be a free soul you little shit


CEC but only for minor details. I blame @cerusee for inadvertently inspiring this with a comment.

Jason Todd & Bruce Wayne
Rated T for Jason’s mouth

Bruce’s head hit his pillow and three seconds later he was almost completely asleep.

One second after that, the door to his bedroom was flung open and the dim light from the hallway flooded the room, seeming overbright when he snapped awake. He relaxed, just incrementally, when Jason stomped into the room and flung all six feet and two hundred-forty pounds of himself across the foot of the bed.

“I fucking hate everything,” Jason snapped, tugging a corner of the blanket over his head.

“Jay, it’s….” Bruce said wearily, sitting halfway up and glancing at the faint clock readout. “…four in the morning. What are you doing.”

“I hate you, too,” Jason said, though his heart didn’t seem to be in it. “Everything and everyone.”

Bruce was too tired and too seasoned, by now, to dramatics to let the words bite too deeply without more of an explanation. Even still, they stung a bit.

“Even Alfred?” he asked, aiming for distraction.

There was a long pause and from beneath the corner of the blanket, a muffled, “…no.”

“Well, go climb in his bed, then,” Bruce grumbled. “Let me sleep or tell me what’s wrong.”

“I don’t hate you,” Jason muttered a few seconds later. “I dozed off and spilled coffee on the book I was reading.”

“This seems like an excessive reaction,” Bruce said, falling back against the pillows. The thick blanket on top of him was edging away in jerks and he grabbed for it once but it was yanked out of his hand. He lifted his head enough to see Jason rolling himself in flopping turns, cocooning himself in the comforter.

When Jason stopped, he was thoroughly encased in the blanket and Bruce was left with the thin flat sheet. He sighed.

“It was Red Harvest,” Jason said. “The only one left from that set you got when–”

“I remember,” Bruce said, feeling suddenly helpless. “I’m sorry. We can find another set.”

“It’s not the same,” Jason said. “But whatever. I’m fucking overreacting, it’s not anything.”

Bruce sat up and yawned and reached down to tousle Jason’s hair, just barely visible through the slight air tunnel he’d left in the blanket.

“It’s something,” Bruce said, leaving his hand on Jason’s hair. “I’d be upset, too.”

“I’m sorry I threw The Maltese Falcon into the fireplace,” Jason said, turning his head so Bruce’s fingers brush the top of his ear. He doesn’t pull away. “It was stupid.”

“It was,” Bruce said, remembering tiny and defiant Jason’s face flickering over to panic the moment he realized what he’d done. He could still picture it with crystal clarity. “But I was more worried about your hands after you tried to pull it back out.”

“You kept trying to force painkillers into me,” Jason answered, a little wryly.

“I kept walking in on you crying,” Bruce protested, rubbing his eyes with his free hand. “Alfred had to tell me it was about the book. I thought you were in pain.”

“I was,” Jason mumbled. “But your repressed soul didn’t have the capacity to understand shit.”

Bruce chuckled and tugged on Jason’s ear.

“I’m working on it,” Bruce said.

“It’s only taken you a fricking decade or more,” Jason said. He exhaled noisily. “I’m so pissed at myself. I loved that book.”

Bruce caught himself right before offering to replace the set, again.

“I’m sorry,” he said instead.

“I’m gonna get up,” Jason said. “I’ll let you sleep.”

“You can stay,” Bruce said, glancing at the clock and dreading waking up in two hours. He was reluctant still to make Jason feel unwelcome. “But I’d like that comforter back.”

“Nuh-uh,” Jason mumbled. “Get your own.”

“It is my–” Bruce cut himself off.

Within the blanket, Jason gently snored. Bruce slowly pulled his hand away from Jason’s hair.

Bruce debated getting out of bed and rummaging in the linen closet for another blanket but he decided it was too much work, and pulled the sheet up around his shoulders and went back to sleep.

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Nonary Game, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Free The Soul, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in sudoku warfare and I’m the top shifter in the entire timeline. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will betray you with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Moon, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me in the AB room? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of clones in FTS and your mind is being hacked right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my MIND HACK. Not only am I extensively trained in puzzle solving, but I have access to the entire arsenal of Radical-6 and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will spray acid all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, shifters.

Little Minkuri headcanon because I want.

One day Clear found an injured bird in the forest. Its wing wounded badly. He immediately bring it to Mink, and with Mink’s help and for Clear being a very good nurse, in some weeks, the wound finally healed.

When it’s time to release the bird, sadly, the bird unable to fly. Looks like its wound on its wing was fatal and leave a permanent wound on it, it’ll be impossible for it to fly again. With sad face, Clear ask Mink, “Mink-san, what should we do?”

“Kill it,” answered Mink without much hesitation in it.

