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  • the one where you only see color once you meet your soulmate(s) (so you don’t know them until you see them), and it goes away when they die
  • the one where you don’t know your soulmate(s) until you touch them
  • the one where you don'y know your soulmate(s) until you hear them speak, or hear them speak a certain word; your name, for example
  • the one where you get the name of the person in their handwriting on your body somewhere at a certain age
  • the one where the first thing they say to you appears instead
  • the one where you get each others’ fingerprints
  • the one where you get matching marks/symbols/tattoos
  • the one where your marks or words that change depending on what’s going on with your soulmate(s)
  • the one with the clock that counts down the time until you meet your soulmate(s) (multiple clock for multiple soulmates? one click until you meet them both? unexpected third soulmate showing up after the clocks drop?)
  • the one where when you sleep you dream of whatever they’re experiencing from their point of view until you find them, or AFTER you find them
  • the one where you can straight up talk to them in dreams until/after you find them
  • the one where you form a telepathic/empathetic link until/after you find them
  • the one where you share extreme physical sensation until/after you find them; if one of you hurts the other one hurts, if one of you is getting lucky the other one gets a little hot and bothered
  • the one where the closer you are to them the more aware of them you become, and you find them playing a hot/cold game; for instance, colors get brighter and brighter the closer you are and fade into gray when they’re too far away
  • the one where once you turn a certain age/one night a year you swap bodies with them for one night and you have a limited amount of time to leave/collect clues to their identity
  • the one where being next to your soulmate(s) can heal you from things people don’t normally heal from
  • the one where only your soulmate(s) can kill you (maybe you can still be killed by age/disease, maybe not, maybe you become vulnerable only after you lose your soulmate(s))
  • the one where reincarnation is also a thing and meeting your soulmate(s) either unlocks or erases memories or your past lives until the next one
  • the one where in universes with magic meeting your soulmate(s) activates your powers/unlocks more powerful magic


  • blind characters who can’t see if the world’s in color or black and white
  • characters like x-men’s rogue who literally can’t touch people; characters who have been through trauma who don’t want to touch people
  • hard of hearing characters like clint barton who can’t hear their soulmate speak without hearing aids/at all or on the flipside characters who can’t speak; maybe it still works in sign language, or maybe it doesn’t
  • people who can’t read/can’t read the language the words on their body are in
  • characters like bucky barnes who’ve lost hands and/or had their fingerprints removed
  • soulmate clocks that time out in the middle of the crowd; there’s an entire craigslist category for finding who else was there that day with a clock that timed out too
  • famous characters speaking to or performing for a crowd and suddenly their world is in color/their clock times out/etc and every member of the audience pretends to be this celebrity’s soulmate and a cinderella type situation ensues with the finding
  • soulmates playing the hot/cold game and they kEEP MISSING EACH OTHER
  • insomniacs who rarely sleep, much less at the same time/different time than their soulmates
  • soulmate ot3s/ot4s/otmores where you dream in varying people’s povs every time you sleep and get super confused
  • people who get sick or injured and frantically search for their soulmates so they can survive
  • people who need to be in medically induced comas and their soulmates have to stay away so they don’t accidentally wake them up
  • the one where soulbonding is actually a choice and someone chooses to bond with someone they may not know or like to save their lives and have to figure out if they can unbond or if they have to live with the situation (and of course learn to love one another either romantically or not)
  • new souls who don’t get memories of past lives because they don’t have one and panic
  • muggles/people without powers who of course CAN’T get them upgraded or unlocked


  • the one where you one or both of you have to do all three (see your soulmate(s), touch your soulmate(s), hear your soulmate(s)), or all three have to happen at least once between the 2+ of you
  • or it’s completely random how you find your soulmate(s): one of you gets a name and the other gets a fingerprint, one of you has to hear your soulmate and one of you has to see them, etc; particularly useful if you happen to be blind or deaf
  • same for characters with other disabilities/who have “complications”: they get or find a different way of finding their soulmates, not better or worse, just different


  • the ones where you have more than one romantic soulmate at the same time or you get a new soulmate after the first dies
  • the ones where people have multiple soulmates of different types and it’s color coded; a red name/mark/etc for love, a blue one for friendship, etc; for the ones where you start seeing color you get a new one for each soulmate
  • the ones where some people have romantic soulmates and some don’t, and those that don’t are still perfectly happy anyway, maybe in a relationship anyway, maybe not
  • the ones where some people have multiple romantic soulmates who may or may not also be soulmates with each other
  • aromantic or asexual people who have soulmates who are not and they manage to work it out
  • romantic and sexual people who don’t have soulmates but find happiness anyway, either with someone like them or someone not like them


  • the ones where soulmates are for everyone and get legal aid to help stay together, like if their in-laws try to keep them apart/someone risks getting deported/someone gets drafted/whatever
  • the ones where soulmates are super super rare and TECHNICALLY get exempted from shitty things like “people of different races/the same sex/etc can’t get married/have relations/etc” but maybe still face a lot of prejudice and they fight to get those types of awful laws lifted for everyone
  • agencies that exist to help you find your soulmate(s) or figure out which soulmate thing you have but some of them are just shams, bonus points for this being in a verse where the thing is exceedingly rare to begin with
  • people pretending to be soulmates to take advantage of the laws, for good or ill; the couple who loves just as fiercely as a soulmates who will do anything to stay together, or the shitty people who try to claim they’re mated to people who’ve rejected them so they “have” to stay together
  • tabloid mags photoshopping matching soulmate marks or following big legal cases where someone tries to prove or disprove that they are soulmates with someone else
  • soulmates in universes where they’re a rarity or rare soulmate types like ot3s/ot4s/otmores in dodging government officials because they don’t want to become lab rats
  • people who don’t believe in soulmates until it happens to them, or people who believe hardcore and want to find theirs but they don’t necessarily have one, or don’t have a romantic one
  • little rituals that make finding your soulmate more likely, like shaking hands with people as often as possible even with the cashier ringing up your groceries, repeating each other’s names after you’re introduced, etc

just give me alllll the soulmate aus ok, give me people finding each other in spite of complications, give me all the delightful plot twists, give me detailed worlds where this changes the norms, give me it working out in the end whether romantically or not, bonded or not

feel free to reblog with sources! (or MORE AUS.) a little over half of these are things i’ve seen elsewhere over time and i cannot remember where they are all from

