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Here come the Battling Beasties, a trio of armoured animal adventurers: Slaughterbear, Clawhammer and Cecile, who burst into battle with unparalleled courage and ferocity!
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Air Signs and Anger

Air signs rationalize their anger away because they’ve had repeated/prolonged exposure to people who don’t control their emotions. They observe how such people thoughtlessly lash out. The air sign native might’ve been a target for some one else’s anger outbursts. Alternatively, they may have been the witness to a victim’s abuse at the hands of an enraged aggressor.

Air signs’ anger stems from a sense of injustice: why does an innocent person have to suffer of because someone else’s issues? How stupid do you have to be to take your anger out on others, without regard for the consequences? What does that accomplish?

Because in a lot of cases, anger is stupid. Air signs see it manifest in stupid (read: emotional) people. They see how it makes them even stupider. They see a child throwing a tantrum over something utterly trivial.

Anger (along with other irrational, unproductive emotions such as self-pity, despair, and jealousy) is disgusting to air signs, unless it’s for a damn good reason.

Anger that motivates people to change, defend the weak, and reshape the future is acceptable. Anger on behalf of someone who was wronged, anger that results in justice, anger that brings people together and strengthens the call for revolution, is the only type of anger air signs respect in others and allow themselves to experience.

Air signs experience anger as much as anyone else. If the anger is over something trivial (being cut off while driving, working with an incompetent person in a group project, that sort of thing) they rationalize it and (think they) let it go.

This is not easy. It doesn’t come naturally. But, it’s the smart thing to do. Conversely, fuming, yelling, and having a fit would be a stupid way to act.

Air signs take pride in their intellect. They want to be perceived as smart. They believe that they’re smart. So, every action is motivated by whether it’s the ‘smart’ thing to do.

If the anger is over something that actually matters, they calmly channel it into a productive action.

Unexpressed anger at the little things festers and becomes cynicism, a contempt for others, and turns into arrogance.

Air signs are arrogant. Geminis lie because they think others are too stupid to understand the truth. Libras take it upon themselves to maintain peace because they think others are too stupid to avoid awkwardness and meaningless fights. Aquarians are famous for their god complex and special snowflake syndrome.

We’re all human. We need to express our emotions. If you don’t express it one way, the emotion will find some other outlet. Air signs’ anger can be vastly productive and beneficial to the world at large. However, their unexpressed anger at trivial matters becomes arrogance.

Duality is inherent to air signs: Gemini, the twins/lovers, Libra, the scales. Aquarius is symbolized by a single waterbearer; however, waterbearers carry two gourds connected by a stick. Air sign anger also has a dual nature.

This anger is a double-edged sword: their righteous anger brings people together, but their arrogance creates distance from the rest of the world.

Zodiac Elemental Progression


Aries - The Spark: The beginning, the birth, the instigator: Aries is the Spark of the Zodiac. Within them is the beginnings of a raging fire, the potential for greatness or for destruction, the power to create and renew but also to bring to an end. They are the beginning of the Fire.

Leo - The Flame: The energy of Fire mounts, becoming a true Flame in Leo, the star and the ruler. Leo, with their heart of gold and boundless drive, are the core of Fire. Fire is in their veins, pushing them to greatness, inspiring them to take the spotlight. Leo shines for they are the Flame.

Sagittarius - The Ember: The culmination of Fire, Sagittarius is the smoldering Ember left after Fire’s rush of power. Within them remains the heart and soul of Fire, bright and powerful, a being of light, but their energy is more subtle and gentle. Sagittarius is the easing of tension before the cycle begins again.


Taurus - The Soil: The gentle but strong start of Earth, Taurus is the Soil, the mother of all life. Taurus is the heart and soul of life, the culmination of years of decay and rebirth, perseverance personified. Earth begins strong with this sign serving to set the stage, forming the foundation.

Virgo - The Life: Once the Soil is prepared, so comes the Life. Virgo is the pinnacle of Earth’s power, the flourishing of green life, of flowers and plants and all things that live to bring Life. Passive yet powerful, Virgo is the heart of Earth and all of its hard work.

Capricorn - The Crystal: When life fades, as all life must, it is regenerated, compacted and reformed, as is the power of Earth. Capricorn is the Crystal, cold and strong yet immensely beautiful, structured through years of force and power. Yet as strong as it is, it will be broken again, returning to become one with the Soil, thus continuing Earth’s cycle.


Gemini - The Breeze: Air begins gently, with the Breeze. Gemini is the trickster and the lighthearted imp of the Zodiac, the playful Breeze. With mercury-swift minds and a silver tongue to match, Gemini is like the ever fluctuating Breeze, incapable of being pinned down.

Libra - The Eye of the Storm: As Air develops, it becomes chaotic yet calm, fiercely cold yet distant. Libra is the Eye of this storm. They maintain a beautiful balance that hides the danger of impish Air, the peace of the storm. But this balance cannot be maintained forever.

Aquarius - The Clouds: The Clouds, gentle and beautiful, the sky’s Waterbearer, can bring the life of rain or torrents and floods that destroy. Aquarius, the sign of harmony yet also revolution and unrest, is much like the Clouds, the final stage of Air.


