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kaxpha commission for my Worth Something fan fic <3

(thank you, kaxpha! you’re such a sweetie pie and deserving of all the praise and love for your work and as a person!!)

everyone go commission this angel now!! aaaahh!

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( Part 4! - Where requested scene is from!

The Gaston Curse

Originally posted by kinitha05

 *Curse to knock someone off of their high horse and make them feel the pain they have inflicted upon others and/or you*
**pretty strong curse as most of the few curses I have written are, so beware and keep track of the reversal in case it is needed**


-a jar or container of some sort that seals well
-red candles (optional but not absolutely necessary) (you can change the colour if you wish red just reminds me of Gaston so-)
-a small piece of bread or something that can get mold (or has mold if you have something like that around-)
-Something that can rot (I usually use a part of a banana peel)
-Salt water (think of putting salt in a wound and the sting that it brings, especially in deep wounds)
-two pieces of paper
-Pen to write with (permanent marker works better or water proof makeup if you have any)


~on one paper write the name of your target very clearly, then below it write what they have done wrong or what quality of theirs is the worst (write them pretty close together no space in between)

~ on the other piece of paper write out Gaston, then underneath that write down a quality that the target shares with him. (preferably the worst you can think of, like his ego, his anger etc)

~use the scissors to cut around the words, cutting as close as possible without cutting through the words, imagine boxing that person in tightly, making it hard for them to escape the energy of the spell

~put the papers into the jar, folding them if necessary

~put the mold catching object into the jar along with the rotting object

~ you can add some additional things if you wish (cigarette or incense ash, rusted nails or pennies)

~ pour the salt water into the jar, enough to cover most of the objects

~Close the jar and shake the contents a bit, putting all of your negative energy into the jar

~ if you really want you can make lyrics to the Gaston song but rather than naming good qualities, name bad qualities of the target as you shake the jar. You can think it, say it or sing it whichever works for you

~If you have a candle lit, pass the jar over the flame (but be careful not to scorch the jar or burn it or anything else!! remember your fire safety!) imagine it sending your energy it the target

~if you did the above step, seal the jar with the candle wax

~put the jar in a dark, isolated space and do your best not to come into much contact with it

~put up wards and such if needed

~remember post cursing cleansing etc

**In order to reverse or remove the curse simply retrieve the jar, and bury its contents as far from your home as possible**

Ti Dom Problems - INTP
  • INTP: *leading something that feels like a particularly pleasant conversation*
  • ENFJ1: You're really insatiable today, huh?
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ... what do you mean?
  • ENFJ1: You just have these days when you're like a bird with a metal beak and you just peck and chop and pick everything apart that people say.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...until it's down to its simplest parts and makes sense?
  • ENFJ1: ...until it's down to its simplest parts and makes sense.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...oh.
  • ***
  • INTP: *leading something that feels like a particularly pleasant conversation*
  • INFJ:
  • INTP: ...huh?
  • INFJ: have these moments when you dig deeper and deeper and completely forget all the rules of a normal human conversation.
  • INTP: Oh, I'm sorry - I was just really into it and -
  • INFJ: No, it's fine. I WANT you to understand. It's just so ...unusual.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...funny that you say that. ENFJ said something really similar a while ago. Like, how I keep chopping things apart.
  • INFJ: ...
  • INFJ: ...
  • INFJ: ...yeah, at this point it's not really a conversation anymore. It's an interrogation.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...oh.

Boreen - Mood Ring

This feels like summer, San Francisco, 1998.

anonymous asked:

But how do we know that David Productions even plans on doing Vento Aureo?

We know.

The pact has been made, the contract must be honoured.

Joking aside, it would have made sense to end the anime adaptation at part 3, seeing as it’s kind of the definitive part, and has an ending that stands on its own; while unfortunate, it would have been a totally understandable and acceptable place to end things.

Adapting 20-odd years of material probably isn’t cheap or very viable, no matter how cool it is, and a lot of anime does stand to promote the preexisting product (ie the manga).

New people watching the anime want more? Well lucky you, go read the manga. Gets you new fans and breathes some more life into an old product. Of course, this sort of practice is way more irritating when the anime only adapts part of the story, and clearly leaves stuff unresolved.