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Soulmate AU

Another AU/idea coming at you from the discord! A serving of soulmates with a little -a lot-of  angst on the side! Feel free to use to your hearts content~

For a soul mate au, how about Lance having Kolivan’s eyes and going through some bullshit ‘cause of it because hey dude, your eyes are fully yellow, that’s some demon shit right there And Kolivan having Lance’s eyes and being mistreated as a child because everyone thought he was a half-breed.

Lance’s family is so afraid of backlash that his parents get him colored contacts and just pass his yellow eyes off as jaundice. Lance can barely see because the pupil part is filled in black.

So how about Lance is essentially blind all his life because of these contacts. But it makes him really good at bonding with blue because he can see through her eyes.

Once Lance goes into space, he realizes he left his contacts case back on earth, so he suffers with wearing them 24/7 and he eventually fucks up his eyes with an infection and the contacts beginning to dissolve in his eyes. He has to take them out and then everyone flips and shoves Lance into a cryopod to try and heal him. When he’s out, Lance feels better than ever. However Lance only gets a few days of finally being free from his contacts when his eyes start to go foggy. Time passes and they meet the blade, and Lance only barely had a glimps of Kolivan before his eyesight is gone completely. He’s confronted with the most beautiful blue he’s ever seen, and when he blinks, he can see perfectly, in different tones and hues than before. He looks back at Kolivan, now with his original eyes. But they’re different. They’re a much paler yellow. Almost white.

Kolivan is blind from Lance’s mistakes

Lance forever has to live with the fact he blinded his soul mate.

Kolivan is obviously upset and angry at what happened. The last thing he get’s to see is Lance squinting at him, then he blinks and he can’t see shit. He avoids Lance for months after it happens.

It takes some time, but eventually he warms up to Lance, and Lance makes up for it every day be describing everything he sees in excruciating detail. Most of the time Kolivan is annoyed, but then Lance will describe something like “the sunset looks like the happiness of a child who just tasted ice cream for the first time”

And Koli just melts.


CEC but only for minor details. I blame @cerusee for inadvertently inspiring this with a comment.

Jason Todd & Bruce Wayne
Rated T for Jason’s mouth

Bruce’s head hit his pillow and three seconds later he was almost completely asleep.

One second after that, the door to his bedroom was flung open and the dim light from the hallway flooded the room, seeming overbright when he snapped awake. He relaxed, just incrementally, when Jason stomped into the room and flung all six feet and two hundred-forty pounds of himself across the foot of the bed.

“I fucking hate everything,” Jason snapped, tugging a corner of the blanket over his head.

“Jay, it’s….” Bruce said wearily, sitting halfway up and glancing at the faint clock readout. “…four in the morning. What are you doing.”

“I hate you, too,” Jason said, though his heart didn’t seem to be in it. “Everything and everyone.”

Bruce was too tired and too seasoned, by now, to dramatics to let the words bite too deeply without more of an explanation. Even still, they stung a bit.

“Even Alfred?” he asked, aiming for distraction.

There was a long pause and from beneath the corner of the blanket, a muffled, “…no.”

“Well, go climb in his bed, then,” Bruce grumbled. “Let me sleep or tell me what’s wrong.”

“I don’t hate you,” Jason muttered a few seconds later. “I dozed off and spilled coffee on the book I was reading.”

“This seems like an excessive reaction,” Bruce said, falling back against the pillows. The thick blanket on top of him was edging away in jerks and he grabbed for it once but it was yanked out of his hand. He lifted his head enough to see Jason rolling himself in flopping turns, cocooning himself in the comforter.

When Jason stopped, he was thoroughly encased in the blanket and Bruce was left with the thin flat sheet. He sighed.

“It was Red Harvest,” Jason said. “The only one left from that set you got when–”

“I remember,” Bruce said, feeling suddenly helpless. “I’m sorry. We can find another set.”

“It’s not the same,” Jason said. “But whatever. I’m fucking overreacting, it’s not anything.”

Bruce sat up and yawned and reached down to tousle Jason’s hair, just barely visible through the slight air tunnel he’d left in the blanket.

“It’s something,” Bruce said, leaving his hand on Jason’s hair. “I’d be upset, too.”

“I’m sorry I threw The Maltese Falcon into the fireplace,” Jason said, turning his head so Bruce’s fingers brush the top of his ear. He doesn’t pull away. “It was stupid.”

“It was,” Bruce said, remembering tiny and defiant Jason’s face flickering over to panic the moment he realized what he’d done. He could still picture it with crystal clarity. “But I was more worried about your hands after you tried to pull it back out.”

“You kept trying to force painkillers into me,” Jason answered, a little wryly.

“I kept walking in on you crying,” Bruce protested, rubbing his eyes with his free hand. “Alfred had to tell me it was about the book. I thought you were in pain.”

“I was,” Jason mumbled. “But your repressed soul didn’t have the capacity to understand shit.”

Bruce chuckled and tugged on Jason’s ear.

“I’m working on it,” Bruce said.

“It’s only taken you a fricking decade or more,” Jason said. He exhaled noisily. “I’m so pissed at myself. I loved that book.”

Bruce caught himself right before offering to replace the set, again.

“I’m sorry,” he said instead.

“I’m gonna get up,” Jason said. “I’ll let you sleep.”

“You can stay,” Bruce said, glancing at the clock and dreading waking up in two hours. He was reluctant still to make Jason feel unwelcome. “But I’d like that comforter back.”

