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Why Corellia? Because politics.

After having picked through all of Vowrawn’s dialogue, I think I’ve pinned down the actual reason the empire chose to invade a Core world despite the odds.   

The Battle of Corellia was a military disaster for the Sith Empire. That goes without saying. The outcome was a temporary hold on the planet at the expense of a tenth of their forces and a good chunk of their resources. 

But victory wasn’t the end game.

In fact, I believe the whole campaign only existed as a smokescreen for Sith politics. 

I found out it wasn’t truly Darth Decimus leading the military campaign despite being in command of Imperial forces. It wasn’t Darth Baras despite being the head of Military Offense. It wasn’t Darth Ravage despite being the head of Expansion. It wasn’t even Darth Marr

It was Darth Vowrawn. 

That’s right. The head of the Sphere of Logistics and Productivity. 

Yes, it’s true his sphere tends to overlap with military affairs… but to be given the full reins to this kind of operation when there were others more qualified? Hmm.

But Vowrawn is good at numbers. He’d have to be in his position for so long. So why was the Battle of Corellia going sideways? Why even choose that particular planet?

 Now this is where I’m jumping to pure assumptions but I do believe Vowrawn deliberately set out a full-blown incursion knowing it would be met with Corellian resistance. In fact, I think he counted on it. It meant Baras would be forced to turn much of his attention to the battle because, lo and behold, the man is still in charge of the Sphere of Offense even as he claims to be the Voice.

With Baras distracted, Vowrawn is able to dismantle his power base on Corellia with far less trouble.

But why would Darth Decimus let Vowrawn overshadow him in this? 

Decimus strikes me as a gloryhound in both his actions and his interactions. Then I remembered this little tidbit from the SWTOR Encyclopedia:

Vowrawn saw a man he could use as a patsy and installed him in the Dark Council so he could utilize him for this very purpose. Decimus owes him his seat and thus cannot object when Vowrawn comes knocking. Though I imagine Decimus doesn’t have much to complain about since Vowrawn gave him the chance in the spotlight while he works backstage. 

Vowrawn deliberately put an incompetent military leader in command of Corellia so all his loud fumbling covered up his own motives. 

Vowrawn weighed the loss of Imperial resources against the long-term consequences of Baras usurping power and decided, yes, the sacrifice was necessary. 


Expert's Guide To The Many Wonderful Classes Of Fire Emblem

-normally starts with an OP weapon
-also likely doesn’t have the stats to immediately use it well
-death results in either a game over, a soft reset, or turning the game off whilst screaming profanities
-if you find a lord who has blue hair, whose name isn’t Marth, they’re probably good to use in bulk

-centaur with attitude
-comes in many different flavors, but usually cherry and mint
-is mediocre all around, with one stat better than the others

-le edgy katana user
-sanic fast

-slow, inaccurate, bara af
-should never be able to hit Myrmidons
-somehow always hits Myrmidons
-let me axe you a question

-the every man
-ranges from game breaker to living trash
-wields big friggin swords
-still manages to be the second most pointless enemy reinforcement, only beaten by….

-free exp
-the FE representation of the enemies that populate Dynasty Warriors games

-gimmick unit
-completely useless on enemy phase
-thinks they’re Legolas
-they aren’t even close

Pegasus Knight
-muh winged horse
-dies to everything, except magic
-unless it’s a game that has wind magic
-were only actually good in Gaiden

Dragon Knight
-muh winged lizard
-every english game calls them Wyvern Knights
-in the GBA games, the mounts were dragons, not wyverns
-PoR got the classification right
-Radiant Dawn changed the name to Dracoknight, fucking it up again
-legit really good units

-sneaky sneaky
-that’s all

-the elemental spirits
-they’re kinda boring, unless they have a personal spell
-no mage will ever be as good as Ced

Dark Mage
-“I’m blatantly evil”
-except Canas, Niime, Sophia, Ophelia, Pelleas, and Henry
-hits harder than mages, but the animations take SOOOOOOO long

-they heal shit

-they plunder shit

-they’re shit
-except you, Oswin. I love you.

-prime waifu material
-makes you move again with the power of DANCE

-animals in disguise
-use at your own risk

Thoughts on Quinn

So it’s taken me a while to mull over Quinn’s canon Quinncident KotFE and KotET have been absorbing the bulk of my WTF rage but I think I have some ideas about it now, to explain the whole thing. 

First off, divorcing myself from issue plus Jaesa being a literal traitor detector and looking at the whole arc, is that Quinn’s path through the SW’s story really reminds me of Zevran from DA:O in that their growth is contingent on someone being decent to them and believing in their capabilities. If you are kind to Quinn and beneficial to the Empire, the man warms up to you, and if you’re cruel and destructive he grows distant and fearful.

So what I think they were initially trying to do was copy how Zevran either betrays you due to low loyalty/cruelty or defies his old masters for you if you’re at least decent to him.

There’s a lot of interesting meta stuff that comes between these two being so closely linked in their paths, since Zevran was canonically trying to commit suicide by Warden with whether or not he succeeds is up to your interactions with him.

Of course, when they decided they couldn’t allow companions to be killed (back when companions had strictly one roll,) that meant that copying Zevran’s path to a T was no longer on the table. So, they did what they do for insta-60 and insta-65 token alts. They made an assumption that you’d be “darkside,” aka cruel in the SW’s classline and also probably male, leaving us with the Quinncident even if it makes absolutely no sense why Quinn would go through with it.

And finally, if we toss out the above Zevran parallels, we need a explanation why Quinn would go through with it. I’ve seen some people speculate on it being Quinn stupidly loyal to Baras for saving him, emphasis on the stupid since Quinn witnesses what happens to Baras’ loyal and long serving minions and spies. But Quinn is shown to hate wastes of Imperial life/interests/assets in his personal quest with Broysc, and that is undoubtedly what Baras is doing. He is criminally wasting incredibly valuable spies/agents/Imperials.

So the only explanation I can honestly understand as to why Quinn would carry out the Quinncident as is, is that Baras flat out used Force Persuade on him. And if the man can strangle someone on Hoth while on Dromund Kaas, I’d say him being able to fuck with Quinn’s mind at a distance is within his capabilities. It’d also explain why his “flawless plan” for the Quinncident is…stupidly weak. The man might not be able to outright subvert Baras’ command, but rigging the betrayal in the SW’s favor is well within his capabilities if he structures his thoughts carefully. 

And as for why he doesn’t simply tell them what’s going on, again, Force Persuasion commands to tell no one, to not betray Baras himself, or even to forget that Baras ordered this and to think that this is his own thoughts. Getting rid of these activated commands also expands upon Quinn’s personal quest, and takes us back to Voss, where we were warned something was up and where they can help Quinn get rid of the mental tampering.

Of course, this is me speculating and headcanoning the fuck out of a poorly executed scene. Me making sense of it and duct-tapping it’s brokenness into something functional doesn’t change or excuse that it was a extremely poorly handled scene for any character, let alone the only full female Love Interest for the SW.

  • oh my god but imagine if sousuke was mute
  • imagine makoto being able to read him super easy bc of growing up with haru
  • imagine sousuke falling in love with this huge bara angel and not being able to say it
  • imagine makoto KNOWING bc HELLO he reads sousuke like an open book
  • the boy is as subtle as a brick to the face
  • but he stays quiet about it until sousuke is ready to actually let him know