That answer really surprised Clear. He was angry, told Mink he is so cruel to think that way, to let this little, poor bird getting killed. Mink sighed, let Clear’s shout to stop before then added. “You asked me what should we do. And that’s my best answer I can give.”

“But–why? That’s really cruel, Mink-san!”

Mink then explain, how bird is a creature who spent most of its time on the sky. It need its wings to fly, to search food, to find mate. Without wings, it can’t fly again. A bird who can’t fly will not live happily. It’ll be much better if they just leave it in the wild, let another animal devour it because it’s how nature works.

“B-but. We can take care of it! I’ll feed it everyday, and talk to it. I’m sure he won’t be bored.”

“If that what you want, and that make you happy, sure. You can do that.”

That answer not satisfied Clear.

“But what, Mink-san?”

“But that’s not how bird supposed to life. Especially a wild bird, who already get used with wild life. It won’t be happy to life inside a cage, fed by human.If that satisfy you, Clear, I won’t oppose it. But it won’t make the bird happy.”

“But… human still can life without legs, or even hands, or, eyes! So this bird can, right?”

“It’s different. For bird, sky is its freedom. Can you bear the thought of never go outside, life without anything to do? Just waiting for someone to feed you? That’s not how wild animal supposed to life.”

Clear start to accept it, but still, the thought of killing this poor bird is a sad thought. He then decided, he’ll take care of the bird for some more days, or weeks, beause maybe, maybe its wing will really healed someday.

“Whatever make you happy,” is Mink’s answer.

And he really keep it for some weeks, when he then realized, the bird’s wound really can’t be healed. And faintly, he also realized the bird is not happy. With sad face, finally he told Mink that he think, maybe Mink is right. Maybe it’ll be better… if the bird die.

“So let it be free,” answer Mink. He also know, Clear won’t have the heart to kill it, so he offer to him to do the dirty job, and with sad face, he agree. Mink really killed it, and together, they make a small tomb. Clear cry for a long time, keep saying sorry again and again to the little bird because he can’t do anything.

“You already do what you can do. Now it’s free, its soul free and it able to fly again.You already did good, Clear.”

(I want to continue to Mink and Clear talk about death, my very favorite MinKuri headcanon, but I’ll do that later).

I haven’t gotten an ask for this, but I felt this warranted some more in-depth thought and clarification: There’s actually a difference between what one would categorize as Dipper’s own personal power, and demon “magic”.

The demon magic is what is generally only attainable through sacrifice, summoning, and contracts. Dipper could eventually breach the barrier between the two and no longer need much payment at all to perform such tasks, but at least in Mabel’s lifetime, that won’t be the case.

Demon magic can be… well, just about anything. The reason demons are so terrifying is because they’re damn near capable of anything in the right conditions. The can warp the very fabric of space-time, defy the laws of physics, and even manipulate souls themselves. Most of the time, demons are confined in other planes of existence, or can’t access such magic because there isn’t anyone out there willing or even able to pay the price. Which is why the universe is still more or less in-tact.

Dipper’s own power however, can be accessed without sacrifice. Unfortunately, while it’s quite immense… it doesn’t carry much finesse when dealing with humans. Dipper, like most demons, carry pure destructive energy within them - his manifests itself in the form of blue flame, and telekinesis. He can also invade a person’s mind and dreams (as well as pull people into the Mindscape), but that’s not exactly something that can be used to help people in many situations. Illusions are another questionable talent, as well as being able to “store” things in the Mindscape only to produce them later from what seems like cartoon hammerspace.

This is why while Dipper is an insanely powerful demon, he still has to form contracts with his sister in order to really help her out. He may be able to take down a rampaging basilisk or stop an avalanche, but beyond anything that requires more than just brute strength (saving a life, creating something out of nothing, time-travel, soul-snatching, etc), he needs a contract. Well, most of the time. Small amounts of demon magic can be attained purely by onesself with moderate energy, but Dipper isn’t going to pass up a free packet of candy for teleporting the triplets to school. Or ice cream for math homework (that isn’t even demon magic Dipper you little shit con man).



Okay I have already mentally prepared for the amount of hate I’ll get and the amount of followers I’ll lose but I honestly am getting sick of hearing these false accusations. You know, the ones about the boys taking back entrances when entering/leaving their hotel or studio, leaving all the fans waiting for nothing.

Well let me set reality in your pretty little heads (I actually mean that cause have you seen the 5SOS fam? Hot damn….and this is coming from a straight American Indian girl) going to their hotel or studio does not mean you get a guaranteed Meet & Greet. So calling things like douche bags or whatever when they leave through the back, no matter how quiet you claim to be, is very uncalled for.

Now there have been sometimes where they actually did promise something or a radio station at least promised something and they still left. They probably didn’t know about it, they love us to death, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t just bail on a few fans who were promised something and waited hours in whatever weather conditions. They love us too much.