“Nuh-uh,” Jason mumbled. “Get your own.”

“It is my–” Bruce cut himself off.

Within the blanket, Jason gently snored. Bruce slowly pulled his hand away from Jason’s hair.

Bruce debated getting out of bed and rummaging in the linen closet for another blanket but he decided it was too much work, and pulled the sheet up around his shoulders and went back to sleep.

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Nonary Game, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Free The Soul, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in sudoku warfare and I’m the top shifter in the entire timeline. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will betray you with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Moon, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me in the AB room? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of clones in FTS and your mind is being hacked right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my MIND HACK. Not only am I extensively trained in puzzle solving, but I have access to the entire arsenal of Radical-6 and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will spray acid all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, shifters.
Colorless to Colorful


“You’re at least going to let me pay you for gas I hope you know that- ah!” Alex yelped in surprise as he was heading out the door, slamming into someone face first. Literally.“Ow, fuck. Shit. Ugh. What the..hell..” Alex was cursing from the stinging pain in his nose from where it had smashed into the other person’s. He was brought to silence as he noticed how things weren’t greyed anymore. Colors filled his vision slowly where all he could see before was grey. Some things seemed dull, but he wasn’t going to question it as he stared at the guy in front of him in shock. He looked his teens maybe.“Holy shit..”

Note: Little oneshot for the heartstrings au :) Alex meets John and sees color for the first time

Warning: mentions of abuse

A puff of hot air escaped chapped lips as Alex walked along the packed sidewalk. It was a busy November Monday for the college student, just having got out of class for the day. Earbuds and loud music filled his ears as he walked, intended target in sight. Stopping outside the Starbucks, Alexander pulled his hood down and then walked inside. Sitting at the back as usual was Alex’s best friend, Lafayette. He wasn’t paying any attention to the shorter man, fiddling with what looked like a piece of string on his finger.

“Herc still at work?” Alex asked as he sat down. Laf looked up and smiled sheepishly.

“Yes. He is.. we’ve been talking, still” he hummed, tugging on the string tied to his ring finger.  To Alex the string was grey, but to Laf it and everything else was colorful. That was a typical side effect of finding your soulmate. Alexander hummed as he looked at his hand, two bright red strings going from his middle and ring fingers. They were tied there and had been since he was young. The one on his middle had been there since he was born and the other appeared when he was about four. Memories from his childhood were fuzzy, but something like that stuck with you. Though having one soul bond was nice, Alex had been fascinated when he had not one string in his life, but two.

“How was your day? Classes were shit for me. Thomas was being an ass again and I swear I almost punched him..I obviously didn’t, but you get the point..” Alex huffed, giving the two strings gentle tugs, getting one back after a moment.

“Mine was alright. I spent the day with Mom and we shopped a bit. Apparently her and dad had a little argument this morning so she wanted some relaxation time. I got a free shopping trip, though, so I’m obviously not complaining…are you feeling alright? Is it one of those days..?” He asked softly, looking at Alex in concerned. Laf was only a few months older than Alex, but since Alexander had been adopted by Laf’s own adopted parents, he had become somewhat of an older brother to Alex.

“I’m okay, my chest just hurts a bit and I’m tired..and hungry. I’m hoping Peggy feels like making dinner because I’m just not feeling like it today..” he muttered, slipping his hands(as discreetly as possible) under his hoodie, tank top, and binder to push it off his chest a bit. It made it easier to breath and he let out a sigh of relief. The day he no longer had to wear this fucker was the day he would be able to happily go through his day without dying inside and outside.

“Want me to drive you back to the campus? And it’s Peggy. If they aren’t snacking and making food for themselves, then they’ll be doing it by the time you get there.” Laf chuckled, but he was concerned.

“I’m sure I can walk-”

“Nope. We’re going and I’m driving” Laf said in finality as he stood up. Alex groaned, but didn’t argue.

“Fine, fine.” He sighed, slipping his hands from his shirt and getting up.

“You’re at least going to let me pay you for gas I hope you know that- ah!” Alex yelped in surprise as he was heading out the door, slamming into someone face first. Literally.

“Ow, fuck. Shit. Ugh. What the..hell..” Alex was cursing from the stinging pain in his nose from where it had smashed into the other person’s. He was brought to silence as he noticed how things weren’t greyed anymore. Colors filled his vision slowly where all he could see before was grey. Some things seemed dull, but he wasn’t going to question it as he stared at the guy in front of him in shock. He looked his teens maybe.

“Holy shit..” the guy breathed out and Alex was about to speak when Laf interjected.

“His name is Alexander. This is his number. Text him.” Laf said, shoving the napkin into the teen’s hand. Both Alex and him were both in shock from the whole situation. Alexander kinda felt light headed, to be honest.

“O..okay..I’m..John” the guy, John managed out as Laf pulled Alex past him. Alex

“Pull your hood up and watch the ground. You really don’t want to be looking around right’ll get really overwhelmed” Laf said and Alex, who was still in a form of shock, nodded slowly, pulling up his hood and watching the sidewalk as they walked, letting Laf lead him along.  They stopped at his car and Alex got in the passenger side, leaning back in the seat and closing his eyes. His head hurt.

“Laf…holy shit. Lafayette I just met my fucking soulmate. I might be sick. Is that normal? Are these feelings supposed to be like this?”Alex asked and he listened as Laf started the car.

“You’re just overwhelmed. I threw up when I met Herc” Laf pointed out and Alex smiled some.

“I know. I was there, remember?” Alex said, using the conversation to focus on instead of this sick feeling he had.

“It might have also had to do with the fact that we were freshman and he was that cute senior I was crushing on since the start of the year.

“Wild year for us. Mom and dad adopted me, you met your soulmate, I punched that one kid-”

“Alex. My.. dear…sweet brother. You punched a lot of people that year” Laf laughed and Alex snickered.

“Defending our honor of course” he chuckled and he smiled some.

