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“Lewis…ignore these guys. They’re just trying to mess with your head.”

“R-Right, th-they’re just being silly.”

He chuckled softly, though it sounded a little broken. Though, those thoughts soon left his head as there were more pressing issues. He had wanted to ask Arthur if he knew why he had white hair and a scar, but those left upon seeing his best friend’s current state of being.

“A-Arthur?! What happened to you?!”

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How can I be more confident and make friendships?

It start with you. Begin to explore and get to know you –not your likes and dislikes or what would be called your personality– but you. The you that is just here and just ok, no matter what. Find that within you.

Breathe and feel your aliveness here and now. Get in touch with that. That ever-alive stillness that is just there in you. Follow your breath to your chest and feel, whatever is there, just feel and spend time with your chest and move your attention around your inner body and just feel the Life, the aliveness that is there. Spend time with and get to know all of that.

Doing this, you’ll be more at ease. You’ll naturally be more at ease around people and you won’t be controlled or led around by your emotions or the thoughts and beliefs that reside in you. You’ll just be here. Alive and well. Then your natural humble confidence will be more present in your life. You won’t feel better or worse than anyone, just humble and confident in your place in all of this. And things will flow easier.

I hope this is of some help,


(Headcanon that if Arthur stays a ghost too long, he’s gonna be even worse at self care when he reverts back to being alive)

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Hey I keep seeing you post about Bendy and could you explain what the story behind him is all about?? I know there's a game he's from, but I dont really wanna play it or watch other people play it

Bendy and the Ink Machine is a new first person puzzle horror game where (so far) you play as Henry and by your friends request, you explore an old animation workshop you used to work in about 30 years before. All we know about Bendy so far is that he was the subject of the cartoons made in the studio (along with another character named Boris) and is right now unexplainably alive in the 3D world. <3

I always struggle with drawing characters consistently unless I draw them a 100 times orz
figured I might as well play with different headcanons!


Only imagined it, some day,
but not now, some day
I think I’ll be smiling