be an upstander

shoutout to people who cant/wont turn in their abusers because

  • they dont have proof of abuse
  • abusers were upstanding members of society
  • their abuse was legal
  • no one believes them
  • their abusers are old, dead, disabled, ill, or on their deathbed
  • their abusers are family members
  • they cant remember details of abuse
  • they didnt uncover abuse until later in life
  • they were abused by organizations
  • they dont know the names of thier abusers
  • theyve been threatened into staying quiet
  • they arent mentally stable enough to endure the investigation

and whatever other reason. people dont have to turn in their abusers for their abuse to be legitimate. so many of us cant prove what happened to us and are only left with the disorders that came with the horror we dealt with growing up.

it makes me sad that im seeing so many trauma survivors feel that they have to justify not taking abusers to court. some of us cant, some of us shouldnt, and some of us wont. please respect all survivors regardless of how they approach legal justice over abuse.

If you were to witness a bias-based attack or a hate crime, how would you respond?

It’s something some activists are preparing some New Yorkers to be ready for, as reports of hate crimes in the city have increased since the election of Donald Trump. They are up 63 percent compared to the same period last year as of Dec. 14, according to the New York City Police Department.

Earlier this month, a man allegedly threatened to cut the throat of an off-duty police officer wearing a hijab. Two days later, a transit worker wearing a hijab was allegedly pushed down the stairs in Grand Central Terminal by a man who called her a “terrorist.”

Christen Brandt, a trainer with the Center for Anti-Violence Education, wants more bystanders who witness attacks and hate crimes to become what she calls “upstanders” — people who will intervene rather than just walk away.

In New York, Activists Prepare Bystanders To Take Action Against Harassment

Photo: Canadian Pacific/Flickr

the dallas stars are such an upstanding organization, always doing so much for children. they saw how badly the leafs lost and wanted to make them feel better so they lost harder. it truly does warm the soul.

Dean Winchester and naked dudes

A catalogue of the times Dean Winchester has happened upon the naked male form:

In 1.07, a half naked man offers to let Dean paint him. He declines, puts his reluctant little brother to the task and sits back to browse through a magazine called Backside. Dean steals a few looks, not that subtly. We cut from the scene to the image of half-naked Christ on a cross.

In 2.05, we get full frontal Ash. The scene is curious. Sam and Dean are heavily contrasted. Sam bangs on his door and calls his name several times, but he doesn’t answer. Dean waltzes in and knows the magic word, calling Ash by the name Dr. Badass, intuitively knowing what Ash needs. He answers the door to Dean immediately.

Stark naked.

Sam is taken aback briefly, but schools his eyes to Ash’s face and goes about his business like it’s no big deal. Not Dean.

Dean… gets a load of Ash’s goods and screws his eyes shut. His reaction is overblown. He avoids looking at the man in an extremely pronounced way. His reaction is not in proportion to what is happening in the scene. The casual viewer will read this as evidence of upstanding heterosexual Dean Winchester having a moment of gay panic. That’s not even close to what’s happening, though, when you take in the context, the framing scenes. Because just afore, he had dodged the eyes of Jo, his designated female love interest at the time, in the same way. A lot of people missed the way Jo and Ash were framed and off-set for Dean. He basically has the same reaction to Jo and to Ash, but Ash is way more naked.

And afterwards? After Ash puts on some clothes, Dean is hovering behind him (again the scene is set with Dean between Ash and Jo), way closer than he needs to be while Sam is casual, all business, sitting at the table. A heterosexual dude that just burned his eyes with unwanted mandick would not have positioned himself like Dean did. Dean isn’t acting like a man who got an eye.full of something he didn’t want to see. Dean is acting like someone who saw something that hurt.

In 5.07, Dean checks out a naked dude and tells him he looks great.

It has been pointed out several times how needless it was for Dean to uncover the man’s nakedness with regards to the case. The thing we don’t talk about in connection with this episode is how Dean doesn’t check out the two Asian hookers, not while they’re on the bed as the boys barge into the room, and not while the girls are exiting the room. Asian hookers, which we have been lead to believe are his fetish of choice. His attention is focused on Cliff the whole time. And while he’s passing his judgement on Cliff as hey leave, he takes one last look, I’m sure wanting to make sure the birth mark is still there, through the robe.

In 5.14, Dean checks out a naked dude’s dick again.

Again, his reaction is contrasted with that of Sam. We get no reaction shot of Sam toward dick, and his level of non-comfort with being hugged by a naked man is in proportion. No one likes it, Castiel says.