“Tell me how punching Charles was defending ‘our honor’” Laf asked and Alex could feel himself dozing off.

“He said dad being voted Governor was rigged and that he was incompetent. So I punched him. A lot. He also said something about my clothes so there’s also that”

“Ah. Thats the part I walked in on. I always thought you just got pissed because he made fun of your clothing choices” Laf hummed with a chuckle.

“Mm.. no it was because of that too..I just..I dunno…” Alex trailed off and before he knew it, he was waking up in his own bed. The light was off and it looked like it was getting dark. He must have dosed off. Sitting up and yawning, he noticed his binder was off. Ah. He wasn’t surprised. Laf and himself had agreed that if Alex, for whatever reason, fell asleep with his binder on, that the slightly older man could remove it for him. Alex trusted him to do this since the uh.. first incident which ended at the hospital.

Rubbing sleep from his eyes, he noticed a note on his bedside table.

Hey Al. Laf brought you in and gave me the run down bout the sitch. Made mac and cheese, it’s still on the stove if you’re hungry (and by that I mean get your ass up and eat ho)

- the peggiest Peggy to ever Peggy (Peggy)

Alex couldn’t help but laugh softly. The note was just so… Peggy. There was no other word in the world to describe it better than that. Getting up and sliding out of bed, he walked out of the room, hair hanging down around his shoulders. The apartments walls didn’t appear very brightly colored, so it was a welcomed sight to Alex’s eyes.

“Well hey there sleeping beauty. Get some Mac it’s warm still..I think” Peggy said from where they were watching some ghost show.

“I can tell what you’re thinking from that look you’re giving me, and no it isn’t just some ghost show it’s a /great/ ghost show. Dead Files is my shit” Peggy huffed and Alex shook his head.

“Margarita Schuyler, you terrify me sometimes” Alex said with a laugh, going into the tiny kitchen area of their dorm room.

“S’what I’m here for boo” they hummed.

“So. Soulmate huh. Oh oh, what color is my clothes right now?” They asked, looking away from the TV to peer at Alex in excitement.

“Pegs..I don’t know what they’re called how the fuck could I tell you” he asked with a snicker. Peggy stuck their tongue out at him and tossed him their phone.

“By googling it, of course” they said as if it was obvious. Alex rolled his eyes and smiled, pulling up google and typing in “colors and their names”.

“Fuck this is weird uh…your shirt is..yellow? But like..a light yellow? Your shorts are purple I think..yeah, purple” he said, looking at the screen in a sense of wonder. This is what colors were like..what used to be varying shades of dull grey was bright colors(though somehow they still felt slightly dull). He had always thought Laf had over exaggerated the difference, but he could see now that he wasn’t.

“Oh heres your phone, I swiped it from your unconscious body and snooped” Peggy said, tossing it as well for Alex to catch.

“As expected. Anything interesting happening in my life?” Alex asked with a hum, turning on his phone to check for anything new.

“Yeah, a text from a guy named John. Not in your contacts so I was gonna fuck with him, but then you woke up.” Peggy said with a nonchalant wave. Shit.

“Dude I think that’s the guy from today- holy fuck it is” Alex said as he opened the text.

From Unknown Number

Sent at 4:18PM

Hey. Its um. John. From starbucks? Are you doing okay? Everything happened kinda fast and you didn’t look so hot when you left

From Unknown Number

Sent at 4:21PM

Wait shit I didn’t mean it like that.

From Unknown Number

Sent at 4:21PM

You looked fine, you just looked kinda sick is what I meant..

From Unknown Number

Sent at 4:21PM

So uh…yeah hope youre doing okay..

Alex couldn’t help but snicker at the texts. This kid was definitely a teenager still. Ah the shy and awkward years. Yeah Alex was glad he was past that phase of his life. He just didn’t really care anymore. He hummed softly as he saved the number as John, then replied.

To John

Sent at 6:10

Hey, its Alex. Its okay, I understood what you meant.

To John

Sent at 6:11

Things were really overwhelming. Still are, really. Are you doing okay? You probably have school or something tomorrow, but if you live by that Starbucks, I go to the University a couple of blocks from it. We can meet up there and talk, if you want

Alex sent it and scooped a spoonful of macaroni from the pot to his mouth.

“What’d he say?” Peggy asked and Alex swallowed the bite before replying.

“He was worried about me. It was cute as hell. I asked if he wanted to go meet at Starbucks to talk” He hummed and sat the spoon down for a moment to give the strings on his fingers a little tug. One was almost immediate, but there wasn’t one on his other one. There was, however, a reply to his texts.

From John

Sent at 6:17

Sure. be there in 10. Also you messed up my first text pulling on that tie. Had to rewrite it and everything lol

Alex smiled and shook his head, He ate enough of the left overs to hold him over for awhile, then he went to grab his shoes.

“You gonna go meet color boy? Take a picture I wanna see him in all my black and white vision” Peggy teased and hopped up off the couch.

“Oh and get me some coffee!” Alex heard them call from the living room as he slipped on his shoes and then looked at himself in the mirror on his wall.

“Should I put on my binder…? Nah, I’m not gonna push it today. My hoodie is baggy enough..” He murmured to himself, pulling his hair up into a bun for now. Yeah. He really needed to cut it.

“Yeah, sure I’ll get your usual. If I’m not back by morning I’m probably dead” Alex replied as he walked back to the living room and then out the door. He snickered as he briefly heard a reply from Peggy.

“I’m buying a dog to replace you if you do” Alex loved them sometimes. As he walked his mind began to wonder. Why Peggy put up with him, he would never know. Angelica was still irked at him(for good reason) after what happened with Eliza…Peggy was far too forgiving, though, and as was Eliza. He was just happy they were all still friends, though he sometimes wished they hated him so he could continue to shame himself. He had about a ten minute walk as well, so he popped in his earbuds, pulled up his hood, and started his playlist on shuffle, letting himself get lost in the loud music. One long walk later and he found himself outside the  Starbucks. Humming softly to himself, he walked in and looked around, pulling his hood down. He pulled the earbuds from his ears as he spotted a familiar face in the very back.  He ordered a coffee and got it first before going over to the table he was at, taking a seat.