Cancer - The Waves: Moved by the Moon, the Waves, like Cancer, are volatile and vicious yet also calm and gentle. Within Cancer lies the potential for life for what is water but the mother of all existence? Yet alongside that beautiful potential is the danger of storms and violence.

Scorpio - The Undercurrents: Just beneath the surface, the Undercurrents curl and twist, unseen and threatening, the Water’s secret intentions and motives. Scorpio is this Undercurrent, the deep and powerful urges of all of humanity personified. There is a reason Scorpio is the keeper of secrets.

Pisces - The Depths: Finally there are the depths, all of the hidden thoughts and desires, the unconscious pinings over which Pisces rules. The culmination of Water, master of emotion and human need, the Depths are dark yet beautiful and very much alive, a place where fantasy is reality and the ominous is beautiful.

- Lavinia Amoun ✶ AstroAlive Find your dominant element

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- Keith and Lance are riding kaltenecker and a giant sea horse. In their swimsuits. It doesn’t even make sense to wear a swimsuit on a cow so u know what? The artists drew them in their swimsuits to remind us of the elevator scene aka klance is canon folks
- unilu girl pining for pidge??? pidge… turn around… there’s a butch who loves u
- who’s that armored person at the top I don’t think we’ve seen them before…
- waterbear alien babies r about the cutest things ever
- weblum galra just chilling in the back
- Haggar and a Druid w their backs turned towards us?? (@ dreamworks pls pls PLS let this be foreshadowing a redemption arc)


A tardigrade (waterbear) hatching. 

Tardigrades reproduce sexually and females lay eggs. She’ll actually shed her skin first and then lay her eggs inside of it. The babies then hatch from their eggs and then have to crawl out of the skin husk. Fun fact: tardigrades are born with the same number of cells as their adult counterparts - their cells just get bigger as they age. 


Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam
Word Count: 3,881
Warnings: Language, mention of miscarriage (nothing in depth), violence, sass, blood, hurt Sam, hurt Dean
A/N: I wrote this for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog‘s romcom fluff challenge! Congratulations on the followers, darling! I had prompt 71. “The girl I knew used to be fearless.” It is bolded below.

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Overview: The reader had left hunting years ago, and Dean comes back to try to convince her to come with them. When she refuses, Dean finds himself in a predicament. The reader has to make a decision.

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“The girl I knew used to be fearless.”

I froze, my hands clenched tightly by my sides, and spun around to face Dean.

“Excuse me?”

Dean jammed his hands in his pockets nervously, as if he hadn’t expected me to turn around. “I’m just saying, the girl I knew when I was kid…she wouldn’t run away. The girl I knew grew up and became one of the best hunters I know.”

“The girl you knew has not existed for years. The girl you knew lost more than she could have ever dreamed of losing, because of this life. And now here you are, just expecting me to hop back into it, because you asked me to? Who do you think you are, Dean Winchester?” I spat as the anger bubbled just under the surface. Dean didn’t know what had happened to me because he hadn’t asked. He was working based off of assumptions he made about who I was ten years ago, not who I was now.

“Well, I’m freakin’ adorable, for starters-”

The dam holding back every single thought I’d kept inside for the past decade broke. I crossed the space between us and glared up at him. For a moment, I figured it must look comical, Dean being at least a foot taller than me, but I must have looked angry enough for that to not matter. “What you are is a self-centered, egotistical asshole that thinks he can get what he wants by flashing a smile and saying something endearingly stupid.”

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Some adventurers are just more popular than others and, very rarely, these a-list dungeoneers and crowd-pleasing heroes will band together to form parties the likes of which have never been seen before in any mortal realm. One such band is that of Slaughterbear the mighty barbarian, Cecile the noble paladin, and Auric the talented alchemist.

Sam Wesson, FBI

Characters: Sam Winchester, Reader Insert, Dean Winchester (Brief)
Word Count: 3,955
Warnings: Canon violence, a little blood, sassy reader, pancakes.
A/N: This was written for @atc74‘s 2k celebration challenge! Congratulations, doll! 

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Overview: You go to work expecting a normal day at the bar when two FBI agents stroll in and interrupt your regularly scheduled programming. Is the handsome stranger who he says he is? Unfortunately for you, you’re about to find out the hard way. 

I woke up this morning thinking it was just another day, and holy hell, was I ever wrong. I don’t think I have ever been more unprepared in my life. And this is coming from a girl that once spent the evening tending bar for a Hell’s Angel birthday party.

I’m wiping down the bar when Sarah walks over and jabs me hard, right in the ribs. I swear under my breath and glare at her, “What the hell was that for?”

She jerks her chin towards the door and grins, “Did you see the two walking, talking hunks of sex that just walked in?”

I roll my eyes, “Literally every single guy that walks through that door earns that title from you. Unlike you, I’m actually working.” I pick up a glass and start swirling the dishtowel around the smooth surface and purposely avoid looking up.

Sarah groans, “Come on, look at them, I promise it’s worth it this time.”

I sit the glass down a little more forcefully than necessary, “Fine, but this is it, you’ve used all of your pretty man cards for the evening-” My thought is interrupted when I look up and see two men in suits standing near the door talking quietly to each other as they look around the bar. “Okay, so you weren’t wrong.”

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