Part 4 was more something that people cautiously hoped for until it was officially confirmed, given that it’s (apparently) not as comparatively popular as other parts in Japan.

However, since that part has been adapted, it only makes sense to follow up on it, right? There’s a few sketches circulating (they look similar to how the keys are drawn), but I can’t seem to find the twitter source any more. Of course, there’s fanart from staff members circulating, anyway, so that mightn’t be a certainty, either, and it’s just more stuff being drawn for fun.

Others are saying that figures being put back into production, and new ones being made, are also an indicator! And of course there’s that good old sign in the background of the Great Days OP.

But yeah, I dunno, even if we don’t know how long it’ll be, it feels like the chances are pretty high.

If I don’t treat it like a certainty, I don’t know if my heart can take it.
Hamilton's Phillipa Soo Shares Her Brilliant Trick for Kiss-Proof Lipstick
How the star of Hamilton and Amélie leaves her mark on Broadway — but never on a costar's cheek.
By Elizabeth Siegel

If you’ve spent a Sunday afternoon refreshing Ticketmaster or scouring Broadway for scalpers or belting out “Stay Alive,” then you already know Phillipa Soo — at least, you know her alias Eliza Schuyler Hamilton. “I was very proud to be a part of something that reminds us that we come from all different sorts of places and that we’re all just trying to live the best lives we can,” says Soo, in a voice that’s clear and bright and, holy cow, really strong. Because the 26-year-old’s vocal cords aren’t those of a normal human. They’re a Grammy-winning phenomenon: From opening night until last July, Soo made Broadway a little better, a little cooler as Hamilton’s leading lady.

And this month, she’s moving two blocks north to the Walter Kerr Theatre, stepping into the quirky French lead in Amélie. “When you’re on a show schedule, everything is heightened,” says Soo. “You’re always aware of what works and what doesn’t so you can be at your best.” For Soo, that meant practicing roughly 23 hours a day. It also meant overhauling her skin-care routine and finding one perfect cherry-red lipstick.

Welcome Home, Empress

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

A/N: Hi, I’m back. this is just a little something, it’s a part two a full story I don’t really care for. I also realized I haven’t been putting summaries, which would be really helpful. But, I hope you enjoy.

Summary: From the planet Earth, something about you captured the galaxies new found Emperor, Kylo Ren. After being forced into being with him, you finally see your new home.

I stood there looking at myself in the mirror. I haven’t worn a gown since prom. And normally, I wouldn’t put this particular ensemble together. My laced fingers brushed over the curvature of the dress. The material was so smooth. I looked at my hands, this emperor must have an obsession with gloves. I was surprised that my nails hadn’t ripped a hole in the glove as if on cue, my nail poked out on my right hand. “Stupid Lace!” I scolded as I poked my other fingers in the lace to match. I made my way towards the door hearing a faint mumble. As I came closer to the door, I heard someone talking about me. I guess it was the general, as he was the only person besides myself who didn’t wear a mask. “Her beauty and aura simply captivating.” I heard the general say as I made my way out. “Thank you,” I replied, gaining the attention of him, the emperor, as well as everyone else. The attention was awkward as everyone stared at me behind a mask, besides the general, whose scowl was also marked by his rose colored cheeks. Deciding to break the silence, I stepped forward. “Oh! My lady!” The maidens rushed over trying to fix the gloves. It was like having a swarm of mosquitoes following me. “Leave her.” His cold mechanic voice rang out and the immediately backed away into their hidden places. I forgot about his “gift”, I took a deep breath and made my way forward. And of course, one of those white soldiers came interrupting. “Excuse me, Emperor, General, you–” “Empress.” Once again his cold mechanic voice rang out. The tone very much irritated. “Emp-empress,” the soldier said, earning a nod from him. I couldn’t help the small smile that started to play on my lips from not only feel a part of this whole other world but also accepted by him. I was quickly snapped out of my thoughts when I felt slight pressure on my arm. Unaware that I was moving and actually seated, Kylo spoke again. “Unfortunately, we won’t be going to the base. We have to go on the Star Destroyer for a while.” I nodded my head. As I sat, I focused on my breathing and not about my catastrophic panic attack that happened before. It became easier as I focused on the pilots. All those buttons and lights, it amazed me at their skill. I literally focused on every move that they made. From the corner of my eye, I could see Kylo’s mask on me. I sucked in a deep breath and soon a larger ship came into view. The ship grew bigger as we approached it and were soon engulfed by it. The ship landed and everyone prepared to exit. As I got up, I felt my legs go stiff. Reality started to sink in, as tears started to well in my eyes. Everyone left, leaving me by myself, or so I thought. “Stop crying, stop crying”, I said trying to regulate my breath and not let the tears spill out. I heard a thud, I wiped my face and turned around to see Kylo standing at the exit. I made my way pass him and down the ramp, with him following me on my heel. My pace slowed down as I took in my new surroundings. Everything was so white and pristine, whoever cleaned this must have OCD. There were more of the white soldiers and a silver one and some without a mask like the general. I would be lying if I didn’t say it was intriguing. I turned around to see a sight that you could only see in the movies. It was so breathtaking. The stars seemed to dance on the black backdrop of space. I remember studying them in high school. I loved to look up and watch them back on Earth, and now I was surrounded by them. “Welcome home, Empress.”


I don’t understand why I’m so addicted.

I don’t understand why I feel so many things when I see these innocent and colorful characters. I don’t understand why I fall in love with these characters, over, and over, knowing well that most of them will die at the hands of their friends.

I don’t know why I feel this excitement whenever I log in to see mountains upon mountains of art made just for these characters. I don’t know why I feel this rush of energy when something about this visual novel in particular updates or addresses something about the new game’s development.

I don’t understand why I’ve fallen so hard for a game where innocent anime characters are forced to kill each other. It’s intoxicating, but it just makes my life a bit more exciting, more happy, it gives me a sense that I’m part of something.

I don’t know why I have fallen in love with Danganronpa. I don’t remember when I got addicted, I don’t know why I got addicted.

I just know that I am, and I love every moment, every sight, everything about Danganronpa and its fandom.

For some reason, it’s made a big impact on my life and it made me happier than I have ever been in a while.

It started with sixteen characters.


Sixteen colorful characters. Sixteen characters that made me fall in love.

There was an idol, wishing to reach for the stars.

There was a soldier, loyal to a fault.

There was a baseball player, dreaming to become a rock star.

There was a programmer, who wanted them to get along.

There was a biker, living with the heaviest guilt on his shoulders, but he’s still able to smile.

There was a moral compass, following the rules with a bright grin.

There was an otaku, making manga for the world to see, showing passion for the thing he adores most.

There was a gambler, playing others for fools only with a simple smile as her trick.

There was a fighter, who fought for good ‘til her last breath.

There was a fashionista, who planned this all along. Filling their heads with hope of freedom with the price of sin, only for them to die in the end.

There is an heir, arrogant, but chose to fight for hope.

There is an author, hopeful to love the heir.

There is a fortune teller, he is uneducated, in a way, but he is just misunderstood.

There is a swimmer, she chose to live on for her friend and brother.

There is a detective, who chose to fight for hope, even if it ends her life.

There is hope, he brought hope to everyone who walked on the path he made for them.

They have stories, they have pasts, they have personalities that make people fall in love. Care for them. Love them for their faults and reasons. Love them for their insecurities and insanity.

These sixteen characters? They aren’t perfect, in reality. But they are perfect, pure characters to us.

Home is not the Tower.

For Morna, home is on Venus, in the halls of the Ishtar Academy. That a Warlock would like wandering amongst books and files from the Golden Age comes as no surprise to anyone, and that is certainly part of it - but for Morna it is something different. She feels like she is tracing footsteps that she has walked before, that something in her memory is trying to claw its way past a barrier that only the thanatonauts could breach.

Either way, there is comfort in the old wood and the still-warm halls where once throngs of young people came to learn. She thinks she lived there, once.

She thinks, maybe, she died there.

i’ve been reading a lot lately and it’s just making everything seem so insignificant? this world feels so small and anything that i could possible do with my life feels so trivial. i just want to be a part of something bigger



I’m a huge OST fan when it comes to movies, and I love trying to match the movie moments up with the soundtracks after I’ve seen the movies.  Plus they inspire me and help me in my own original stories.

And since I’ve become such a fan of the pure and truly beautiful love between Madame de Garderobe and Maestro Cadenza, I’ve unconsciously hard-wired my brain to recognize a harpsichord anywhere, especially in the soundtrack.  So.  On to my point.

This is the part in the movie where Garderobe dresses Belle up in that outrageous pink…thing.  Nevertheless, it’s her moment to shine, the moment that she’s introduced to us in her cursed form.  And there is a version of the Aria in this, a call-back to that night, when everyone was dressed in the fancy dresses–hence, the fancy dress for Belle.

But what really made my heart flutter a bit was what happens around 0:30.  The music swells, and a harpsichord begins to play.

I’ve noticed that every other time a harpsichord makes an appearance in the soundtrack, it’s always coming from Cadenza (either he’s playing or he’s present on-screen).

Save for this scene.  He’s nowhere near them at this moment; probably still in the ballroom playing something else.  I think that symbolizes that she just can’t truly be herself without him; he needs to be present for her to fully be the person she is.

And I can’t take it.  They’re too perfect.  Help.

mooleche  asked:

You probably get asked this a lot but how do you take that first step in creating a comic? Like figuring out where what panels should go ect.? It's incredibly intimidating to look at a blank page and try to figure out how everything will look. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you for taking time out to answer peoples questions!! ;v;

I totally get that – comics have so much going on! I’d say the first ingredient is simply reading a ton of comics, paying attention to how many panels they’re using, how many pages a scene is taking – you’ll start to develop a sense of how you might pace things. Then maybe try starting with something like a fairy tale, something you already know, so it takes part of the decision-making out of it.

Try jotting down what will happen on a page. Then make a list of everything that needs to be shown on that page so the reader will understand it. For example, if it’s the start of a scene, the reader will need to know where they are, so you’ll need to show them (an establishing shot). What else do they need to know? What a character’s feeling? Then we’ll probably need a close-up that shows their expression. And so on, until you know what panels you need to have on the page. Once you’ve got that, you can think about how to arrange those panels – starting with practical considerations, like “my establishing shot shows a whole room, so I’ll need space, so that should go across the top of the page”. Keep it simple for now – the main thing is just that the reader can clearly see what’s going on and what order to look at things in!

Often just starting is the hardest part – once you get over that first hurdle, you’re on your way, and each page will get better!

The first step is always just to throw yourself into it! Don’t worry about whether or not you get it right the first time, because you’ll only keep getting better through practice!

A loose script or an outline of your story will help figure out the direction you eventually want a page (or a scene (or a chapter)) to flow – so you get an idea before you even start drawing of what will be happening on each of your pages, how they’ll flow into each other, and where the direction of the story is going. From there you can create a thumbnail of the page to help with placement and pacing. Doing a sketch on a physically smaller scale can help you better decide the sizes and placement of your panels. (I like to use a cheap sketchbook and do two thumbnails per page, but even post-its can work in a pinch.) Making a thumbnail of your page before you even start to lay down pencils or panels on the page itself can be a really easy and helpful way to decide in advance where everything will go – and then you’ll have plenty of time (and no pressure) to change things around if you decide you need a longer pause somewhere, less of a pause, more room to show a bigger action, more room for word bubbles, and so on!

It’s all personal preference from there how minimalistic/verbose you feel like making the original script, how detailed/sketchy the thumbnails should be before you start sketching out the actual page to actual scale, etc. Experiment and see what works for you and eases the nerves! (The most important thing is just to do it, though! It’ll get easier and easier the more you do!)

Never try to show your intelligence to the reader. Write simplistically. Anything else comes across as confusing and pretentious. A story is never for the author, it’s for the reader. Remember that next time you are tempted to show your prowess, because it just comes off as a pissing contest the reader didn’t ask to be a part of.
—  KJS // Something I forget until I reread old writing.