be a tourist in your hometown

hey guys! it’s finally summertime and if you’re anything like me, then you alternate between being extremely busy and extremely bored. still, i’m looking forward to the sunny, relaxed days. here are some ideas to make your summer the best one yet! 

the end of school

  • congrats! you just finished another year of your education! now, it’s time to relax (you deserve it) and get ready for next year
  • go through your notebooks, do you really need those pieces of paper filled with doodles? personally, i throw out everything i don’t want but keep anything that i think could be beneficial to me in the future
  • remember to keep in touch with your friends! but don’’t be afraid to make some new ones!
  • deep clean your room! honestly, this will make everything better and make you believe that summer has actually begun! plus, you can pack anything you won’t be needing for two months
  • get started (or make a plan) for any summer work that you need to do. buy those books for english and any textbooks you need. and get a head start on those math problems and worksheets! if you have any problems, don’t be afraid to email your future teachers. they might not reply, but they will appreciate your proactiveness

make the most of your time!

  • make a summer playlist. there’s nothing like jamming out to some summer tunes!
  • clean out your closet. or room. or bathroom. or anything else that gets cluttered (even your phone!)
  • explore! go hiking, act like a tourist in your hometown, go to that new restaurant you’ve been dying to try, travel somewhere new.
  • read some books
  • learn to code (maybe improve your blog?)
  • learn a new skill (a new recipe, dancing, maybe a language?)
  • do some gardening
  • there’s really so much that you can do in the summer, especially when it’s warm out and you have a bunch of free time! go do whatever you want!

before the end

  • make sure you have finished all your summer assignments (very important!)
  • if you want, read through your textbooks or do some research to get a head start on your classes
  • don’t be sad if you haven’t done everything you wanted, there’s always weekends (and winter break isn’t that far away!)
  • get ready for school. for me, this means getting notebooks/binders organized and school supplies all ready
  • enjoy the last few days! 

Since @chowderweek is still reblogging posts, have some (really late) Chowder/Nursey for the family dinner prompt.

On AO3 here.

“Is it even cold there?” Nursey asks.  Chowder watches through his computer screen as Nursey adjusts his beanie absently, squishing down more of his curls flat against his head.

Chris snorts, because they’ve played this game before.  “I live in California” translates for Nursey into “I have never experienced a day of cold weather in my pre-Samwell life”, no matter how many times Chris reminds Nursey that he lives in the Bay Area, not LA.

“Of course it is,” Chris says.  “It’s night, and I live in Northern California, Nurse.”

“Google says your average temps. are between 44 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit in December.”  Nursey has said it so many times that he has the numbers memorized.  It’s only a little bit embarrassing.  “Your minimum temperature is our maximum temperature.”

“Cold is relative,” Chris reminds him.  “Not all of us want our cities drowning in white stuff.”

“Nah man,” Nursey says.  “If you think a single inch of snow in New York City is white, you’ve clearly never been there.  It’s gross and dirty from the people and the cars within like.  A day, tops.”

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You Two Make It Better

Lafayette x Hercules Mulligan x Reader 

Note: okay this has been sitting in my docs for so long and I figured I should probably post it. It’s generic bad day fluff but I hope y'all enjoy it! 

Warnings: none that I can think of 

Word Count: 1500 

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Today was not your day.

From the moment you woke up, you could tell it was going to be a bad one. It was one of those mornings where you woke up with what felt like an empty pit in your stomach, like a black hole that made you feel uncomfortable from the moment you opened your eyes.

You went through the motions in the morning, shower, breakfast, getting ready for work, and head out the door still with that strange anxious like feeling in your stomach. Usually, you had Hercules at home with you in the mornings, while Lafayette has to quickly make his way to work, but this morning Herc wanted to get something done and left before you even woke up.

You tried to ignore the feeling in your stomach, to concentrate on something that would make you feel better but every time you tried to think of something else it was like the feeling got stronger like it was calling out for your attention.

When you finally got to the office and sat down at your desk you tried once again to focus on something else to ignore the feeling but it just wouldn’t go away.

As you tried to get yourself caught up in your work, your eyes drifted down to the picture you have framed on your desk. It’s one of you Hercules and Lafayette in Paris last year when Lafayette had taken the two of you to meet his family and show you around where he grew up. The photo is your favorite one of the three of you, you’re all smiling brightly at the camera standing in front of the Eiffel tower for the compulsory tourist photo in Paris.

A small smile pushes its way onto your face as you think about the time the three of you spent in Paris. You and Hercules loved seeing how excited Lafayette seemed to be, to be back in his hometown. He was so happy showing the two of you around, getting the both of you to try different dishes and doing his best to teach you as much French as possible.

You glance at the time in the bottom corner of your computer screen and sigh, you still have four hours until you can get home, and you can’t just daydream about your trip to Paris for the whole time to ignore the weird feeling in your stomach. So instead you decide to text Hercules.

