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Sheet1 Era, Title, Author, Rating, Link to my Review, short descriptor Hogwarts Era, Biscuits: A Love Story, Pinky Brown, M, The story of Ron and Hermione' s complicated romance, with added biscuits. Hogwarts Era, Letters to Ron, kaelaa, K+, A series of letters/ notes between our favourite co...

ooh so wanna see what I’ve been working on this weekend? A master list of Romione fics that I’ve read and didn’t hate! LMAO Some of these are my FAVES and some are just pretty good, but all of them are definitely worth reading. I’ll be continuously updating and right now it’s ridiculously short because I’ve mostly just imported my favourites list from ffn.

Sorted by ERA!! (You’ll notice I definitely have a preference for certain fics.)

Post Battle is anything starting within roughly 3 months after the final battle anything later than that is tagged After The War 

Me:  I just want to fall in love and get married and have kids *gazes soulfully into the distance and sighs wistfully*

Voice of Reason:  Well, you could, y’know, go out and actually meet people, maybe try online dating–

Me:  Or I could lock myself in my room and listen to Gotta Be Somebody by Nickleback on repeat!

Voice of Reason:  *facepalm*

Even if BTS has become extremely popular here in America, please American ARMY, don’t demand that they come here more often than they already are. I know it’s great and surreal and amazing how huge the opportunity is, but please remember South Korea is their home.  

Am I the only one who will “ship” two characters together not because I actually want them to be together but because a romantic relationship between the two would make for a great story? Like, irl I would never support it but their fictional toxic relationship would be really compelling to read?


Heyyy! So I know I promised the next chapter of TFLG would be up yesterday, but while I was finishing things up and getting ready to post, my brain came up with a scene that I just HAD to write. And of course, I fell asleep. 😆 Life got in the way today, but I’ll get that scene written tomorrow and then the next chapter will be up, I promise 😊

anyone else have that one villager that lived in your very first animal crossing town and you just love them unconditionally