be amazing Jazz

Each house as: a kind of dance
  • Gryffindor: hip-hop – very physical, dance battle champions, amazing solos
  • Hufflepuff: modern jazz – group dance, popular, seems easy but requires a lot of training
  • Ravenclaw: contemporary dance – refined, sophisticated, creative
  • Slytherin: ballet – classic, graceful, disciplined
La la Land

A movie like La la Land is loved by the people who have open hearts and Imaginative minds. Truly a beautiful movie with dynamic uses of film and music that will clutch your soul with every fiber of your being. If you except the overall lesson of the film and take in the overall production as a whole then there is no possible way you couldn’t adore it. I think the people who don’t like it just have the issue with the fact that it wasn’t the generic ending they had been rooting for… but an ending that is so raw and beautiful like the reality it shows, the bitter sweet lesson that will have you sobbing.

here’s that wiz piece i mentioned that took so long… it’s not the best (it has that weird flash-vector feel to me and i don’t know why but i do know that i don’t like it) 

it’s part of a collab thing on DA, but it works fine on its own, so Here It Is


Wilson Simonal and Sarah Vaughan singing Shadow of Your Smile


this is so beautiful I’ve literally watched it like 20 times on repeat

anonymous asked:

I want to see Lupin and co in Brazil, especially Rio. Amazing jazz, great income despairity, beautiful women, archeological sites, rare animals, and mystic gold... I'd also like to see something where we confront Lupin's ethnic identity or lack thereof via hanging out in Japan with Goemon and Zenigata. There are real questions there that I would love to see play out. --Quill oh, and of course your idea of "Lupin accidentally turns himself into a child, hijinks ensue"

Yeah, they have been there in some episodes, but Part IV-esque approach would be very interesting too. 

De-aged Lupin was a missed opportunity in Red Jacket :’>>