It’s not a long message, you quickly send him a message telling him how crappy you’ve been feeling all day and how you’d really appreciate it if he and Laf could be waiting when you get home.

Owning his own tailoring business, it’s easier to talk to Herc during the day than it is to Laf. Herc can do what he wants and finish at whatever time he want’s to. Laf, on the other hand, isn’t as easy to reach, he’s a French teacher and is always busy either teaching or grading his students work to have any kind of proper conversation during the day and he doesn’t really have the option of leaving early unless it’s an emergency.

Luckily for you though, since Herc can choose to finish whenever he wants both boys can finish before you and be waiting at home for you when you get there, and that thought is what keeps you going all day long.

As soon as you open the front door, you can smell something incredible and you know Lafayette is responsible for it.

“I’m home,” you call out, dropping your keys in the bowl on the table by the door and hanging your coat up on the hook.

“There she is,” Herc says, making his way down the hallway to where you stand and wrapping his arms around you tightly, lifting you off your feet just slightly. “How you feeling darling?”

“Ugh, I’m just glad to be here with you two,” you mumble into his chest.

You let out a deep breath, allowing yourself to really relax into his hold. “You wanna talk about it?” he asks.

Before you get a chance to reply, however, an accented voice calls out from the kitchen. “Hercules, don’t hog all her attention I want to hug her too,” Laf calls out.

Both you and Herc laugh as you pull apart, he swings an arm around your shoulders tucking you close against his side. “Let’s go into the kitchen before french fry get’s upset,” he teases as the two of you make your way into the kitchen.

“There’s our girl,” Laf says as you and Herc turn the corner into the kitchen.

His face breaks out into his signature, wide smile and you pull yourself away from Herc to crash into him, letting the Frenchman hold onto you tightly.

“Oh mon coeur, I’m sorry you had a bad day,” he whispers to you, pressing a gentle kiss to your head. “I’m cooking your favorite French meal and I brought home the perfect wine to drink with it,” he announces and you can tell how proud he is of himself.

“Thank you, Gilbert,” you mutter as you reluctantly pull away from his hold. “I need to change into something more comfortable,” you tell them before heading into the bedroom.

After your long and miserable day you want nothing to remind you of it, so you strip out of your work clothes, pulling on a pair of leggings you rummage through the draws until you find an old t-shirt of Laf’s and one of Herc’s hoodies to pull on and after wiping off your makeup in the bathroom you make your way back into the kitchen with the boys.

While you were changing Laf had poured the three of you a glass of wine and he hands one to you after you pull yourself up onto the counter.

“Did you spend ages picking out ‘the perfect wine’ again?” You ask with a grin, swirling the dark red liquid around your glass before having a sip.

“He did. He kept pulling out the same three bottles before making a decision,” Herc explains.

“Do not make fun, I can’t help it if I like to drink good wine with good food,” he says, turning away to check on the food as you and Herc chuckle.

Herc moves to stand beside you, one of his arms snaking around your waist and you lean against him slightly.

“Hey I’m grateful for it, if I didn’t have you around I wouldn’t be able to pick good wine for myself,” you admit with a shrug.

“Me too, actually before you I never used to drink wine so I wouldn’t have known the difference between the good stuff and the bad,” Herc says causing Laf to roll his eyes.

“You are both lucky to have me around,” he mutters.

You smile, putting your glass down on the counter and slipping down onto your feet. You wrap your arms around Laf’s middle and rest your head on his back.

“I’m lucky to have both of you around,” you tell him sincerely.

At that, Herc comes up behind you, wrapping his long arms around both you and Laf, sandwiching you between the two much larger men.

Both the boys laugh at that, and Herc leans down to kiss your head.

“Sorry darling,” he says, pulling away and pulling you back with him. “I just wanted to show you how much we both love you.”

“I love you both so much,” you tell them, looking up into Laf’s eyes who has turned his head to look at you both over his shoulder.

“After dinner we were thinking we could watch some movies and cuddle on the couch,” Herc suggests, resting his chin on your head.

“And we bought the candy we know you like,” Laf says pointing to a bag on the counter.

“You two are too good to me,” you tell them, a bright smile spreading across his face as Herc squeezes you slightly.

You’re grateful to have two amazing boys in your life, they are always there for you when you need them, always ready to do what you might need to make you feel better when you’re down. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you’re this lucky, to have these boys in your life.

“Oui, but it is because we love you very, very much. You know this yes?” Laf asks, smiling back at you.

“Yeah, yeah I know it,” you mutter, holding onto Herc’s arms around your waist as Laf comes over to hug you from the front.

