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do you have any blogs you would recommend? trying to find some new content!

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Finding out our purpose is hard and I don’t understand why society expects us to just know what our purpose is at this age. And yet you can’t even legally drink until 21. Like that is so hypocritical!
Even choose college what our whole lives will be at a young age and wonder why we are prone to depression and multiple other mental illnesses.
It’s so common to know someone my generation or younger to have depression and that’s sad.
It’s so frustrating when someone older tells me well when I was your age I had a house, my own car, and children and a stable job, why can’t you? TIMES ARE DIFFERENT! We aren’t them and they aren’t us.
Jobs are hard to come by. Money is hard to save. Renting and living on your own is almost impossible! Being completely independent is only a dream. Juggling three jobs and still live at home and going to college. Like, they can’t say we aren’t trying. We are literally killing ourselves trying to be what we are expected to be.

But they don’t care and we aren’t them so why should we live up to their standards when everything is different now, everything has changed. We don’t have to be perfect. Each of us are unique and beautiful. The people are fighting for equally of gay and lesbian and transgender and love but still treat mental illnesses, and disabled people like we aren’t equals…
Disabled people as the lesser, as the hurt and wounded and broken. We are more then that. We are everything able people aren’t.
We are stronger, more prepared, more loving, know pain and how it changes us, can struggle but still get up, can live even when there is nothing to live for. We are what makes them hate us, cause they aren’t us and we can overcome anything!
Sorry lol I had to rant 💛

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The clip better come soon cause I'm going to a dinner soon and I don't want to miss it. I'm so nervous. It's so stressing watching in real time and knowing that Yousef and Sana is probably at them same place at the same time, right now. Today. This second! It's stressing me so much.

SAME SAME SAME but the more time goes by, the more i feel like we won’t be getting a clip today. which is weird. since every season has 5 clips (or more) in the episode after the hiatus

tomorrow’s my last day of high school and I’m gonna wear my alien onesie nO ONE CAN STOP ME AAAHAHAHHAA

ok but this is the first time since a long time (since s2 finale exactly) bellarke left me in such an emotional state?

it’s been so long (since knocking on heaven’s door) i listened to finale music on repeat?

it’s been so long (since s2 finale) that i felt this hopeful about bellarke? 

but because i know they can fuck it up (s3 and 4 looking at you) i’m so scared? i really don’t want them to fuck it up again.