be alarmed series

I understand the sentiments toward Horikoshi regarding his flaws of lack of female character development and giving them a chance to have their own battles, their sexualization, making all of their body types similar and especially making Mineta exist as a character but…..some of y’all take it too far

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Series 1

  1. Big Wide World (mp4 | 720p)
  2. Touched (mp4 | 720p)
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen (mp4 | 720p)
  4. Don’t Ever Tell Anybody Anything (mp4 | 720p)
  5. It’s A Wonderful Rae Part 1 (mp4 | 720p)
  6. It’s A Wonderful Rae Part 2 (mp4 | 720p)

Series 2

  1. Alarm (mp4 | 720p)
  2. Bare Naked Lady (mp4 | 720p)
  3. Girls (mp4 | 640p)
  4. Friday (mp4 | 640p)
  5. Inappropriate Adult (mp4 | 500p)
  6. Not I: Part 1 (mp4 | 640p)
  7. Not I: Part 2 (mp4 | 640p)

Series 3

  1. Who Is Stan Ford? (mp4 | 720p)
  2. Rewind (mp4 | 720p)
  3. Voodoo (mp4 | 720p)
sterek olympics au

I took the simone biles + zac efron thing (x)(x) and sterek-ed it (with a few creative liberties…)


“So, Stiles, we’re getting to the end of our interview now, and I just have one more question for you.”

“Shoot,” Stiles says, grinning.

“Is it true that you have a bit of a crush on a certain actor by the name of Derek Hale.”

Stiles blushes and he’s sure it’s picked up by the several cameras on him currently. “Oh man, I wouldn’t call it a crush,” he hedges, rubbing at his chin, “I just think he’s really good. I mean, who doesn’t, but yeah, um…”

The crowd’s laughing and Stiles turns around the see that the screen behind him is showing a compilation of seemingly every tweet he’s ever written about Derek Hale. He buries his face in his hands and groans, which makes the audience laugh.

“I’m so embarrassed right now,” he mumbles, though of course the mic clipped to him picks it up.

The host laughs good-naturedly. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Who here has a crush on Derek?” she throws to the crowd. There’s a lot of cheering and screaming, so at least Stiles can console himself that he’s not alone in his appreciation for Derek’s form. Acting form. Like talent. Not like, body form.

“Me too, me too.” The host turns back to Stiles, who has emerged from behind his hands, cheeks still pink (he can see them nice and big on the screens around the studio). “Well, we have a little surprise for you, Stiles. If you want to turn to the screen.”

Stiles turns, a little (a lot) worried.

His tweets disappear and there is a second of blackness before a video recording starts playing.

“Oh my god!” Stiles shouts, and actually jumps out of his chair before he can tell himself to contain his reaction.

“Hi Stiles, this is Derek Hale,” the video starts. Derek’s sitting on a couch in what is probably his living room, staring right at the camera so it looks like he’s staring right at Stiles. Stiles is melting a little on the inside and sweating a lot on the outside to show that.

On screen, Derek waves, and Stiles, like the giant dork he is, waves back enthusiastically. There are some laughs from the audience but Stiles is so transfixed by cataloguing everything he can see in the frame that it doesn’t faze him like it did a minute ago. “I just want to wish you all the best for the Olympics. I’ll be cheering for you, and crossing my fingers for a medal. Go Team USA, and good luck, Stiles.”

The video ends on a freeze frame of Derek smiling gorgeously at Stiles– at the camera.

“Do I get a copy of that?” Stiles asks the host, to more laughter from the audience.

“You sure do,” she says, “and I’d check your twitter when you get home too.”

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Rin - Good Morning
Matsuoka Rin (CV.ΠMiyano Mamoru)
Rin - Good Morning

wake up already. it’s morning.
why do i have to wake you up everytime.
huh? what… somehow i will wake you up?
it can’t be help right..
it will be boring if you’re asleep
ah! never mind!
if you don’t hurry up, i will leave you behind.



Pekka-Eric Auvinen was the perpetrator of the Jokela school shooting in Finland and displayed a series of alarming behaviors months prior to the incident. His teachers noted that he was a “militant radical”, interested in both far-right and far-left movements. They expressed their concern over him, but nothing was done by authorities. Similarly, in 2007, popular Youtuber TheAmazingAtheist contacted police after he found one of Auvinen’s many accounts, which detailed his plans to carry out a massacre and showed him posing with guns. This was just a few months before the shooting, and again, authorities did nothing. It’s likely that 9 lives could have been saved that day, but the police chose to ignore a very serious threat on two separate occasions.


“And girl when I look at you

   Oh I fall in love…” - Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre