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Final Fantasy XV

Gladio: Prompto, are you okay?  (・□・;)


Noctis: *groans* Gahhh…!  (ꐦ ಠ皿ಠ )

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Any stories involving Steve and Gaelic? There's a batch of lemon sugar cookies in exchange.

well, stevie spoke gaelic–irish, if you wanna be technical–before he spoke anything else–it’s what his ma spoke at home. and until he was about three, their neighbor, old mrs. mckenna, was the one who babysat him while mrs sarah was at work, and she tended to talk to herself in irish nearly constantly. so he heard more irish than english as a baby. he was pretty sickly too, so he was rarely allowed out to play with the other kids, and by the time he was healthy enough, he’d developed a strong accent. plus he would slip into irish if he didn’t know the word for something. 

he got teased a lot for it, since being irish wasn’t exactly popular, and he was tiny to boot. but that never slowed him down–he wasn’t quite a people person, but he always stood up for the little guy (when he could find a littler guy, anyway) and that won him some allies on the playground. by the time we became friends, he’d gotten enough english down that he rarely slipped into irish, but the accent was still there. for some reason, he really struggled with my name–he kept calling me “Ucky,” which drove me nuts, so he called me “Cearc” instead, which he refused to translate. im still not convinced he wasn’t calling me Ucky on purpose. that’d be very steve. but eventually exposure to the us Barneses meant he started picking up our brooklyn accent, and for a while, the two accents combined to make him nearly incomprehensible.

there was a blissful year when he was about six where it was really hard for him to pick fights with people because nobody could understand him. it didn’t stop him, but it sure slowed him down. 

 it was a good year. 

by the time he hit his teens, he’d mostly outgrown both accents, though the brooklyn still shows up if you get him mad enough. ask him about the anti-vaxxers if you want a demonstration–that always gets him going. just be prepared to sit through a rant of no less than 38 minutes and possibly join him at a protest sometime. 

the irish, on the other hand, only really shows up when he’s tired. or actually already asleep. the other day he took a couch nap, and i heard him saying “ Tá sé breá, Buck. Tá sciatháin ag an sciath, déanfaimid talamh díreach sna prátaí bruite.” in his sleep. Jarvis translated for me, and it turns out what he was saying was basically “it’s fine buck, the shield has wings now, we’ll just land in the boiled potatoes.”  which just goes to show that he’s still jumping off stuff with no parachute, even in his sleep.


(tons of thanks to @chromalogue, who helped me by figuring out the irish! I am not good with languages, we should all be grateful that there are lovely people to help me.)

things are changing rather quickly, will you be missing me? i’m sorry that i can’t bring myself to talk to you, you’re my best friend. i don’t know what to say or how to apologize in a way that it’d be alright again. in truth, maybe this is a good thing. i don’t believe in goodbyes anymore, i don’t believe in a lot of things anymore actually. i can’t replicate the love you’ve given out all of these years, but i can’t bring out the best in me if there’s an air of negativity surrounding you. they say that the fledglings that don’t learn how to fly will die young, i am not dying anytime soon. i think i’m just learning how to break through the sky with sore thoughts. can you forgive me for how i’ve been? i can’t take back the words that i’ve said, i can’t undo pain. however. i can grow. i can grow into a million different gardens, but you’ll always be my first home. and for that, i’ll always be thankful. i love you. i’ll always love you.

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Was there always steps to the tower because I thought the only way up was with Rapunzel's hair

You may recall, in Tangled, when Gothel ran into Maximus in the woods and suddenly got concerned about Rapunzel possibly leaving the tower, and ran back. She called to her, and of course, there was no answer. So, she went for the door hidden by vines at the base of the tower:

The doorway was still blocked by stones, which Gothel tore down

And though we never do see the actual staircase, we do see her comping up after removing a tile in the floor

Which is the same tile Rapunzel goes up past in the episode.

Yes, there’s always been a staircase.