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spn: ‘this or that’

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1. demon!dean or soulless!sam? (argh this one is tough; I loved soulless!sam)

2. balthazar or gabriel? (I adore both so much, but it would be less awkward if Gabe came back, I think lol; plus Gabe never called humans ‘apes,’ right? ;))

3. cas’ blue tie or striped tie?

4. season 5 or season 12?

5. the colt or the angel blade?

6. spn verse or au?

7. “mystery spot” or “free to be you and me”? (dang it! this is cruel)

8. jimmy novak or emmanuel?

9. favorite hair: sam’s or dean’s or cas’? (Dean’s hair is more consistent; Misha’s hair this season looks promising, though… and Sam’s hair is always fabulous except in s10. I just prefer short hair when it comes to guys, I guess)

10. “i lost my shoe” or “you have a guinea pig? where?

11. abbadon or ketch?

12. lucifer or michael? (maybe I’ll change my mind this season? who knows)

13. benny or charlie?

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