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Vax and Grog’s Pranks

“He started it!” “AND I’M GOING TO FINISH IT.” “Nuh uh!” “Uh huh!” 

Grog pranks Vax: 7
Vax pranks Grog: 11

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Updated through Episode 61.

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if you're still doing them: reylo #92 swimming pool/hot tub, #60 morning sex, #49 intoxication, #35 fully clothed, #28 finger fucking; all, none, one, whatever ;D


60, 35, 28

Rey blinked slowly, a strange sort of heat wrapping around her midsection as her hips bucked forward of their own accord. There was a pressure she wasn’t entirely familiar with so early in the morning, but oh, it felt amazing. She whined, turning her head to look back. Kylo grinned at her, kissing her cheek as he pressed his finger deeper into her. She groaned, hands clawing at the jackets of his–. 

“Why are you still wearing your suit?” 

“Just got home baby. You know how adorable you are when you sleep?” he purred in her ear, a second finger now joining the first. “Fucking thought about you every night I was gone, couldn’t wait to be home.” 

She whimpered, catching hold of his wrist and trying to angle her hip to allow him closer, to give him a better angle. With a growl, he pulled his fingers out and hoisted her leg up and around his hips, forcing it there with his elbow as he plunged two fingers back into her. His thumb circled around her clit, causing her back to bow and her mouth to hang open in shock as pleasure coursed through her, sharp as any knife. 

“Fuck–oh fuck. Kylo. Kyl-o.” Her voice was louder than she intended, her brain still addled from just having woken up. Fuck. She was going to come, the pressure building inside of her was far too great–. 

“Come for me, Rey,” he hissed in her ear. “Come for your sir. Come all over my hands–come on baby.” 

She screamed, body convulsing even as he tried to slow her down, easing her through the aftershocks of her orgasm until she was putty in his hands, boneless and breathless and feeling so fucking good she could’ve cried. 

Instead, as he shifted behind her and pressed his cock against her ass, the front of his pants tented with his arousal, she turned around to look at him and grinned. “My turn.” 

au based off of this song in the 60s where paul is 28, married with children, and needs to take a business trip to london where he meets john, also married with children, and fall in love. paul ends up taking more “business trips” to london than what seems usual. 

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I feel like a lot of you seriously need to calm down a bit. I look through the Tom Felton tag on various social media outlets and it is kind of creepy the things people write and tag him in. I would be very interested to know the average age of a lot of these 'fans'.

We had this kind of survey in Tom’s russian fan-group. The results were as follows:

< 13 yo - 7,9%

14-17yo - 60,4%

18-25yo - 28.8%

26-35yo - 2%

> 36yo - 0.9%

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60 49 30 31 28 17 15 1 10

60: What’s your opinion on open relationships?


49: Have you ever broken someone’s heart?

Not that I’m aware of lol like there’s not much to miss about me I guess so no one would be broken hearted lol

30: Are you straight, bi, gay or pansexual?

Who tf knows

31: Would it bother you if your partner suffered from any mental illness?

Ofc it wouldn’t bother me that would be like someone dating me and being like ‘I can’t date you because of your mental illnesses’ like it’s alright bro let’s be sad together

28: Do you think long distance relationships can work?

If you try hard and really like the person then sure! (This goes for friendships as well)

17: Do you believe it’s possible to fall in love on the internet?

Entirely possible!

15: Do you believe in the phrase “age is just a number”?

Kind of but it has its limits ygm

1: Do you have a crush at the moment?

Dodie Clark and Sebastian Stan lol

10: Do you like to be in serious relationships or just flings?

I’ve never been in a proper relationship before so hA *sweats*


And whatever thing you [people] have been given - it is [only for] the enjoyment of worldly life and its adornment. And what is with Allah is better and more lasting; so will you not use reason?

-Surah Al-Qasas | 28:60.

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28, 30, 60, & 62

28. Treat everyone equally and w/ respect
30. Probably my bookbag because it has my sketchbook and my fanfics, but I wouldn’t want to leave all my books and drawings I have on my walls, so idk. I’ll probably just try to get everything
60. Kinda
62. S


28 July 1968 My favorite photo session for The Beatles, The Mad Day Out Photo Session, Thomson House location Photographer: Don McCullin

“McCullin recalls that he was paid £200 for the job, but he confesses that he “would have given them £200” for the chance to make the pictures.” - Time Magazine

“The day was a hit-and-run accident. They just threw themselves into situations. They completely opened themselves. They gave me every opportunity, and they took over. It was a blessing they did.” - Don McCullin

“We were looking for something different. We knew of Don from his war photography … We’d been photographed by just about everybody … Avedon, Parkinson, Bailey. We knew how good Don was. We thought, We’ve got to be the war. We’ll provide the battlefield, and it’ll work. He’ll just click into action. That’s exactly what happened.” - Paul McCartney


One of the top 10 most precious ancient Chinese paintings, Along the River During the Qingming Festival, 清明上河图Qīngmíng Shànghé Tú, attributed to Song Dynasty artist Zhang Zeduan张择端 (1085–1145). The scroll is 25.5 centimeters (10.0 inches) in height and 5.25 meters (5.74 yards) long. In its length there are 814 humans, 28 boats, 60 animals, 30 buildings, 20 vehicles, 8 sedan chairs, and 170 trees. The one I post is the authentic one collected by the Palace Museum in Beijing, while usually people can only find a copy version in Qing dynasty online, so this is a good reference for people who are interested in guohua国画(traditional chinese painting).