With the boys around you, the smell of Laf’s cooking in the air and the taste of his carefully picked wine on your tongue, that horrible anxious feeling in your stomach has finally faded away until you’re finally feeling comfortable and happy again.

anonymous asked:

F/R getting nervous about a vacation in /their homeland like ex: Hawaii/ and Reaper, McCree, Tracer, Hanzo didn't know it was their home cause reader doesn't really talk about their home and they usually vacation in the other s/O's home land. Oooh they can meet the readers fam that they didn't tell s/o about like they have a sibling and stuff.

Ok just to recap we’re talking about an F!Reader that is taking their chosen s/o to their homeland for vacation, and they’ve never taken their s/o to said homeland before. The F!Reader has also never really talked about their family to their s/o, and more or less introduces their s/o to the family? Or does the s/o meet the Reader’s family without the Reader’s knowledge?

I hope I got this right. I went with first trip to Reader’s homeland, meeting Reader’s family for the first time. Also a reaction to the Reader having siblings that said Reader never told their s/o about.


  • “I’m tired of going back to the same place.” (he doesn’t add but he may as well have said, “so your place better not suck” at the end)
  • He already knew what your hometown was because he has access to all your files (I mean who doesn’t this is a military organization lmao and he’s your superior officer) and says that it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to go (which you don’t) because he’s just going to go on his own
  • You do come along though, hoping in the back of your mind you won’t have to introduce him to your family
  • Unfortunately everyone in your family is your standard sitcom-worthy whacky family ideal, so it turns out they’ve known about your relationship with Gabe because of one stray selfie you sent on Christmas where he was in the reflection of a mirror :P
  • Your family of course guessed correctly, and immediately recognized him when he was out on his own getting something at a corner store
  • They practically kidnap him and you’re called up to meet everyone for dinner “Plus your boyfriend is here having tea! Just saying!”
  • He’s mostly overwhelmed by your aggressively friendly family and after the ordeal of having to put up with enough social interaction for a year, he remarks deadpan, “I can see why you didn’t want to come here”
  • TBH though he actually really liked meeting them because it reminded him of his former life
  • He’ll just…you know. Never tell you.


  • “Aw luv, why don’t you want to go over to your hometown?”
  • She wanted to surprise you with tickets, after all everybody loves a change of pace
  • So when you reluctantly add that you weren’t ready to introduce Lena (on account of being gay) to your family, she gets glum but understands
  • She did after all, completely forget that your parents still assumed you were straight.
  • Tracer eventually talks it over with you and says that she wants to support you no matter what, and to “show them how happy we are as a couple”
  • When you’re on the plane or in the car, Tracer is full of questions about everything, and of course she has to ask you everything at once, SUCH AS
  • Where was your childhood home? Where did you go to school to? Did you get bullied? Where was your first kiss? What’s a silly memory you have? Etc etc
  • She was stoked when it was revealed you had several siblings, probably exclaiming like “You never told me Y/N! I can’t wait to get to know your family!”
  • With the parents there are a lot of long talks, and some arguments over the course of years
  • But when it’s clear that you and Tracer are going to stay together, they eventually come to accept you and your girlfriend.


  • Also planned the trip as a surprise, thinking it would make you happy
  • You seem excited but say something like, “I don’t know, I just thought my hometown wouldn’t be interested to you.”
  • Unfortunately this is McCree so he’s all, “You kiddin’?!” and he’s off, going to every trashy gift shop for tourist garbage like silly shot glasses and magnets
  • When you eventually take him to see your family, he immediately befriends your siblings and you’re still kinda baffled how
  • “Guess I’m jus’ a family man!” he grins, hanging out with all your brothers and sisters- if those brothers and sisters are old enough to have kids? They’re all over him.
  • One niece takes his hat :P “Deputy!” he calls her. XD
  • Your mom probably likes McCree immediately, while your father might need to warm up to him more, but it’s clear that he’s such a friendly and good natured guy so it’s kinda hard to not like him, you know?


  • He was actually kinda curious as to why you never seemed to object going to Japan all the time
  • And while he certainly doesn’t mind going to Japan all the time, he felt bad that he was always taking you to his homeland instead of ever considering going to yours
  • So, he asks. It almost seems random really, when he asks “Why don’t we visit your hometown this time?”
  • When it’s clear that you’re reluctant, he asks if you’re hiding something from him
  • You know that around him he’s going to keep persisting unless you come clean
  • So, you have to admit that you were nervous about bringing him into see your family, namely that perhaps seeing one would make him upset (he did kinda go through a lot with his…>_>)
  • He reassures you though that isn’t the case- he’s wanted to meet your family because the two of you care for each other, and it seems to be you’re quite close with yours (versus his)
  • He actually quite likes the idea of having a family to write to and think about and care for, as much of a sealed uptight butt as he may be
  • He also, being a traditionalist, wanted to meet your family out of respect “It is disrespectful to be in a seriously relationship with you without notifying your family, namely your parents or any equivalent relatives.” It’s something of a hilarious Freudian slip when he mumbles “Especially if we were serious enough to have intent to marry.”
  • “Does that mean you want to propose Hanzo?” “PREPOSTEROUS!”
  • Give him time.