“Hey” he said simply and John looked up from the table.

“Ah..Hey” he brushing some hair from his face. The teens hair was let down from where it had been pulled back the first time they met that evening.

“You forget your hairbow?” Alex asked, just in curiosity really. John blinked, but shrugged.

“Couldn’t find one and I snuck out my window, so I couldn’t just go look for one in the house. Door was locked. Don’t like my hair down but I’ll live.” John said and Alex paused. There were a lot of redflags going up, but he didn’t want to ask something and potentially scare him off.

“Ah..well. Hm. Here, lets do this, then” Alex said and carefully pulled his hair down.

“There. I don’t like my hair down either. We can suffer together” he said with a smile. John blinked in what looked like surprise, but smiled some as well.

“Alright. Sounds good to me.” John hummed and then paused again, sipping on his drink.

“Okay this is probably going to sound really..rude..” John started and Alex sat up a bit, watching the teen squirm a bit before sighing and looking up at him.

“I just…I didn’t think my soulmate was going to be a girl. I mean..don’t get me wrong youre really pretty and all, but I’m gay and I’m just not..fuck I sound like an asshole don’t I? I’m sorry” John said, a deep frown set on his lips. Oh. Alex blink and shifted uncomfortably.

“Ah. I see. Well might not make a difference, but I’m trans so..I don’t identify as a girl? I go by Alexander and I’m a guy..” Alex explained. He should have been used to explaining his situation by now, but for some reason it felt harder telling John. John looked at him in slight confusion.

“Trans..gotcha. I’m going to admit it now. I’m really ignorant on the subject. I don’t know anything about whats okay to say and whats not. I dont in a good house. Pretty intolerant. Ive never really been able to look into anything lgbt. I know I’m gay, because I like guys..but..anything else is just lost on me. So um..sorry if this is really offensive. Just like..I dunno, slap me or something” John started and Alex was about to protest that option, but John started talking again.

“Have you like..I mean..are you transitioning..? Thats the word right..? I’m sorry I just..ugh I’m really bad at this shit..” John groaned, running his hand through his hair. It had been covering part of his face and once it was brushed back, Alex could see a bruise on John’s cheek. Shit. He wanted to say something, but again he was held back by the fact he didn’t want to scare John off with accusations. He’s been in an abusive household before and..he was worried, but he didn’t know if it was that or if John had just gotten into a fight. Everything in him said it wasn’t that, but he just tried to focus on the  question at hand.

“ I pre or post op? I’m pre. I honestly don’t mind talking about it, but not everyone will be. Its alright to be curious, but just be cautious.. I havent started on testosterone, but I want to soon. Its just an issue of money, ya know? I want to have top surgery, but again. Money. Its a long and slow process, but I’m working towards it” Alex said as calmly as he could, trying not to make it obvious that he was now searching John’s face for any new or old bruises. He didn’t see anything obvious and decided to let it go for now.

“Okay…Is there anything else I shouldnt ask or do..? I just. If we’re soulmates I don’t want to do anything to upset you. Could you..I dunno..teach me what’s okay and what isnt so I know…?” John asked almost stiffly and Alex couldn’t help but smile at it. Alex had met a lot of people in his life who he had to tell he was trans. No one wanted to understand things so deeply like John. Normally people would just interact with him with caution until they saw whatever answer they were worrying about. John wanted to know so he didn’t have to feel like he was walking on eggshells. It was sweet really. The only other people to do this was his parents and Laf when he told them. Alex hummed softly and took a sip of his still burning hot coffee, giving John a happy smile


Token Companion [Trevor Belmont/Reader]

Summary: You had been tailing him for weeks. Tonight, your luck ran out.

a/n: i got this request a while back. it asked for a thief mc who wanted either food or money. basically, trevor isn’t having it. if you enjoyed, please let me know!!!

A shrill scream ripped from your throat as the world spun and gravity did it’s part to slam you into the dirt. You yanked at the leather biting into your ankle, attempting to reach for a lone overgrowth from the great oak you had previously scrambled to hide behind.

As the leather constricted like a vise, dragging you away from the tree in violent pulses as you were reeled in like some sort of trout. Your back seared, scathed by the roots and briers, stones and kindling that you were hurried pulled through until you were suddenly in the open; vulnerable for all to see.

There was only one man to see you, however. At the sight of your form finally emerged from the thicket, he discarded the handle of whip and lumbered up to you, teetering in a way that reminded you of some beast.

Before you could have clambered away, a pair of hands took gratuitous fistfuls of your coat, cutting into the flesh near your throat and leaving you to claw furiously at his hands.

“L-Let me go! Please! I meant you no harm!” you choked out, then grasping his wrists to try to pry his hand away. “I swear! I have a dull knife that can cause no wound!”

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Hurts like Hell, part 2


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Was all you could think right now. Making a quick escape before Dean could even process what you just hit him with. Grabbing your phone out your back pocket you tried to look through your blurry eyes to ring Finn. “Finn?” “Y/N.. meet me outside, love” you could hear the soothing tone in his voice. Meaning he could hear the sadness in yours.

Running to hug the only man who seems to give a shit about you, you couldn’t stop the tears from falling. Once the first rolled free, the river followed. He shushed you as he held you in his arms. “Finn, why couldn’t he just love me? What was so wrong with me that he couldn’t love me?” You muttered out. Now trying to control yoir tears and breathing. Your heart was breaking. It had been smashed into tiny little pieces and left for the next poor soul to try and gather them together again. And then there that voice was again.

