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TG:re Chapter 114 and Tooru Mutsuki

So I can simply observe all the chaos going on thanks to this lovely chapter we got today, and people are barely even talking about the Amon scene, so I want to give more of my thoughts on the character of Tooru Mutsuki.

So in this chapter we got a “revelation” that Mutsuki did in fact have attraction towards her mentor Haise. Surprisingly, this possibility was never actually discussed all that much thanks to Urie’s infatuation sweeping everyone off their feet.

Anyway, we already know that Mutsuki has extreme emotional problems because of her past. We knew that Mutsuki had a great fear of being taken advantage of by men, but now this chapter shines a new light on her character. Mutsuki still desires intimacy from men.

This doesn’t really surprise me, because it makes perfect sense why Mutsuki would feel attraction towards her mentor who I should note is the first man that Mutsuki ever felt trust for. Haise helped Mutsuki feel safe in times of distress. However, Mutsuki blatantly mutilating the body of Haise in front of her eyes doesn’t surprise me either. She has severe lack of emotional control, and you can see that Haise’s abandoning of the Q’s Squad frustrated her immensely.

What Mutsuki isn’t aware of is that another man close to her is also infatuated with her, Urie. I feel like Urie’s fault here is that he’s too introverted to open up to her, which keeps Mutsuki from trusting him completely. However I do expect Urie to eventually be honest with her, and Mutsuki would at the very least calm down to an extent knowing that she can trust another man close by her side.

Can I just say that I still enjoy Mutsuki’s character a lot, and I really hope that Mutsuki will find a way to fix her emotional problems and become confident as a person.

I’m a total sucker for fics where Harry is dark and gets sorted into Slytherin, but I’m also really disappointed with how Ron and Hermione are treated in them

So: dark au where the trio is sorted into Slytherin

Hermione, who wants to use knowledge to change the world

Ron, who wants to finally be free of his family’s shadow

Harry, who wants to be great, to be admired, to be free

The teachers adore quick, clever Granger, but Severus worries when he sees the way she eyes the restricted section, how her mind is filled with deadly recipes and the ways to use them

The purebloods learn not to badmouth the halfbloods, not to bully the muggleborns, because Hermione knows forbidden magic, Hermione knows the untraceable poisons and the painful curses-and Hermione knows how to avoid being caught

No one outside of Slytherin pays attention to Ronald Weasley, so quiet compared to his brothers, and that’s a mistake

Ron casts his first dark spell and the power takes his breath away, Ron sinks into the comfort of blood rituals and makes outlawed sacrifices to forgotten gods

Ron wonders how his family could abandon this happiness in favor of a flickering light

Harry, the chosen one, the special one, the abandoned one

Harry looks at the light, looks at the people that did nothing for him, and dives into the dark

Lockhart dies drinking poison, Snape finds the trio huddled around Peter’s body, the aurors that find Umbridge’s remains vomit, and the Wizarding World doesn’t notice

Voldemort rises and does not face an old man and a group of do gooders

Voldemort rises and faces a witch with a brilliant mind and no taste for mercy, a wizard that delights in bloodshed and manipulates people like he moves chess pieces, and the broken, bloody boy that’s won their loyalty

Voldemort falls


I’m not crazy, y’all. Dragonball Supers animation is bad on a basic level.

Not sure if the Animation Director or the story-artist is more at fault but regardless, the product is bad and someone should have known better.

(scans from the book “Character Mentor” by Tom Bancroft)

The sun is setting.


He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.


NCT’s mentor : Kim Doyoung 👨‍🎓

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Have some more of them then!

Because both of them probably didn’t slept a lot.

I’m so glad she beated Brendol’s abusive ass

And her training young Hux.

I am so glad my hc about her taking care of Armitage might be canon (maybe leading into an angsty relationship due to morale divergence and maybe a betrayal)! I’m so happy she’s still alive! 

I love Rae so much <3<3 and I hope people will join the hype train because she is probably one of the most fleshed out imperial characters in  all SW who might also be canonically bisexual since she talk about having no husband or wife waiting for her in Empire’s End.

 Please consider check out at least her wookiepedia page! She is so underrated and deserve all the art and fics!


Look, when I got these powers… I was really lucky, in a weird way. I had a lot of people helping me through all of this. I had Wells, both of them. Jay and Zolomon. I mean, two of them turned out to be bad people, but they were good teachers who taught me how to use my powers. I just don’t think that I’ve been that for you yet.

Just imagine...

The Young Justice mentors secretly shipping their protégés with each other.

The Young Justice mentors making bets on which ship will happen first.

The Young Justice mentors having heated debates about their OTP’s and discussing why it would/wouldn’t work.

The Young Justice mentors secretly spying on their protégés with hopes of finding proof for their ships.