Now I saw something about a fan seeing them and Luke & Cal just ignored them, and only Ash & Mikey said hi. Just remember which two are the shyest and which two are more outgoing…….give it a second……yep, pretty self explanatory. Then there are the accounts of Ash being grumpy at times, now if this is not because he has seen you for the 50th time since he has been in your city then he probably had a rough day. I know whenever I or any being with a soul has a bad day I’m not in a great mood. If that’s the case then just hug him a little tighter than normal cause I bet he probably needs it, but not too tight that you squeeze the breath out of him. You want to cheer him up not kill him.

The boys love us to death and I know they wouldn’t or don’t mean to be kinda grumpy. Life kinda happens, and you can’t help but feel like shit about it.

So yea the twitter above is mine, if you wanna follow feel free. As far as opinions go, just tell me your onion. I don’t really care if it’s hate, I’ve dealt with way worse shit in my life BRING IT ON!

I actually kind of get really mad when I see people portray Chara as this guiltless, emotionless and empathetic-less “demon murderer” who holds all the blame for the no mercy run.

like really? really?? the game flat out tells you that you’re the person who did this. the no mercy run was no one’s choice but your own. Chara, at the end of it, tells you point blank that when they first came back they were confused and uncertain but that your relentless killing was what showed them what power was and what it was for.

The fourth wall in Undertale is paper-fucking-thin. Everyone knows that. it’s used as an actual, serious plot device for pretty much that specific reason.

Seriously, I don’t get it. EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER IN THIS GAME has more to them than any bare surface interaction of all of three minutes can cover. Every single one. Even the side characters, the characters that don’t appear outside of battling them, have developed personalities.

Flowey the fucking Flower, after the neutral ending where he in cold blood murders the guy you tried to spare, ends up becoming a sympathetic character. Flowey, who killed Asgore and tried to kill you and stole souls and seriously just is a kind of huge shit, becomes one of the most loved characters in the game, the one everyone is yelling about “I WANNA WAY TO SAVE HIM”

but Chara gives up their life to try to break the barrier to free their adoptive family and everyone they care about and in the end dies for nothing and they’re the big bad demon that has no redeeming qualities whatsoever? that’s what you guys wanna tell me, that this kid, this little kid, just happens to be the one character that Toby decided to make pure evil?

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Reaction to you having a really shy and submissive personality but being really aggressive and dominant in bed.

S.Coups: Hell yeah but conflicted because he wants to be the dominante one. You will have to take turns. Can I recommend rock, paper, scissor? 

Jeonghan: Lowkey kinky, would just want you to fuck him up. 

Joshua: May Jesus cleanse your soul, but he’s into it. Will force you to church with him afterwards. 

Jun: So much sex all the time. You will never be free. 

Hoshi: YES count him in. Biggest sub(way)

Wonwoo: He’s okay with it. Just not every time you do the do. 

Woozi: On special occasions. Little man has a lot of male pride. And is sort of overcompensation for his height. 

DK: OOOOooooo OOOOooooOOOOoo what is this!??!?! Ooooohooo okay okay this is my shit. 

Mingyu: Submissive little shit. Likes teasing and punishments. A lot.  

the8: WOoah help. But extremely turned on. 

Seungkwan: Wants to be dominant but fails. Would still be a bit uncomfortable with being submissive so take it slow. 

Vernon: Oo okay….? Would confuse him a lot, so he would go nope that’s my job. But when he realize you do it but he agrees and go alright then.  

Dino: He’s the same as you. Looks like a innocent baby, is a sexdemon on the inside. Which would create a bit of a conflict. 

Admin T and E

How to gain followers on Tumblr.

I discovered a majestical way to gain followers on Tumblr. This is how.

Step 1. Search up any fandom that you fancy. (Hetalia, Pokemon, AOT, OHSHC, Black Butler, Fruits Basket, Soul Eater, Free! Swim Club, etc.)

Step 2. Go to the ‘most recent’ part, not the 'most popular’ part.

Step 3. Find a picture that you find swaggy. It doesn’t matter how likes it already has. Like the picture, then press the reblog button under the picture.

Step 4. Type “THIS IS FAB” in any form or way. You could type “so fab” or “OMFGGGG I LOVE THIS FABULOUSNESS”. Anything works.

Step 5. Reblog that shit with your “This is fab” underneath.

Step 6. Watch the followers flock like little sheepies brah. Watch em flock.

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Everyone's laughing at how happy Karkat was after getting that little 4 guy, but I think they forgot how HARD it is to hit that little shit

i am! so proud! of karkat! he was so upset, curled up on the forest floor crying, because it’s impossible to defeat clover! but he doesn’t know that! he just knows he can’t even beat this one little dancing fellow. but then he gathers himself up! and he does the impossible! and he is so proud! and he should be! i love him!