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David Bowie had yellowish blonde hair in 1983. I like calling him banana blonde, egg head and popcorn boy.
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You’re invited to a

Ladies Tea

Sunday July 30th
at the fifth bell of the evening.

Hosted by Lady Kilmaster

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  ((I only linked/invited one character per player. Or attempted to. There will be an invite in game for those who don’t have tumblrs to link.))

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I’m lazy to do shitty artwork but my blog is a year old as of today (May 23rd) and I have over 900 followers now which I did not expect at all, and I wanted to thank everyone by making a follow forever. These are the people that I consider friends or I just really enjoy their blog! @60s-and-70s-preservation-society @70rgasm @70sboyfriend @70sdreamgirl @acathedralofswanz @accfsally @afloydianslip @alady-insane @alexfritha @all-the-daisies-in-her-hair @areyouwiththeband @atavisticnostalgic @birkin1969 @bjwwilcera @blackvinylcratesandpastelace @bleedhoney @brianjonesgf @bron-yr-aur-stop @candy-darling @cherryrizz @childofstar @chrysanthenumbs @classicmock3r @clubufo @cosmic–velvet @creepbat @crucifiedpatsycline @cultclassic @dadrockconfessions @daltries @dandelionapril @davidbowieknife @digthe60s @doktordyper @dovemother @dukeoftheblackstar @eat-roses @evillwomann @fancydancynancy @fifties-sixties-everyday-life @fleurette-noir @flowermotel-nation @foxymumma69 @fussybees @gaogamons @ged-gedward @genderidentityjoe @gen-x-underground @girl-milk @gofflin @glamrock-lizardman @groovychloe @groupienights @highwaygroupie @hotelinsomnia @icky-pop @if-i-were-a-swan @illyadarling @jm-morrison @johncale @johnpauljones @juliiugh @juniorsfarm @keithmoonmoon @keithslittlerocknroll @kylorog @ladyramblinrose @lamour-lamort @la-pomme-de-mes-yeux @lolafrances @loveage-moondream @lumieredema-vie @mayoh13 @magicbvs @magicalrocknroll @may-haze @midwestern-space-nerd @morrisonsbelt @mostlikelyinbed @motel-flower-nation @mrmojomorrison @mrs-entwistle @nico-paffgen @nostalgiabby @nostalgic-60s @official-andy-warhol @officialiggypop @oldmanjimmy @openfacedmako @porcelainnymphet @psychedelicstarr @queen-of-crimson @r0ger-waters @rainywolf @raspberrynoir @reedself @retro–babe @retrofox @ripzaeed @rock-n-roll-doll @sadie-hawkins-dance @sadsongz @sailonacrossthesea @sassydaisydarling @saucyjr @seabassbitch @segastrn @sister–disco @silverheat @sixtiescraze @shine-on-you-syd-barrett @sophieinbookland @softtownshendgrunge @soul-radiation @stagenstein @stardustlady @starglitz @sundaymorningandimfallin @sunsetstripwitch @sydbarrettssextape @tealmoriarty @the60sbazaar @tubby—custard @turtlenecks-and-cacti @valley-of-nymphs @vamp1re @velvet-and-ashes @velvet-moons @velvet–voyage @venus—transit @venus-and-mars-rock-show @vulnerable-nymph @warholheat @watersslut @waxsimulacra @wearing-my-leather-jacket @whiitelight @yagamemer @zeppylin @ziggyandthestones I really hope I didn’t miss anyone but thank you all for following me and interacting with me. I love and appreciate everyone that follows me :^)


I was tagged by the ever-fabulous @rock-n-roll-doll to post 6 selfies- thank you!!! I decided to pick 6 of my fave outfits I’ve worn so far this year. 👅🌈🍄🌼💫🍃
I’m going to tag @the–magic-never-stopped, @silhouettesandfiguresstay, @glamrockgroupie, @alady-insane, @trashyharlot, @virgin-groupiee, and @gaymods!!!

~Goon Squad~

So some of us had a meeting and @alady-insane and @glamrock-lizardman had a great idea.

Here’s the deal, if everyone could draw/sketch a little Bowie inspired doodle and reblog with a funny experience you’ve had(having to do with David Bowie of course)

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Love - your leader Kate Bush ❤️❤️

I have these headcanons where Juvia is really perceptive and good at picking up little details/analyzing stuff (contrary to what most antis think, she’s not airheaded/stupid)  and that she’s a metalhead/likes rock music. I kept wondering where I got these headcanons and just assumed that I got them from the fandom. But then , I rewatched the Tower of Heaven arc with my friends and there were two scenes that made me realize that maybe that’s where I picked up these headcanons up from:

1.) The scene where Juvia figures out Simon’s true motive shows that she’s extremely aware and observant and good at putting things together. Even Gray was a little confused at first as to why Juvia’s trying to stop him from hurting Simon. and Juvia had to explain her assumptions to him.

2.) The scene where she says that she thinks Vivaldus’ guitar playing was pretty good and her being completely unaffected by it while Lucy is covering her ears shows that Juvia’s definitely a metalhead.

Bonus stuff I observed that I thought was pretty interesting:

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~The Goon Squad~ representation post.

@skyfizzle I’ve just realised, there aren’t enough gifs to do anything with molly, I feel terrible for switching but……I’m Kate Bush! sorry for the mix up guys

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Roll Call……………………..did I miss anyone?