people, you call me the Punisher, ain’t that right? The big bad Punisher. Well, here I am! You want it, you got it! I am the Punisher! I’m right here! You want it, I’ll give it to you. And anybody who came here today to hear me whine, to hear me beg? Well, you can kiss my ass! Do you hear me? I’m guilty. Come on, please, Judge! I’m guilty, you hear me? I’m guilty! I’m guilty!


Man even setting aside getting involuntarily pulled apart Big MT would be horrific to witness in person.

It’s easy to not take it seriously with the cartoonish personalities of the Think Tanks chattering over the loudspeakers as you explore but the constant reminders that they’re… sick and pointlessly sadistic are unnerving.

Dr. Borous’s basement in Higgs Village was bad enough, but one thing that really hits is Christine’s recording in Y-17 where she had basically accepted that she was going to die there – found in a huge pool of blood leaking out of an observation cell furnished only with a mattress on the floor.

criminalmindsfangirl  asked:

✿ + Prentiss

✿ - Sex headcanon:

Subbier Than You Would Expect. 

Kind of self-conscious about the scarring from that Doyle thing and is prone to wearing negligees over any kind of bra panties combo. Will she take it off? How much does she trust you is the answer. 

Has a hot tub, but after a Reid lecture on Hot tub hygiene she put her foot down on the idea of any hot tub sex. She takes it to the shower instead. 

Realised she was Not Straight when she caught herself fantasizing about her hot lady Russian teacher as a teenager (aka the real reason she was so bad at russian, she wasn’t paying that much attention to the lessons). 

Suffers from awkward sex dreams involving hot colleagues. 

Friend: I love that one character.

Me: Which one?

Friend: He has a scar on his left side.


Friend: His father is dead to him.

Me: *literally?*

Friend: He has a sister.


Friend: He is a teenager.


Friend: He’s a prince.


Friend: He has powers.


Friend: He fought against the protagonist-


Friend: but they became friends.


Friend: His smile is the purest and could cure cancer.


Me: Could you be a little MORE specific?

Viktor is the best son in law

Can we just talk about how much Toshiya and Hiroko probably love Viktor aka their new son in law

Aside from Toshiya bullshitting that he doesn’t know exactly who Viktor Nikiforov in this moment (like come on, unless he hasn’t been inside Yuuri’s bedroom or spoken to his son about his interests in eleven years), and just being a wing man here, I like to think that they had a full conversation. I mean, Makkachin had obviously been given free reign of the house at this point, so they must have talked about that.

What I like to think went down is Viktor walked in with a rehearsed (and slightly mispronounced) sentence of Japanese like “Konnichiwa! Watashi no namae wa Viktor-”

And Toshiya looks at him like “Here for Yuuri?”

“Yes! I’m looking for Yuuri!” All hearts and smiles. “I want to coach him in figure skating!” And then goes into a long explanation of how great Yuuri indeed is.

And of course he knows enough English to understand the meaning of that, so he politely directs Viktor to the onsen whilst he waits.

But aside from that.

Viktor has been there for… two hours at this point? Probably even less, but maybe not. Hiroko is already casually referring to him as Vicchan. He’s been adopted swiftly.

She sounds and looks so fond of him.


And let’s just remember that Viktor is a walking advertisement at this rate. Given how much the Katsukis talk about promoting tourism, they probably adore him for it too

Also Yuuri is just as bad as he is lmao

Also the fact that the Katsukis are trusted with Makkachin says a lot. They ARE family at this point.

I hinestly think Hiroko and Toshiya would genuinely be over the moon when the engagement is announced. It’s one thing to mentally adopt Viktor, and another to ACTUALLY have him as their son in law.

TLDR, Viktor and the Katsuki’s have an adorable relationship I wish was explored more


Still super bummed out I couldn’t make it to the BMC revival this weekend but I’m sure it was amazing and Matt and Ryan are awesomely adorable as Mike and Jer and I’m just hoping everybody had fun!! Also someone said Michael has a snapback in the show so I needed to deliver since I’ve seen NOTHING.

Btw I can’t get over their BMC Live video which is where the leap frog thing came from haha