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Strange Disappearances

pairing: Halfdan x Reader

fandom: vikings

request: Pretty please do oneshot of the preference with the reader from the future maybe with all of them or with specific 1 idc i just know its gonna be awesome because i have never seen anything like that <3 love your everything you do 

based on this X

warnings: time travel

A/N: I don’t know if I’ll do all anon but I think 1 or 2 more at least :D

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @bookswillfindyouaway @mads—world

Strange disappearances were said to be happening in the woods around your hometown. It mostly kept outsiders away, the people living here didn’t give much about those rumours. 
There were no trails, no signs to follow. Perfect if you knew your way around and wanted to spend some time in the wilderness, untouched by human hands. Not so much for tourists though. Most overestimated their ability to get around without a phone and electricity. That was most likely the plain and boring reason behind all those missing cases.  
You were home from university, and after catching up with family and friends, decided that some peace and quiet would be the best way to end your holidays. 
Equipped with tent, backpack and everything else needed you made your way up the mountains and took one of the trails leading deep into the forest. 
Looking back, you couldn’t tell what went wrong. You had been out here more times than you could count and never encountered even the slightest problem. This time though was different. 

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taetaekookie10  asked:

Whoa you're in Korea right now, so nice ^-^ Next year I'm going to go too with some of my friends, super excited!! Do have any suggestions that I definitely need to see when I'm there?

oh my gosh that’s awesome!! i’m wishing you a safe trip and an amazing stay here~ hmm i feel like i’m only qualified to mention favorite places around seoul and my hometown, so i’ll try my best with those ^^;;

<< seoul >>

  • han river - at night with 치맥 or ice cream!!
  • everland/lotte world amusement parks
  • all the cafes - especially coffee chu! they have next level churros
  • line friends/kakao friends stores
  • namsan tower
  • the entire hongdae area - really good nightlife/music/clubs/shops
  • songwol-dong fairy tale village
  • bukchon hanok village
  • bamdokkaebi night market - open march to october only, food truck heaven
  • pp seoul lounge
  • shopping @ dongdaemun (cheap) or myeongdong (tourists sometimes get discounts, so bring your passport)

<< daegu >>

  • 큰맘순대국 (yoongi’s family’s restaurant) - amazing food, i go here so often yoongi’s dad remembers my order ;;
  • apsan park - i like going to the buddhist temples in the mornings
  • seomun market - shops + food stalls
  • daegu arboretum - prettiest during spring or autumn!
  • 중앙떡볶이 (jungang tteokbokki) - listen,,, i live for tteokbokki… and when my favorite street vendor ahjumma isn’t around, this is the place to go. just a warning: daegu varieties are spicier than ones in seoul~
  • the bulgogi & udon tents in bukseongro - serving the best bulgogi you’ll ever have, tastes best on rainy days with friends + soju
  • little italia - my brother made me include this… *eye roll* but it’s really good italian food! probably the only place in daegu where the pizza isn’t overly sweet

also: my friend grace (@dearmyjimin​) visited korea recently and made this special twitter account filled with helpful travel tips/reviews, which i highly encourage you to check out too!

if anyone has any other recommendations, please feel free to add them below! 

anonymous asked:

summer bucket list ideas?

yaas!!! here u have some!! 

  • visit a country youve never visited before
  • do something youd never do
  • go on a roadtrip
  • help someone
  • be a tourist for a day in your hometown or a town nearby
  • learn a new language
  • visit the beach 
  • attent a festival or concert
  • volunteer 
  • read books 
  • watch movies all day
  • make new friends
  • go to the park and have an outdoor picknick

kuro1492  asked:

Hello! I am soon going to be in Ireland for two weeks, starting in Dublin and ending the trip in Dingle. Can you give me any tips on what I could visit and you'd think is worth to see?

Hey @kuro1492 !

Well, since you’re going from Dublin to Dingle, I’ll assume that you’re going to be travelling along the coast or at least through the counties from the south-east to south-west. So for this, I’ll try and stick to attractions around those areas!

(source/original photo)

(Here’s a map just to give you a better idea of the places you might pass through on your trip)

Firstly, I suppose we’ll start with Dublin! Obviously since its our capital city, it is a very popular destination for tourists visiting Ireland, with plenty to see and do.

The most popular tourist attractions in the city are The Guiness Storehouse, The National Museum of Ireland, Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin Castle, Trinity College (where the Book of Kells is kept), St Patrick’s Cathedral,Temple Bar, and many more!

There are also other places like O’ Connell Street, where you can see the General Post Office(there’s a museum inside, it’s not just a post office lol), and the Spire. Grafton Street is also a great place for shopping, as well as seeing many different street performers. And just as you walk to the end of the street, you’ll find St Stephen’s Green, a lovely park and one of my own personal favourite part of the city.