This episode was about hunger, and while Dean described himself as well-fed and Famine theorized that Dean had a void inside, he looked like a hungry-hungry hippo throughout the episode with regards to men. Make of that what you will.

In 5.19 Dean gets a full frontal view of Ganesh, who tells him it’s not a peep show. The god had a very large trunk.

Dean is surprised since he thought he saw an elephant. But he does not look displeased by what he saw.

In 6.14 Dean stops to check whether the male mannequin doll is anatomically correct. It isn’t. Dean checks out the doll’s junk three times just to be sure.

In 7.16 Dean volunteers with due enthusiasm to retrieve a cursed object from a man and leaves Sam to retrieve one from a woman. The cursed object is a gentlemen’s magazine, so Dean goes in with the expectation of seeing something erotic. It is revealed that Dean caught the man in medias res, likely masturbating himself to death. Dean does not elaborate to Sam on what he witnessed. Make note that when ever they split up, Dean usually makes the first choice and picks witnesses that are sexually attractive to him.

In 7.23 Dean gets to see Castiel naked, covered in bees, which he reports to his brother. Dean’s line can be parsed in two different ways: either Castiel showed up on his car naked or that Dean swears on his car that Castiel showed up naked. The likely scenario is that it was in answer to his prayer because the line is giving in response to Sam’s suggestion that they try calling Castiel again. In either cae, Dean seems much more perturbed by the bees than the nakedness.

In 8.16 Dean sees Shane-Prometheus naked in the morgue, laid down on a table, dead. After he wakes up, he wraps a thin morgue cloth around him, which is the only thing he’s wearing when Dean hauls his ass back and slams him against an operating table. Dean attempts to keep his eyes above the guy’s neck but isn’t entirely successful. Later he checks out the man’s rear as he exits the motel room and projects on Sam his desire to perform a cavity check on Shane.

In 10.01, we’re shown that demonic Dean Winchester is comfortable with allowing another man to see his nakedness. 

In 10.12, Sam comes to Dean with a case of missing naked people. As far as Dean knows, they’re all men. The one confirmed case Sam shows him is a man, whose photo Dean enlarges.

External image

And then Dean tells his brother: “About time this gig got an R-rating“ before handing the tablet back to him. R-rating for nudity. Regarding naked men. To spell it out for you: he’s not passing judgement on the idea of naked men, he is expressing a wistful yearning to have more naked men in his life. He’s come a long way.

I hear you, Dean. I hear you, man.

We come a full circle in 10.21 where Eldon Styne bears himself to Dean, conducting himself in an aggressively sensual manner because he’s a creepy sexual predator.

He not only shows his naked midriff, he also calls attention lower on his body by mentioning the “Bunch of extra muscle, especially in the legs.“ The natural inclination for any observer, especially one conducting an investigation on weird shit, would be to see this extra muscle for himself. Dean, though?

Dean looks at neither his midriff nor at his legs. An he doesn’t convulsively screw his eyes shut like he did with Ash. He keeps his eyes on the man’s face. Professional. Only, he’s doing the opposite of what any straight dude would do in the situation. He’s keeping himself in check. If naked dudes were something that did nothing for him generally, he wouldn’t need to check himself. He wouldn’t need to not look at the dude’s weird surgical scar and his extra leg muscles. But Dean is into naked dudes. So he doesn’t check out Eldon Styne because Eldon Styne is the job.

Jim Gordon has accepted that it is literally impossible to get any of the Batkids’ attention if the K-9 unit is around.

ladies and gentlemen please be upstanding, for the national anthem

[a low murmur of annoyance. everyone stands up and looks awkwardly into the middle distance as the fanfare plays]

australians all le us rejoice faa we aah young n free. with golden soilnwealth for toil our home is girt (it means surrounded by) by sea aah land abounds in naychars gifts ahv bewdy rich and raiiiir!   in histry’s page let every stage advance astraya fair in joyful strainsthenletus sing. advance astraya faiiiirr.

[everyone looks embarassed and sits down as fast as possible]

Signs as quotes from Pimp My Wheelchair

Aries: “we’ll run - I mean roll with it”

Leo: “you don’t know what hard work is, you’ve never even stood”

Taurus: “it’ll shock you and you’ll walk again huh?”

Lebra: “ if you haven’t noticed already I’m disabled”

Virgo: “duct tape. Nothing it can’t fix”

Gemini: “I’ll make sure you never fucking walk again”

Aquarius: “Wheelz is an upstanding - upsitting citizen”

Cancer: “shut the fuck up”

Scorpio: “what up youngblood”

pisces: “more stable than you”

Capricorn: “ your wheelchair game is whack, what is this windows? What is this dell?” Sagittarius: “you seen Akira?”

“You can’t suddenly make him bi after ten years!" 

Bitch, he was bi literally from the beginning.

"Suddenly he’s bi completely out of the blue!”

Bitch, his bisexuality can be seen from actual space.

“They’d totally stop thinking he was bi if Cas went away just like they stopped thinking he was bi when Ash was killed”

Bitch, he was bi years before Castiel was even on the show.

“It’s totally OOC for him to be bi after so long”

Bitch, what show you been watching?

I’ve become obsessed with the idea of FAHC!Ryan getting called for jury duty.

Like pick your favorite reason that he gets that summons in the mail. Maybe it’s the really convincing tax returns for one of his fake identities that Gavin created. Personally, I really like the idea that even as a criminal Ryan is still an upstanding citizen who’s made sure to register to vote in Los Santos. So Ryan gets his summons and runs to the crew, ready to demand (or have Lindsay or Geoff demand) that Gavin hacks the system to get him out of it.

So of course the second he goes to complain to Lindsay about it they get the word that Michael’s case didn’t get excused at pre-trial like they had planned. Lindsay makes the executive decision that, instead of just breaking him out of prison, the best way to make this go away is for the jury to find Michael not guilty.

Which means Ryan gets stuck playing nice all through the entire trial process. There was an outfit montage where Lindsay, Mica, and Meg went through Ryan’s closet to pick out the least threatening outfit they can for the city’s most notorious killer to wear to court. (It was surprisingly easy and they all agreed how disturbing it was to see the Vagabond in wireless glasses and a frumpy dad suit).

When it comes to the actual trial Ryan really has things cut out for him. Michael is so obviously guilty that Ryan honestly can’t believe they bothered with a trial. He didn’t know it was even possible to leave that much evidence when you blew up a building.

And it’s 11 to Ryan’s 1 when they go back to deliberate and he’s forced to use every ounce of charm he has to convince the other eleven people in that room the cherub faced kid who looked like he was wearing his dad’s suit couldn’t possibly be the same person who blew up the westbound bridge. It took two full eight hour days before they finally came back with a vote of not guilty.

Ryan insisted his code name be Henry Fonda for their next heist.

thoughts for this week:

  • ronnie is such a sweetheart. i love her to death and she’s so bi for betty 
  • cheryl??? is making me feel things
  • kevin was just a teeny bit improved from last week but also vaguely biphobic no thank you
  • i’m honestly going to astral project myself into the show and murder ms grundy myself if she doesn’t get her ass in jail soon i swear to christ
  • archie is trying so hard to be a great and upstanding dude but she’s ruining him. protect archie andrews 2k17
  • literally every scene with jughead in it was good. so good
  • the confrontation about grundy? great. making up at the game? smiling??? outstanding
  • the look of shock on his face when archie defended him!!!!!!! b o y
  • jarchie is real 
  • reggie mantle is a bi with a massive crush on jug and he doesn’t know how to flirt. reghead is also real kids
  • he’s like the physical embodiment of that tweet “when i was 7 i had a crush on a girl in my class & didnt know how to deal w it so I wrote her a letter that just said “get out of my school"”
  • josie is sapphic. that cover is gay as fuck. incredible
  • cherosie anyone?? yes
  • i still maintain: alice can choke
  • but i love fred and hermione. what good parents
  • honestly betty??? terrifying. also someone give her a hug please
  • if we didn’t already have the b/ughead spoilers i’d be super hard leanign towards jug being gay and/or ace from that episode. too weird and busy to get laid???? that whole archie conversation with the smile?? boy is queer
  • and last but not least: HE WAS KILLED A WEEK LATER!! B I TCH WTF

QR Codes of the Day

A little mix with the codes. Something for winter, something for goth, and something for class. Hope you like them.

Jacket With Scarf
Add a paperboy cap and this would look very classy for an upstanding gentleman during winter. Its very stylish but it just needs snow.

Gothic Black Lace
Nothing like lace to bring out the dark side or just the Victorian dark style. Matches any house that is dark or creepy.

I know these have names but I can’t read other languages. These would be great to hang in your home to give it a sense of emotion to what you feel will bring out the room.