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Bubbled AU: In which the Crystal Gems rescue Steven and Eyeball from the vastness of outer space just before Eyeball could stab Steven. Garnet see this, unfuses, and Ruby proceeds to beat the ever-living daylights out of Eyeball while everyone else watches.

Oh, and the Ruby Squad were saved!

Oh my god so I guess during the teacher portfolio reviews one of the professors said this one guy (who happens to do fucking amazing comic style art) was a “one trick pony” after his review was done and the person who was behind him in line overhead and told him. So for our big end of school art show he printed off a huge 3x7 foot poster of a “comic concept” with naked women flipping the bird while sitting on tanks and surrounded by ponies in armor with machine guns and rockets with the title “One Trick Pony” in like 1000 pt font and this is my favorite act of passive aggression I’ve ever witnessed.

Personal headcanon of mine

Mercy and Zenyatta highkey HATE Hanzo Shimada.

Like, Genji can forgive all he wants but as far as the support baes are concerned, they are gonna hold that shit over Hanzo’s head till the day he dies.

“Mercy could you please pass me the salt?”
“I don’t know Hanzo, could you pass Genji a functioning digestive tract!?”
“…Never mind.”

“Yes, I’ve taken up bird watching as a hobby of mine-”
“Oh, do you mean like your other hobby, fratricide?!”
“…I’ll just show myself out.”

Yeah sure, they’ll act reasonable when Genji is preasent. But even then you could cut the tension in that room with a chainsaw. And god help him if Genji leaves the room for some reason and he’s left ALONE with those two.

Physical scars can fade but emotional scars are forever.

In the end, Genji might be able to forgive and forget but support baes are gonna hold onto that shit for eternity.

How 2 draw Rose Lalonde from the webcomic Homestuck

do not draw rose with arms or hair or pupils unless u tag it as an au okay??? i dont have a problem just tag it as an au, god. now i know what ur thinking, “another cishet is mad XD” but this is just how it is. hussie made this canon and im sorry but what you see is what the character looks like. end of story.


The Room Where It Happens + Your Obedient Servant - Leslie Odom Jr.

You don't know their stories

- That skeleton you just said was too skinny, saw his friends die in the Skeleton War
- That witch you just called ugly because of her warts, took a curse for her daughter
- That Siren whose voice you just insulted, has been singing since dawn to feed her family
- That dragon you just called greedy for hoarding treasure, has had 7 “heroes” try to slay him
- That mermaid you just called vain for loving herself, has been objectified by men since she was born
- That fairy who you just called weak and pretty, she’s had to trap mortals in her fairy ring in order to help the creatures
- You don’t know their stories so don’t assume that they’re your stereotypes
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Happy Birthday “Snake”!!

i really hate my online teacher….. he accused me of plagiarism before and told my guidance counselor that but it’s all good now cause apparently i was saving it in a way that couldn’t make him see what i wrote and the system would mark my stuff weird or something like that but i talked to someone else from the online school and i just redid everything so i have an a now from a freaking d but i just saw that he put in a 0 for a quiz i got 100 on what the fuckery fuck i’m so done with him