Of course there are many things to see and do in Dublin, so if you think you might not have the time to do everything, there are tour buses that take you around the city and you get to see a lot of the sights this way.

(Also, just as a heads up. If you plan on going out to any of the restaurants or pubs, streets like Temple Bar are prone to being ridiculously expensive as they are often crowded with tourists. Dublin is an expensive city as it is, so I recommend you stay away from very “tourist-y” areas to save and get better value for your money.)



OKAY MOVING ON. Since I don’t know what places your planning on passing through, I’ll recommend some places that might be on the general route that your going!

If you go a little north from Dublin, you can drive to Tayto Park, a crisp themed amusement park/zoo (its not as bizarre as you might think, I swear. I’ve been there a few times and its actually really fun) in just over 30 minutes.

If your driving a bit further south, you’ll probably pass through County Wicklow. There you’ll find Glendalough, an early Christian settlement established in the 6th century, along with the beautiful scenery of the Wicklow Mountains. It should also be known that Wicklow is particularly famous for producing the best strawberries in the country, so they’re definitely worth a taste! (especially since this is the perfect time of year when they’re at their ripest!)

From then on, you can visit the beaches in Co. Wexford and Waterford, Cork City is also worth a visit for shopping, and there are always different cultural and arts festivals taking place around this time of year, so be sure to check them out.

(Okay this next one is slightly biased, but I just had to cut me some slack here)

If you happen to be going through Co. Tipperary, I highly recommend that you go visit The Rock of Cashel (and not just because its my hometown what are you talking about). In all seriousness, it is a great historic site and is one of the most visited places in the country. Along with the Rock, there is Hore Abbey just at the end of the hill, and two heritage museums that are within close walking distance from the Rock. So Cashel is another popular tourist spot you shouldn’t miss out on! (also in Tipperary, Cahir Castle is another lovely site that you should check out, and its only a 15 minute drive away from Cashel.)


Now as your going on into Co. Kerry, the town of Killarney is really lovely and with its National Park and many restaurants, pubs and cafes, its worth paying a visit there.


(just look at that scenery tho. Kerry is just a really pretty place in general)

And finally, since you’re ending your trip in Dingle, the sights of the coast at the Dingle Peninsula themselves are enough to leave you in awe. While your there, you can also take a boat ride out along the coastline and you might even get a chance to see Fungie the Dingle Dolphin! All of this along with other sites and attractions in this area are a great way to end your journey here in Ireland

Of course, I’m only covering just a few of the countless things to see and do here on “The Emerald Isle”, but I hope this at least helps you gives you an idea of what you can expect here :-)

I hope you enjoy your trip here soon!

Slán go fóill


“I want to dream on red dusted roads
of desert hearted California.

I want to lick up dripping cream from the cone
that I have fetched from the nearest booth full of sweet fruit.
border saint hands reaching for the waves that go beyond any mindset they could ever wish to learn in close-minded hometowns.

I want to learn the smooth music
that escapes through wood screened windows
on sun dimmed orange evenings
as the record player crinkles
like a thrown out candy wrapper.
with wine stained knuckles
to suck on in the middle of the night
when you’re thirsty,
let tobacco cuticles be your only fix
from here on out.

fleece ski masks–
don’t worry, it’s the latest season in tourist fashion– pulled over to cover eyes,
we go in blind,
hands burning along to the ritual of a handgun. there’s no getting out of here.

I want to fall in love in foreign streets,
so far away from home
my umbilical cord coded lungs
can barely breathe.
I want to step into 4 a.m. diners and sit across from my partner in crime,
dragging my foot up along her leg.
between her thighs I find the flavor of tequila–
strong, with a blissful aftertaste–
I want to order croissants and coffee,
I want to ride a white basket bike down Main Street,
I want to swim in the nearest black stoned river,
and I want to rob the local bank by noon.

armpits wet with coconut oil and fear,
this sacred daylight is eating up our tricks.
I want our love to be the getaway car.
I want to dip my eyelashes in holy water.
I want to see clearly.
I want to fucking dream.

old pines scattered, rooted, korean pine,
young girls spinning, nearly naked, and kind.
I want to be as free
as her cotton dress that flies.
the walls of my stomach burn.
and we burn.
I want my kneecaps to stop shaking
each time we demand money.
I want to spend normal days
doing normal things,
paying normal rent
I want to die a normal death.
I don’t want to die.

I want to float down sea pitched highways,
mocking cars that don’t know compass poetry,
I want to know the ins and out of ghost towns,
the places where people only go to kill themselves.
and I want a carribbean tan that shows I earned this life
rather than the life I have tied around my neck.
I want a handmade noose,
handmade scars,
and a handmade tongue to talk more romance.
I want to dream of robbery with you.

let us dream of robbery.”