“Y/N.. erm Finn, do you mind if I er.. I need to talk to..” Fuck sake.
“Y/N I’ll just be inside. You call me if you need the demon to make an appearance”
Still not facing Dean, you take a few deep breaths in. Wipe your tears and put on your best poker face.
“What do you want, Ambrose? Haven’t you done enough?”
“No. You need to listen to me. Right now”
“ Honeslty I don’t think you’re in a position to be throwing around orders”
“Fuck you Ambrose. Fuck you. And fuck what you’ve done to me” Anger. Rage. Hurt.
“Hear me out here. Please. Let me explain”
“5 minutes”
“Y/N I couldn’t take it anymore. It was burning me alive. I saw it. I saw it all.” His words weren’t making an ounce of sense to you. He continues on “I see the way you look at him. You never looked at me like that. And I couldn’t stand the thought of you leaving me for him so i thought I’d try and lessen the pain. End it myself. I did it for the both of us. So you can be happy with the man you really want and I could feel less pain. I thought that if I just left on my own it wouldn’t hurt as much… but it does.. I just want you to be happy even if it’s with Finn. Even it’s he’s not me” Finn? Oh.. Oh no.
“Dean what the hell. I don’t look at you how i look at Finn cause I don’t love you how i love Finn. I love Finn like a brother but I’m in love with you! You! It’s always been you” at this point both of your emotions were everywhere.
“But you’re always with him. Even now when I found you! Always him”
“Dean I’m with him when I’m not with you cause he’s the only other person that’s got my back. And anyway, I’m not the one who ran straight back to their ex”
“ I’m not back with Renee! I don’t want her! She’s just been there for me! I’m not with her nor will I ever be again” suddenly everything was different. No more anger. No more betrayal. Just hope.
“Dean” you said reaching up to stroke his face “Baby please. Come back to me. We can make this work. I love you. Only you. Only ever you. All i need Is you. Please” for the first time in a week, you didn’t feel so sad. You felt hopeful that you can make this work. This was relayed by the small smile on your face.
“I love you too and I’m sorry. I can’t live in constant paranoia. I can’t do this. Goodbye” and with that and a simple kiss on the cheek, he walks away. Shocked, confused, disappointed? You weren’t sure which one it was.

“But you’re my heart”

(Part 3?) *those who requested part 2 have been tagged* @fanficswillbethedeathofme @camm-wow

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rather than an alive Georgie AU, a ghost Georgie! like Pennywise was collecting souls and after the losers kick his ass the souls are free, most move on, but not Georgie, so now the losers have a little one armed ghost only they can see, most of the time he just hangs with Bill but he has a bad habit of popping up when the other losers don't want him to: Georgie: "ewwww were you guys kissing?" Eddie/Ritchie "SHIT! don't tell big Bill please Georgie!"

omg georgie the friendly ghost

I haven’t gotten an ask for this, but I felt this warranted some more in-depth thought and clarification: There’s actually a difference between what one would categorize as Dipper’s own personal power, and demon “magic”.

The demon magic is what is generally only attainable through sacrifice, summoning, and contracts. Dipper could eventually breach the barrier between the two and no longer need much payment at all to perform such tasks, but at least in Mabel’s lifetime, that won’t be the case.

Demon magic can be… well, just about anything. The reason demons are so terrifying is because they’re damn near capable of anything in the right conditions. The can warp the very fabric of space-time, defy the laws of physics, and even manipulate souls themselves. Most of the time, demons are confined in other planes of existence, or can’t access such magic because there isn’t anyone out there willing or even able to pay the price. Which is why the universe is still more or less in-tact.

Dipper’s own power however, can be accessed without sacrifice. Unfortunately, while it’s quite immense… it doesn’t carry much finesse when dealing with humans. Dipper, like most demons, carry pure destructive energy within them - his manifests itself in the form of blue flame, and telekinesis. He can also invade a person’s mind and dreams (as well as pull people into the Mindscape), but that’s not exactly something that can be used to help people in many situations. Illusions are another questionable talent, as well as being able to “store” things in the Mindscape only to produce them later from what seems like cartoon hammerspace.

This is why while Dipper is an insanely powerful demon, he still has to form contracts with his sister in order to really help her out. He may be able to take down a rampaging basilisk or stop an avalanche, but beyond anything that requires more than just brute strength (saving a life, creating something out of nothing, time-travel, soul-snatching, etc), he needs a contract. Well, most of the time. Small amounts of demon magic can be attained purely by onesself with moderate energy, but Dipper isn’t going to pass up a free packet of candy for teleporting the triplets to school. Or ice cream for math homework (that isn’t even demon magic Dipper you little shit con man).

I find broken tree branches littering the floor of
your bedroom, discovering that the limbs are
very similar in nature to your own. Cracked and
carved into by uncareful hands; you always
deserved more than having your frail bark stripped.
I’ve noticed your leaves trembling against a wind
not present in the room. They shake and shutter
when I come too close. Don’t you know how
the blossoms covering my body bloom when I’m
beside you? I’d like you to see how you’ve made
me grow, how my roots have found comfort in
tangling together with yours.

I think the Earth’s crust cracked open into a
smile when our souls met. I think our hearts
sighed in relief when they saw one another.
I think I may have etched my name into
your side.

—  promise i won’t cut you down if you promise me // Haley Hendrick

Imagine 40:

Title: Landslide

Word Count: 991

Warnings: Swearing

Request: Cas one shot where you have a miscarriage? Thanks love <3

A/N: Thanks for the request, the next update should be tomorrow… after work. Ewww! I’m sick of working! I hope it’s okay that it isn’t CAS/READER pairing

This is actually really sad, it kind of broke my heart as I wrote it. 

You waddled over to the ajar bathroom, pushing it open and slamming it behind you as you clutched your cramping stomach, a groan of pain escaping your lips.

What is happening? ­You ask yourself as you whimper.

You can feel something… trickling down your legs, you look down over your baby bump to find blood… lots of it, already making a puddle on the floor where you stand.

And then you collapse into a pile on the floor.

