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i notice.. next week (when i get my draw tablet back) is my examination for graduating. 

 i’ll be busy..! i will start to study on feb 27. i’m sorry if i wont post much, but after the graduate exam(?)(it is 3 days), i might draw a lot(since a lot of free time)i’m not sure if i will draw a lot, but i will still talk to friend or answer ask for a lil bit of time (but not draw)

 ty for understanding<3
(sorry poor english)

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  • someone: *is nice to me*
  • me: oh god. I'm so sorry. god. I must've guilted or manipulated you into doing that

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So my I started my blog (@anxiety-filled-birdie) in October and then made a similar one for Instagram and I've been calling myself Birdie. and my moms best friend started following the Insta account and now she's starting a business that involves the name Birdie. And she's said it has nothing to do with me but I feel like jealous? Or frustrated? Upset? That she's using that when I had it first!! Because I am Birdie and Birdie is me but that's not my business - Anxious Birdie

Office Playground is closing

To begin with, they were one of the largest and cheapest places to buy stim toys, but right now everything is on clearance sale. Autistic (and other neurodivergent) people might want to take advantage of that, so I guess signal boost like crazy?