-by k.s. whittaker, “and if we were robbers”

StanXreader Thanksgiving Fic

Alright, so this is the first Gravity Falls fic I’ve ever written. To any and all people reading this, I hope you enjoy it. I only have four followers but I won’t be surprised if I have zero by the end of this, but hopefully some fellow freaks will get enjoyment from this. :)

*Update: Bear in mind I had written this back before Ford’s introduction to the series so that’s why he’s not even eluded to in this fic.

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Requested by marvelfanuniverse

“And here’s my hometown,” Remy said as the two of you exited the taxi in the heart of New Orleans.

You looked around, wide-eyed at the buildings. “Wow, it’s pretty,” you commented. “But not as lively as I was expecting.”

“Probably because every depiction of New Orleans just happens to be during Mardi Gras,” Remy stated. “Though, to be fair, Mardi Gras just ended.”

“It’ll be nice to get to know the real New Orleans before seeing it all crazy and full of tourists,” you stated, looking up at Remy.

“My thoughts exactly,” Remy said, kissing your cheek. “Besides, Valentine’s Day is the second best day to visit. Not hot as hell, everything’s still open unlike certain other holidays, and even the Thieves’ Guild is less active, at least for random lifts.”

“Wait, what was that last one?” you asked. You knew that in Gambit’s time in New Orleans, he was a part of the Thieves’ Guild, but you didn’t think about them before coming.

“You’ll be less likely to be stolen from, especially if you’re with me,” Remy stated. “But now’s not the time to think about that. Let’s get you some authentic Cajun cuisine.” He put his arm around you and led you to a nearby restaurant. “This place has the best gumbo.“

“Better than yours? Because yours is pretty good,” you asked.

“Much better. They actually have the right ingredients here. I have to do with what the X-Men stock the kitchen with,” Remy said. The two of you were seated rather quickly, and before long, you had your dinner.

“Where do you want to go after this?” Remy asked when both of you were nearly done.

“That depends. Where haven’t you been banned for stealing?” you teased.

“Your lack of faith in my skills wounds me,” Remy stated in a deadpan, joking tone. “You think I actually got myself caught?”

“Okay, let’s go to the bar next door,” you suggested.

Remy nodded, but then paused. “Wait, actually… Okay, never mind. It’s been five years, so I’m allowed back in now.”

You laughed, earning a smile from Remy.

BTS Touring London

It’d be so cute touring around BTS! Gifs aren’t mine. -Admin Amanda

EXO version (x)


Jin: Absolutely fascinated by the city, Jin would be so interested in everything from the entire history of your favorite restaurant to the entire history of the Tower of London. Whenever you were excited about something he would be equally excited, happily following you around and trying to commit everything to memory so he can ask you about things he doesn’t understand later.

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Suga: Although Suga’s ideal vacation does not involve walking around a large city for a day, he goes along with it just because you seemed really eager to show him your hometown. After about fifteen minutes his curiosity gets the better of him and he starts dragging you around to all the cool looking buildings, suddenly excited for you to tell him everything about it.

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J-Hope: Being the perfect stereotypical tourist, J-Hope would want to take pictures of everything, constantly handing you his camera or pulling you towards him to take a selfie with you. There would be a lot of “Does this photo look okay?” but you wouldn’t really mind because you know all these pictures will make an amazing souvenir of your tour of London together.

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Rap Monster: On the flight to London he had been reading all about the city, and by the time you got there, he knows as much as you, and definitely enough to finish your sentences.

“So this is Big Ben, it was-”
“Constructed in 1834 by Augustus Pugin”

Though you’re a little annoyed, it’s a cute he took the time to know your city, so you just end up laughing along and let him talk for half the tour.

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Jimin: As you drag him from place to place he just stares at you, enjoying how lively and animated you were, your passion for your hometown very apparent after spending such a long time away from it. Even when it starts raining and your tour is cut short, he is happy to sit in a cafe drinking tea with you and watch the street life, admiring the differences between the two countries.

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V: He is happy just walking around with you seeing all the sights, buying ice cream for you and holding your hand. You lead him around London, determined to stick to the mental list of attractions in your head, but the moment he sees the London Eye, he grabs your hand and pulls you towards it, considering the amazing view of London, but mostly excited for the ride to the top.

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Jungkook: It is really different for him to be the one following you around, having you order and ask for him as he stumbles through some bad English phrases. Although he initially acts annoyed at your teasing, he eventually starts laughing with you, and stops even trying to do things himself as you walk through the busy streets of London hand in hand.

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How to discover interesting scenes in your familiar (thus boring) home city

Hey streettogs, to continue with my “Ask Eric Kim” series (any questions you had about street photography, business, marketing, social media, etc.) I put a question out on Facebook regarding what questions you had (so I could try my best to help out and offer some ideas):

Kai Kienzle asked the following:

"How to discover interesting scenes in your familiar (thus boring) home city?

