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David Bowie had yellowish blonde hair in 1983. I like calling him banana blonde, egg head and popcorn boy.
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I was tagged by the ever-fabulous @rock-n-roll-doll to post 6 selfies- thank you!!! I decided to pick 6 of my fave outfits I’ve worn so far this year. 👅🌈🍄🌼💫🍃
I’m going to tag @the–magic-never-stopped, @silhouettesandfiguresstay, @glamrockgroupie, @alady-insane, @trashyharlot, @virgin-groupiee, and @gaymods!!!

Officialloureed's 1 year follow forever!

I’m lazy to do shitty artwork but my blog is a year old as of today (May 23rd) and I have over 900 followers now which I did not expect at all, and I wanted to thank everyone by making a follow forever. These are the people that I consider friends or I just really enjoy their blog! @60s-and-70s-preservation-society @70rgasm @70sboyfriend @70sdreamgirl @acathedralofswanz @accfsally @afloydianslip @alady-insane @alexfritha @all-the-daisies-in-her-hair @areyouwiththeband @atavisticnostalgic @birkin1969 @bjwwilcera @blackvinylcratesandpastelace @bleedhoney @brianjonesgf @bron-yr-aur-stop @candy-darling @cherryrizz @childofstar @chrysanthenumbs @classicmock3r @clubufo @cosmic–velvet @creepbat @crucifiedpatsycline @cultclassic @dadrockconfessions @daltries @dandelionapril @davidbowieknife @digthe60s @doktordyper @dovemother @dukeoftheblackstar @eat-roses @evillwomann @fancydancynancy @fifties-sixties-everyday-life @fleurette-noir @flowermotel-nation @foxymumma69 @fussybees @gaogamons @ged-gedward @genderidentityjoe @gen-x-underground @girl-milk @gofflin @glamrock-lizardman @groovychloe @groupienights @highwaygroupie @hotelinsomnia @icky-pop @if-i-were-a-swan @illyadarling @jm-morrison @johncale @johnpauljones @juliiugh @juniorsfarm @keithmoonmoon @keithslittlerocknroll @kylorog @ladyramblinrose @lamour-lamort @la-pomme-de-mes-yeux @lolafrances @loveage-moondream @lumieredema-vie @mayoh13 @magicbvs @magicalrocknroll @may-haze @midwestern-space-nerd @morrisonsbelt @mostlikelyinbed @motel-flower-nation @mrmojomorrison @mrs-entwistle @nico-paffgen @nostalgiabby @nostalgic-60s @official-andy-warhol @officialiggypop @oldmanjimmy @openfacedmako @porcelainnymphet @psychedelicstarr @queen-of-crimson @r0ger-waters @rainywolf @raspberrynoir @reedself @retro–babe @retrofox @ripzaeed @rock-n-roll-doll @sadie-hawkins-dance @sadsongz @sailonacrossthesea @sassydaisydarling @saucyjr @seabassbitch @segastrn @sister–disco @silverheat @sixtiescraze @shine-on-you-syd-barrett @sophieinbookland @softtownshendgrunge @soul-radiation @stagenstein @stardustlady @starglitz @sundaymorningandimfallin @sunsetstripwitch @sydbarrettssextape @tealmoriarty @the60sbazaar @tubby—custard @turtlenecks-and-cacti @valley-of-nymphs @vamp1re @velvet-and-ashes @velvet-moons @velvet–voyage @venus—transit @venus-and-mars-rock-show @vulnerable-nymph @warholheat @watersslut @waxsimulacra @wearing-my-leather-jacket @whiitelight @yagamemer @zeppylin @ziggyandthestones I really hope I didn’t miss anyone but thank you all for following me and interacting with me. I love and appreciate everyone that follows me :^)

What are your top 2 favorite David Bowie eras? 

Mine are: Thin White Duke and Berlin Trilogy.

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~Goon Squad~

So some of us had a meeting and @alady-insane and @glamrock-lizardman had a great idea.

Here’s the deal, if everyone could draw/sketch a little Bowie inspired doodle and reblog with a funny experience you’ve had(having to do with David Bowie of course)

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Love - your leader Kate Bush ❤️❤️

~The Goon Squad~ representation post.

@skyfizzle I’ve just realised, there aren’t enough gifs to do anything with molly, I feel terrible for switching but……I’m Kate Bush! sorry for the mix up guys

@spookie-kitty Debbie Harry

@alady-insane Lana Del Rey

@dont-callme-alex Alex Turner

@bowieakajohn Thomas Jerome Newton

@cidermoon Jeff Hymen

@heartsfilthylesson91 Ally Sheedy

@glamrock-lizardman Carrie Fisher

@mousy-haired Candy Clarke

@you-precious-thing jareth?

Roll Call……………………..did I miss anyone?