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Hi, whats queerbaiting?

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh. I am so not the best person to answer this question. BUT. I will do my damnedest. (And if you’re still curious, consider asking riddikuluslypunk, who studies queer theory and literature and is pretty freaking rad and good at explaining things in this format.)  Also, I’m sorry this took so long, I was away this weekend. 

So wikipedia says this about it: “[queerbaiting is when] a queer relationship or character is hinted at to attract/appeal to the queer [or liberal] market, and then is denied, either modifying the character’s behavior (making them enter a heterosexual relationship), playing it off as a joke (sometimes a recurring joke or trope), or denying the assumptions (in interviews, panels and such) without modifying the character’s behavior.”

This kind of thing is a recent phenomenon in modern culture. The pernicious thing about it is that media makes money and gains fans by portraying a character as queer, but does not actually pull the trigger– it does not empower queer people by actually committing to having characters who are queer, but rather gets publicity and an image as a liberal, forward thinking, even salacious show, while not actually doing anything. 

Surely you can see the problem, right? There’s so little actual queerness in the media (although that’s turning around, now-) that shows that partake in queerbaiting have a captive audience in the queer community- there’s very few other places that queer people can go for representation. But with queerbaiting, they are given a facsimile of it. Further, when a character is portrayed as queer, but actually are confused, totally straight, or the butt of a joke or trope, that captive audience is told that they do not matter, that perhaps they too are confused, straight, or just a joke. I can only imagine the impact it has on closeted youth. 

So, the reason I made that post: On tumblr, all the time I see young people get attacked for claiming characters as queer, characters who have, in the show’s canon, been portrayed as queer but later represented as straight. (For example— when I made that post, it was a reaction to seeing someone torn apart for implying that John Watson of the Sherlock series was bisexual.) I see older, more worldly and more confident queer people arguing that actual queer people and characters should be supported and celebrated. That we should recognize which shows are being manipulative and underhanded, and that we should be very wary of shows that portray all of the glamorous aspects of being queer without the reality of it (which is often oppressive and painful but also normal and un-chic and interesting) Which is a valid argument, sure. But when you yell at young people, especially young queer people, because they’ve been successfully queerbaited, you are blaming the victim. There are people out there who consume media but don’t know that queerbaiting exists and don’t know it’s happening to them until some wiser tumblr user is sending them angry, hateful things about how they’re not actually supporting the queer community and should be ashamed. They don’t know they’ve been manipulated until they are suddenly the voice of the oppressor, according to some. 

Point is? Protect young kids! Protect young queer kids! Protect people who are older but still don’t know what queerbaiting is or that it’s happened to them and that’s still not their fault! Protect humans! Teach people if you can, but do so kindly. 

Please, if I got anything wrong, someone feel free to set me straight, add more info, anything. 

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Hi! I just started writing cherik fic. Do you have any advice on how to tag pieces on AO3? I don't really know what to tag my story with to get people to read it.

Hey, friend! And YES! New Cherik fic heading our way XD Thank you!!!!

Hmm, hmm, I’m not sure if I’m the best person to ask since I really always just click on the Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier relationship tag and read from there. But I think a few tags I see a lot are the alternate universe tags, so if you’re doing an AU, it’s good to pick some of those! And there’re two tags that are pretty helpful: “Alternate Universe - still have powers” or “Alternate Universe - no powers” depending on your story. Otherwise, I’d just tag what’s in the story in general or for any warnings. The Cherik fandom also has some hilarious “fun tags” like:

  • Emotionally Crippled Erik Is Fun To Read
  • Erik Logic Is The Best Logic
  • Erik is Crushing Harder than a 12-year Old Girl
  • Calm Down Erik
  • Charles Xavier has a Ph.D in Adorable 
  • Honestly Charles What Are You Thinking
  • Charles Is a Big Dorkface
  • etc, etc.

So maybe look through those tags to find some fun stuff? Honestly, I don’t judge by tags very much, and I think a great way to get more hits and attention for your fic is also to put it in the cherik tag here on tumblr to help get the word out!


Post 2/3 of this year’s wildflower trip. Post 1/3 is here.

Western Australia’s biodiversity in the Murchison region is awesome to behold! We got a tip-off that the Beringarra Pindar Road some thirty kilometres east of Mullewa easily had upwards of 100, maybe even 500 wreath lechenaultia blooming, so we adjusted our route accordingly. Ultimately we ended up finding some flowers that we hadn’t seen before! I’ve captained some of the flowers with their names, but for others I’ve forgotten what they are! One I think is a myrtle and another might be a grevillea, but I’m not so sure.

Young long-eared bat

This youngster was found on the ground in a busy area, not flying away when anyone came near. We asked a bat expert to have a look at him, who told us that because he is young, he was probably out practicing flying, and either crashed or got tired.

He is suffering from mites, but is otherwise quite healthy, so he is now in the care of Surrey Bat Rescue who will look after him until he’s ready to return home!

‘The problem with “I’m entitled to my opinion” is that, all too often, it’s used to shelter beliefs that should have been abandoned. It becomes shorthand for “I can say or think whatever I like” – and by extension, continuing to argue is somehow disrespectful. And this attitude feeds, I suggest, into the false equivalence between experts and non-experts that is an increasingly pernicious feature of our public discourse.’
—  Patrick Stokes
Tuesday Night 9PM Prime Time Schedule

I just got a look at all of the shows that are coming on in that time slot during that time period and Agents of Shield has some serious competition.  They were repeatedly beat in the ratings by NCIS: New Orleans.  The Voice was moved back to that hour and will most and likely be a factor and IZombie is back and seems pretty popular as well.  Then we have the new shows of Scream Queens and Chicago Med.  It would seem to me that all of this playing around and stirring stuff up that the writers are doing could be trying to build up hype because they could seriously get their butts kicked even more in the ratings once the new season starts.  Part of me is cringing at the thought of it while the other thinks that the showrunners need this to see that their tactics aren’t working.

How to Become an Expert Using Social Media

How to Become an Expert Using Social Media

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