Dear Kai,

I often have the same problem when it comes to my own photography. I travel quite a bit teaching and one of the most difficult things is to stay inspired in my own familiar (and thus boring) home city.

I grew up in Alameda, California (in the bay area) and currently live in Berkeley (just next-door) where my girlfriend Cindy is studying her Ph.D. in Vietnamese Colonial History at U.C. Berkeley.

When I’m not traveling or teaching workshops, my days are pretty boring and straightforward. I wake up in the morning, take a cold shower (icy cold), usually have a shot of espresso, either stop by the gym or drive Cindy to class. After that, I have a big breakfast at home (at least 4 strips of bacon and ½ pound of ground beef), another shot of espresso (you can never have too much coffee), and then start writing for this blog. I then usually write for about 2-3 hours, take a break, perhaps run some errands, pick up Cindy for class, or go on a walk to the nearby cafe my house (Artis Cafe on 4th street in Berkeley). I then usually go make some dinner for the both of us, we might meet a friend, go home, read a book, and go to sleep.

My days are (more or less) pretty similar to this blueprint. Yeah, not that glamorous for an “international street photographer” — huh?

So anyways, I have the same problem you do being inspired at home. After a while, everything starts looking the same— and I become accustomed to my surroundings. I start to daydream about my travels in Tokyo, Paris, London, and think to myself, “Man, if I only lived in those (more) interesting places— I would be always be inspired and make incredible street photos all the time.” Not only that— but I live quite close to San Francisco, but always make excuses how it is too far— and bemoan the fact that Berkeley is so “boring” compared to SF. Then again, I go into daydreaming mode, and think how much happier and more inspired I would be if I lived in San Francisco— where I would shoot all the time, drink great espressos (all the time), and meet other inspired photographers (and shoot with them all the time and talk photography).

Every time I get into this line of thinking, I need to give myself a slap in the face (and another self-induced punishment of an icy-cold shower) and smack myself back into reality. I have to remind myself, “Eric, quit making excuses. Your best photos are in your own backyard, and there are tons of interesting things to photograph. You’re just not trying hard enough, and you’re not thinking outside (or perhaps ‘inside’) the box.”


The last few months living in Berkeley— I have been trying to make interesting photos in my own backyard. I have realized that although there aren’t many people walking around in Berkeley, there are lots of interesting “urban landscapes” and cars just parked in random industrial-looking areas (not the typical “hippie” Berkeley most people think about).

Therefore I have been trying to do a type of photography, which suited my own hometown: urban landscape “street photography”.

So after I drop Cindy off class, I try to drive around Berkeley (either the way to the grocery store, to the cafe, Costco, wherever) and park my car whenever I see an interesting urban landscape. I have been shooting this project in a square-format (6x6 on my medium-format Hasselblad on Kodak Portra 400) as I don’t need to photograph anything moving (otherwise I would just shoot on my Leica). I then take a photo on my smartphone (currently Samsung Galaxy Note 4) as a square-format (in-camera), and then process the photo in the “A3” filter on VSCO, then upload it to Instagram/Tumblr. To be honest, I don’t know how much more (or and if) I will keep shooting medium-format film (as the convenience of shooting on my smartphone is quite nice, and scanning negatives is a pain in the ass). Smartphones are pretty awesome for shooting (especially with the VSCO filters, which honestly look pretty film-like for me).

Anyways, I have been making a lot of these urban-landscapes around my own city, and funny enough— I met another street photographer named Walter (who works at Artis Cafe as a “master brewer”) who also has been doing exactly the same thing (shooting urban-landscapes of cool cars on his iPhone with VSCO) and we have been talking about doing a joint-project, zine, or exhibition.


Therefore my first suggestion for you to find interesting scenes in your own home city is to shoot “urban landscapes.” Especially if you live in a more suburban area (without a lot of people walking around), shooting “urban landscapes” is a good way to explore your own home city.

A lot of people will ask me, “But Eric— is urban landscapes really ‘street photography’?” To me— I say it is (look at the work of Lee Friedlander, Fred Herzog, and William Eggleston as well as the ‘New Topographic’ photographers). For me, I would define “street photography” as “documenting humanity”— and I think the urban dwellings in which we live (and construct) is a huge identity of our community and society.

But honesty at the end of the day, **don’t worry about shooting “street photography” in your hometown— it can be any type of photography**.


Which brings me to my second suggestion, which is to shoot more “personal documentary” or a “stream-of-consciousness” type of photography.