Dean and Sam weren’t even home, they were on a case almost two towns over.

Tears begin to fall from your eyes as you cry, your body hunched over on the floor as sobs wrack through your body. The blood just kept getting worse, the cramps worsening with every second.

You knew you needed to ring someone… anyone, so you try and get up by gripping the basin and hoisting yourself up, but to no avail. You lose your grip almost instantly as a contraction hits you with all its might. You cry out in pain, your tears almost drowning you.

“Y/N?” You hear your name being called from outside the door. “Y/N!” The voice calls anxiously as he hears your perpetual cries of pain. You vaguely recognise the sounds of Castiel, banging on the door you didn’t even realise you had locked. “Let me in, what’s wrong? I’m coming in-“

“No, no, Cas, don’t please. Please don’t” You sobbed brokenly. “I just want Dean.”

“What’s wrong?”

You looked down at all the blood coating the floor and your now red night gown.

“Oh God Cas…” You trailed off, you felt your heart drop. “There is so much blood.”

And then you hear the flutter of wings.

You look up and see Castiel, Angel of the Lord standing above you, a look of absolute, complete horror clear in his eyes. You watch on as he pressed a hand to your head, a light erupting from underneath his palm.

But nothing could soothe the pain.

Nothing could stop the river of blood.

“What is happening?” Cas asked, terrified. “Why can’t I heal you?”

“I’m having a miscarriage, Cas, there is nothing you can do.”

“You’re losing the baby?”

You nod you head slowly as he bends down and picks you up in his arms carefully, taking you into your bedroom, not caring about the blood that was tainting his trench coat clad body.

You could feel your consciousness slipping

 “Y/N, stay with me!”

… and then the darkness dragged you in.


You came to almost an hour later, a wet cloth on your head and somebody holding your hand.

“Dean?” You whisper, hoping to see your boyfriend next to you.

“It’s me” Cas said, a solemn look on his face as he looked at me. “How are you feeling?”

You swallow back the sob that is threatening to make its way out; you nod your head slowly as you look anywhere but his eyes. “Better.” You lie. Cas looks at you like he knows you’re lying.

“Dean is on his way. He should be here soon.”

“Thank you.”

You look down at yourself, noticing that you were no longer bloodied, you were in fresh pyjamas and clean bed sheets.

“I had to clean you up, there was blood everywhere, Y/N, I hope you don’t mind.”

You shake your head ‘no’ and you quietly thanked him.

The baby bump wasn’t there anymore; you couldn’t feel the baby kick. You knew it was gone. The tiny baby in your body was gone, the tiny, developing soul had left earth and found its way to heaven. Maybe it was needed up there, but why. Why did it have to be your baby?

Why couldn’t you get the chance to raise this little kicker inside you?

You would have been a great mother.

You would have made sure he grew up great, you would have made sure he lived a supernatural-free life. Free from demons, from monsters… free from all that fucking shit.

You felt the bed dip and your body move.

Cas held you in his arms and rubbed your back, muttering soothing words into your ear. It took you a moment to realise you were not only crying but you were in a full blown anxiety attack.

You clutched onto him as if your life depended on it.

“Why did it have to be my baby, Cas? Why! I would have been a great mother. I would’ve been! Why did it have to be my fucking baby?” You banged on his chest with your fists, anger searing through your veins.

“I hate him!” You exclaimed.

“Who?” He whispered, clenching onto you tighter.

“God, why would he let this happen? Why wouldn’t he stop it? What kind of God would just sit around and let all this bad stuff happen? Why wouldn’t he try to save a world that is crumbling? We are all meant to be his children, why would he let us suffer. What a fucking douche bag!”

“I’m sorry.”

“Why did it happen? Tell me, you’re an angel, you should know why!”

“I don’t have an explanation, but I will find an answer.”

“Where is she?”You hear Dean exclaim, throwing open your bedroom door.

He was dishevelled, a few blood stains on his plaid shirt. He bent down and picked you up from out of Cas’ arms.

“He’s gone” You whispered in his ear. “The baby, we lost it”

You watch as tears slipped from his eyes only to hit your neck.

“I’m so sorry Dean, this is all my fault.”

“No, don’t you dare say that, this is not your fault baby”

You were aware of Sam in the doorway, a sad look in his eyes.

“We’re gonna get through this, you and me.”

You nod.


But you didn’t believe him.  


Have a transparent dork flying towards you because reasons.

Fuck you you adorable little Firebender.








So buckle up, Tumblr. I’m farting out half-hearted GIFs and reblogging my old shit and reblogging other random shit. 


P.S. My inbox is overflowing it’s like my soul what. It’s trying to eat me. I WILL ANSWER/READ/LOVE ALL OF YOU, I PROMISE. Just give me time. TwT



Okay I have already mentally prepared for the amount of hate I’ll get and the amount of followers I’ll lose but I honestly am getting sick of hearing these false accusations. You know, the ones about the boys taking back entrances when entering/leaving their hotel or studio, leaving all the fans waiting for nothing.

Well let me set reality in your pretty little heads (I actually mean that cause have you seen the 5SOS fam? Hot damn….and this is coming from a straight American Indian girl) going to their hotel or studio does not mean you get a guaranteed Meet & Greet. So calling things like douche bags or whatever when they leave through the back, no matter how quiet you claim to be, is very uncalled for.

Now there have been sometimes where they actually did promise something or a radio station at least promised something and they still left. They probably didn’t know about it, they love us to death, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t just bail on a few fans who were promised something and waited hours in whatever weather conditions. They love us too much.

Now I saw something about a fan seeing them and Luke & Cal just ignored them, and only Ash & Mikey said hi. Just remember which two are the shyest and which two are more outgoing…….give it a second……yep, pretty self explanatory. Then there are the accounts of Ash being grumpy at times, now if this is not because he has seen you for the 50th time since he has been in your city then he probably had a rough day. I know whenever I or any being with a soul has a bad day I’m not in a great mood. If that’s the case then just hug him a little tighter than normal cause I bet he probably needs it, but not too tight that you squeeze the breath out of him. You want to cheer him up not kill him.

