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So here’s something I didn’t properly consider until just now. 

Lava Lamp Guy/OG Syaoran was really young when Evil Wolverine first imprisoned him. 


REALLY young. 

And his body has grown since then but… what about his mind and soul?

It’s been anywhere between 5 to 10 years since he was just put into suspended magical animation and just LEFT THERE until he broke out like an hour ago. 


Can we hope he’s old enough on the inside to deal with all the horror happening in this plotline or is he technically still a child?



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It’s supposed to me artsy and stuff. I don’t know, you tell me. But I like it I think.

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Hilda Berg in Threatnin’ Zeppelin

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okay, but can we talk the fact that it is canon on the show that the only reason kara stopped using her powers and had to hide herself from the world was to protect Alex and years later, the only reason she started to using her powers again and showed herself to the world was for the same reason: To protect and save Alex. 

Everything went full circle and i honestly cry about how beautiful this is.

lance talking about the future mrs. blue lion:

lance talking to allura, who he canonically has a crush on:

and lance talking about keith when he’s alone with laika, therefore putting up no bravado whatsoever and being 100% real and open:

lauren montgomery: [on expressions] “if we know that a character is feeling something about that- that moment- especially if we know there’s something coming up down the line that maybe hasn’t been revealed, but it would make that character feel a certain way- we try to insert in there a nod to it.”

anywhom lance is more important than just one half of a ship and if thats all youre reducing him to and thats all you need in order to determine whether content of him is good or not you dont really see the big picture for him

Please stop praising Taylor Swift for “reclaiming the snake”.

She got caught out in several lies and STILL continued to play the victim (don’t even get me started on how she’s played into the innocent white female narrative) - something she’s built her whole damn career on.

What she’s doing by “reclaiming the snake” is pretty much saying she has nothing to apologise for. And YET AGAIN making herself out to be someone to be pitied and to rally behind because she’s so brave and she’s the underdog. It’s frustrating and embarrassing and the fact that she’s STILL using this whole narrative just shows that she hasn’t learned anything.

…the book Pidge uses to study in the flashback confuses me a lot. First of all, the two pages are exactly the same:

Second of all, the math is wrong?? ???? 

₀∫ 1cos(x) dx = sin - 2x      ?? ?!??!? NONONONONO

₀∫ 1cos(x) dx = ₀[sin(x)] = sin(2π) - sin(0) = 0 - 0 = 0      yes,,,

And then this thing:

WP = √(sin²(θ))      = (sin²(θ))½ = sin(θ) 

Which. What the fuck. Assuming we’re looking at physics equations here and that W = work and P = power, the formula should look like this: P = W/t. Simple. The angle is throwing me for a loop, if W & P stand for what they usually stand for it doesn’t matter.

As for the sketch at the end, I’m not even sure what it’s supposed to show…

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