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opalrhea  asked:

I know I'd have submitted before, but I've thought of one other way I'd summon you, if utterly necessary. I'd reach out, grab the phone that wasn't there a moment ago, let it ring exactly three times, and then say, in the most polite tone (Hell's receptionist is nice. She (sometimes he? I can never tell until they answer) doesn't need more rudeness in her life), that I need to talk to mom. Then, when I have contact, I would say the four most powerful words I know. "Mom, I need help."

on my fucking way

giantmeteorforpresident  asked:

Alloromantic people at Hogwarts tend to think that all of the aros are in Slytherin since, hey, that's the house of manipulation, and allos see aros who have sexual relationships as manipulative. Mostly the Gryffindors think this. So imagine their surprise when during aro-spec awareness week a parade of aromantic Hufflepuffs run happily cheering through the halls with enchanted pride pins and flags and pamphlets that appear everywhere. I mean, it's like a third of the house. Who needs romance?-S

It takes a while, but after the War, the houses come together. Hogwarts makes changes to force it to. New rules are put in place so that head’s of houses can’t favor their own houses points-wise. Any allegations of bullying are taken seriously. Students are given group homework projects that require house cooperation. A new common room is built that all houses are welcome in - somewhere to hang out that isn’t outside or the great hall.

And many years down the road, during Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week, the aro pride parade is filled with students of all houses, happily supporting each other.

~Hufflepuff Mod

(P.S. We prefer “non-aromantic” over “alloromantic”.)