“Personal documentary” is a phrase coined by Anders Petersen, a famous black-and-white photographer from Sweden who essentially photographs the people who he interacts with on a daily basis. He shoots with a simple point-and-shoot film camera (Contax T3) and on Kodak Tri-X film (I believe at 400). He shoots a lot with a flash, and keeps it simple. He shoots portraits of his friends, himself (self portraits), landscapes, and anything he finds interesting. He makes his own life his photographs— and therefore his photos ooze with personality, soul, and emotion. Another photographer who does this well is Jacob Aue Sobol, as well as Daido Moriyama (all of them shoot in the similar vein— but Daido is the pioneer of this type of photography).

As with “stream-of-consciousness” photography— it is very related to “personal documentary” in the sense that **you don’t think too much when you are shooting. Just photograph whatever you find interesting before your eyes, without any prejudice or self-editing**.

Imagine a “stream-of-consciousness” as a flow of experiences that you experience in your daily life. The coffee you have over breakfast. The car-ride, subway ride, or commute you have to work. The people you interact with at work. Your little walk around the block during your lunch break. The friends you meet after work, or the beers or drinks you might have with them.

**Photograph these little small moments in your everyday life**.

Personally, I have been wondering to myself this question a lot: “Why do I photograph?” I also wonder, “Who do I photograph for?” I also wonder when I am 80 years old, “What kind of photographs will be truly meaningful to me?”

Josh White (a street photographer who is focusing more on “personal documentary” photography at the moment) in Seoul has deeply inspired me in this regard. He had a tragic accident in his family (his father passed away) and he realized that after all of these years of shooting street photography (photographing strangers), he barely took photos of those really close to him (his family and friends). Therefore after this incident, he had the big epiphany that **the most important thing to photograph was his own life, and the people who were meaningful to him**. Therefore his photographs are much more inwards looking than outwards looking.

I have also been following in Josh’s footsteps— I have been working on what I dubbed “The Cindy Project”, which is essentially a photographic diary of my life with Cindy. I hope that one day when we are 80 years old (and both hopefully still alive), we can look happily and tenderly at all the life experiences that we had together.

Most of these photographs I take of Cindy are pretty “snapshotty” (mostly looking into the camera, posing, and smiling) but for some reason— they still bring me a lot of happiness and joy.

For Cindy, she prefers the less posey photographs of her (I happen to agree)— so I have been trying to shoot a lot more candid shots of her in unusual circumstances, which are personal to us. I often find the best camera with me during those “in-between moments” is my smartphone, so I have been shooting most of them on my phone (also a lot on my Leica).

So Kai, think about your own life. Think about those who are close to you. Think about what daily experiences are meaningful to you— and photograph and document that. Make your photography personal, and pursue this type of “stream-of-consciousness” style of photography and make these “personal documentary” styled images.


Lastly, if you want to shoot more traditional “street photography” (candid photographs of people) in your own hometown, first of all you have to go to where the people are. You aren’t going to go fishing in a lake which you obviously know has no fish. And even if you go to a lake (where there is a lot of fish), it wouldn’t make sense to go fishing where you know there are no fish swimming.

So try to head to the downtown area of your own city or neighborhood (regardless of how rural the area may be) and try to make interesting photographs of people in your own city. **Imagine yourself as an alien (or a tourist)— that has come to your own hometown for the first time. What would you find interesting? What would you find weird? What would you photograph to document**?

Even though I think my own hometown (Berkeley) is boring— whenever I have a friend who visits, they always exclaim how interesting it is. I then start to notice certain parts of my city which are interesting, and then get re-inspired to photograph.

Therefore perhaps getting a photographer-friend from out-of-town and going on a photo-walk with them might be a good strategy. They will help you see your own home city with fresh new eyes.

Know that everyone succumbs to this issue — even photographers from Paris, London, Tokyo (eventually after a while, they find their own “interesting” cities as “uninteresting”).

Grass is always greener on the other side— but **I think the secret to happiness and productivity as a photographer is realizing that the grass is actually greener on your side**. If you are able to make interesting photos in your own home city, you will become a truly great photographer.

How To Have Fun In Your Hometown

Written by Mae // Photo by Alyssa Lau

You know that feeling when you’re scrolling through your Tumblr dashboard or your Instagram feed, looking at pictures of these amazing cities like New York and Paris, and you just sigh because you’re stuck in your boring hometown? Fear not! Your hometown is not nearly as boring as you think. Here’s some tips that could turn any dull city into a bustling and exciting place.

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Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPLocalLens

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post every week announcing the latest project.

The goal this weekend is to give an insider’s look into your community through creative photos and videos. Here’s how to get started:

  • Whether it’s the architecture, wildlife, cuisine or local customs, focus on what makes where you live unlike anywhere else.
  • Head to local places a tourist might not know about and include tips in your caption about the best hidden spots to explore.
  • Add a location tag when you upload your photo so others can see more images from your hometown.

PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPLocalLens hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.

anonymous asked:

Paolo I hope you had a nice day.

Thank you and yes I had, I went visiting this beautiful place in my hometown :) It’s nice to be a tourist in your own city sometimes