The boys love us to death and I know they wouldn’t or don’t mean to be kinda grumpy. Life kinda happens, and you can’t help but feel like shit about it.

So yea the twitter above is mine, if you wanna follow feel free. As far as opinions go, just tell me your onion. I don’t really care if it’s hate, I’ve dealt with way worse shit in my life BRING IT ON!

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Is it really fair to continue to tag "Would That Make You Happy?" as Sans/Reader when it's really not? I've noticed that it's also tagged Sans/OC, and I think that should be enough. If Hope is your OC and was never meant to be a substitute for the reader in the first place, it feels kind of dishonest to tag as if she is. Being written in second-person doesn't make it a reader-insert, you know? It's just that it's super-jarring to suddenly be ejected from a story you thought you were apart of.

I wonder if every other person who writes fics from the second person with an OC that has their fic tagged as both Sans/Reader and Sans/OC gets these types of messages too or is it just me?

I’ve tried to be patient, and kind, and understanding but I’ve gotten these types of messages for two months since naming Hope and it’s getting really tiresome. I’ve added the Sans/OC tag, I’ve added a note to the main description of the fic spelling it out that Hope ends up named during the course of the fic, following the themes in Undertale.

I even get to see people talking shit about my fic to other authors! Isn’t that peachy.

Yes, clearly I went out of my way to trick you guys. I sat back, twirling my little author mustache, with the soul purpose of getting you emotionally invested just to pull the rug out from under you. I’m just a huge liar, deceiving you all for my ill-gotten gains (oh wait, I’m doing this all for free, because it’s something that I’m passionate about).

I mean, if you wanna get technical, I fucked up the whole Reader-Insert thing from the get-go. I gave ‘you’ a backstory, a very specific personality, an appearance. I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time, so I might as well just keep doing it wrong, because you know what? My hundreds of other readers seem to think I must be doing something right.

I actually kind of get really mad when I see people portray Chara as this guiltless, emotionless and empathetic-less “demon murderer” who holds all the blame for the no mercy run.

like really? really?? the game flat out tells you that you’re the person who did this. the no mercy run was no one’s choice but your own. Chara, at the end of it, tells you point blank that when they first came back they were confused and uncertain but that your relentless killing was what showed them what power was and what it was for.

The fourth wall in Undertale is paper-fucking-thin. Everyone knows that. it’s used as an actual, serious plot device for pretty much that specific reason.

Seriously, I don’t get it. EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER IN THIS GAME has more to them than any bare surface interaction of all of three minutes can cover. Every single one. Even the side characters, the characters that don’t appear outside of battling them, have developed personalities.

Flowey the fucking Flower, after the neutral ending where he in cold blood murders the guy you tried to spare, ends up becoming a sympathetic character. Flowey, who killed Asgore and tried to kill you and stole souls and seriously just is a kind of huge shit, becomes one of the most loved characters in the game, the one everyone is yelling about “I WANNA WAY TO SAVE HIM”

but Chara gives up their life to try to break the barrier to free their adoptive family and everyone they care about and in the end dies for nothing and they’re the big bad demon that has no redeeming qualities whatsoever? that’s what you guys wanna tell me, that this kid, this little kid, just happens to be the one character that Toby decided to make pure evil?

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Reaction to you having a really shy and submissive personality but being really aggressive and dominant in bed.

S.Coups: Hell yeah but conflicted because he wants to be the dominante one. You will have to take turns. Can I recommend rock, paper, scissor? 

Jeonghan: Lowkey kinky, would just want you to fuck him up. 

Joshua: May Jesus cleanse your soul, but he’s into it. Will force you to church with him afterwards. 

Jun: So much sex all the time. You will never be free. 

Hoshi: YES count him in. Biggest sub(way)

Wonwoo: He’s okay with it. Just not every time you do the do. 

Woozi: On special occasions. Little man has a lot of male pride. And is sort of overcompensation for his height. 

DK: OOOOooooo OOOOooooOOOOoo what is this!??!?! Ooooohooo okay okay this is my shit. 

Mingyu: Submissive little shit. Likes teasing and punishments. A lot.  

the8: WOoah help. But extremely turned on. 

Seungkwan: Wants to be dominant but fails. Would still be a bit uncomfortable with being submissive so take it slow. 

Vernon: Oo okay….? Would confuse him a lot, so he would go nope that’s my job. But when he realize you do it but he agrees and go alright then.  

Dino: He’s the same as you. Looks like a innocent baby, is a sexdemon on the inside. Which would create a bit of a conflict. 

Admin T and E

How to gain followers on Tumblr.

I discovered a majestical way to gain followers on Tumblr. This is how.

Step 1. Search up any fandom that you fancy. (Hetalia, Pokemon, AOT, OHSHC, Black Butler, Fruits Basket, Soul Eater, Free! Swim Club, etc.)

Step 2. Go to the ‘most recent’ part, not the 'most popular’ part.

Step 3. Find a picture that you find swaggy. It doesn’t matter how likes it already has. Like the picture, then press the reblog button under the picture.

Step 4. Type “THIS IS FAB” in any form or way. You could type “so fab” or “OMFGGGG I LOVE THIS FABULOUSNESS”. Anything works.

Step 5. Reblog that shit with your “This is fab” underneath.

Step 6. Watch the followers flock like little sheepies brah. Watch em flock.

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Everyone's laughing at how happy Karkat was after getting that little 4 guy, but I think they forgot how HARD it is to hit that little shit

i am! so proud! of karkat! he was so upset, curled up on the forest floor crying, because it’s impossible to defeat clover! but he doesn’t know that! he just knows he can’t even beat this one little dancing fellow. but then he gathers himself up! and he does the impossible! and he is so proud! and he should be! i love him!