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When the zombie apocalypse hits
  • *green-ish hand rises from the dirt*
  • Me: *pulls myself up from my grave*
  • Me: ...ugh... fuck... who the frick frack brought me back
  • Me: *looks around and sees some fellow zombies*
  • Zombie: braaaaaaaaainsss
  • Me: ... ok so that hasn't changed
  • Me: I wonder what time it is
  • Me: 7am what the f-
  • Me: ...
  • Me: *mutters* fucking resurrect me at 7 fuck in the fucking morning
  • Me: *crawls back into grave*

anonymous asked:

Is Virion coded as white?

Short Answer: No/ probably not

Longer Answer: First of all, it’s a Japanese-manufactured game, any kind of what you might consider ‘default’ coding, is going to be to Japanese. 


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