be a smiley for all them haters

anonymous asked:

Top 10 elounor in 2017 moments? :)

Hiya babes! Sorry I didn’t answer this last night, I had a 5K today and I needed to go to bed :)

1-When Louis followed Eleanor again on IG and vice versa. I was freaking out! BONUS: When Louis liked that pic of Eleanor where the same/similar Titantic hoodie that he had recently worn. That pic was taken in November and Louis followed El and liked that pic late January

2- L and E tats

3- “There’s a couple of songs that me and my girlfriend [fashion blogger Eleanor Calder] really like that’ll never be used for anything, so they’re kind of just for us. That’s really nice.”


5- “and then I’ve kind of ended up full circle back with Eleanor, who I love dearly.” ♥

6- “Quiet nights with his girlfriend and one-year old son Freddie”

7-Louis’ message to that one Eleanor account on Twitter, politely asking them to take down that pap pic of Eleanor because ppl (LARRIES!) were being mean about it ofc. Louis’ message was just so fucking sweet he did for her :)

8-El being there for Louis’ BTY music video shoot and Louis was sooo smiley

9-Coachella! They were supper cuddly and clingy AND ELEANOR TOTAL WORE LOUIS’ PLAID SHIRT OMFGGG

10-El posting that vid of Louis flicking off all the Elounor haters ;P

BONUS: Eleanor liking and commenting on this shirtless selfie of Louis when she was away for a Revolve event. Like me too chica

Have a nice day :))

Quick reminder!  I want to say that it’s perfectly okay if you don’t like Sailor Moon Crystal, there are plenty of valid reasons for it and I’m not trying to lump all criticism of it into “you’re all just haters” because that’s not true.

But don’t put that stuff on my posts.  I don’t want it, I’ve been burnt out on it, and it frustrates the hell out of me because my posts are celebratory ones and I want to keep them that way.  Everyone is free to do their own thing, absolutely!  No hard feelings there!  But don’t put it on my happy posts and we’ll be golden with each other.  :)  <–genuinely meant smiley face!

(p.s.  also genuinely not trying to single anyone out or point fingers or be passive aggressive about it, I swear!  This is just a message that gets easily lost in the volume of my blog, it’s more than likely a lot of people don’t know my wishes, and so I want to state it again sometimes to help give a reminder.  ♥)