Wittgenstein Vitrine (for the 1908 Kunstschau)
Designer:  carl otto czeschka (Austrian, 1878 - 1960)
Maker: wiener werkstätte (vienna workshops) (Austrian, 1903 - 1932)
Maker: josef berger
Maker: adolf erbrich (Austrian, Born 1874)
Maker: alfred mayer
Maker: wabak
Maker: albrecht
Maker: plasinsky
Maker: cerhan
Maker: josef hoszfeld (Austrian, 1869 - 1918)
Date: 1908
Dimensions: Vitrine (with base): 66 ¼ × 24 × 12 5/8 in. (1 m 68.28 cm × 60.96 cm × 32.07 cm) Original key: 1 × 2 ½ × ¼ in. (2.54 × 6.35 × 0.64 cm)
Medium: silver, moonstone, opal, lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl, baroque pearls, onyx, ivory, enamel, glass, and ebony veneers (replaced)
Credit Line: Dallas Museum of Art, The Eugene and Margaret McDermott Art Fund, Inc.  Copyright Image: courtesy Dallas Museum of Art
Accession Number: 2013.31.A-E.McD

Description and images from the Dallas Museum of Art “The monumental vitrine, or display cabinet, is the largest and most lavish example of the silverwork of the Wiener Werkstätte known. A masterpiece of early 20th-century design, it weighs over two hundred pounds and is made of solid silver encrusted with enamel, pearls, opal, and other stones, attached to an ebony-veneered base.

Designed by Werkstätte member Carl Otto Czeschka and presented at the 1908 Vienna Kunstschau (Art Show), this work marks an important moment in the development of Viennese design. A talented artist and designer, Czeschka joined the Vienna Secession in 1900 and, in 1902, began teaching drawing at the city’s Kunstgewerbeschule (School of Applied Arts). In 1904, he joined the Werkstätte, where he produced designs for their first postcards in 1905 and subsequently a host of objects, from furnishings to jewelry. His work in the graphic arts, including illustrations for "Die Nibelungen” (1909), reflected his artistic development in all media, including silverwork. The vitrine’s dominant motifs—a pair of sentinel-like caryatids or knights and the dominant bird and grapevine fretwork that wraps the case—are frequently reoccurring themes in his oeuvre. Favoring opulent decoration over a nonetheless architectural structure, this work expresses the Werkstätte’s ultimate embrace of a richly ornamental and symbolic aesthetic paralleling the work of famed Secessionist artist and Czeschka associate Gustav Klimt.

The vitrine was purchased by Karl Wittgenstein (1847–1913), a Viennese iron and steel magnate and the leader of one of the most powerful families in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Wittgenstein’s support had enabled the construction of Vienna’s Secession building in 1898. With brother Paul’s encouragement, the family engaged in a series of artistic and architectural commissions in the following years, including paintings by Klimt and the remodeling and furnishing of a number of their homes by the Werkstätte. The vitrine, originally installed in the Red Salon of the family’s mansion on Vienna’s Alleegasse, remained with Wittgenstein descendants until 1949 and was subsequently held in two private collections until its acquisition by the Dallas Museum of Art in 2013.“ via: Dallas Museum of Art

Above video: The History and Conservation of the Wittgenstein Vitrine at the DMA (via: Dallas Museum of Art)

"The Dallas Museum of Art acquired in 2013 an exceptional silver vitrine originally owned by the Wittgenstein family of Vienna and designed by Carl Otto Czeschka (1878–1960) of the Wiener Werkstätte (Vienna Workshops). The DMA’s Margot B. Perot Senior Curator of Decorative Arts and Design, Kevin W. Tucker, and Associate Conservator of Objects at the DMA, Fran Baas, discuss the history of the 1908 silver masterpiece and the conservation of the Wittgenstein Vitrine at the DMA.”

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85, 74, 73, 60, 28, 26, 3

3.What was your last text message? I sent my flight information to you :)

26.Your idea of a perfect first date? Take me to an aquarium and im yours forever. 

28. What makes you feel the happiest? You

60.What do you order when you eat Chinese food? Sweet and sour chicken sometimes chicken lo mein just depends on what im feeling. 

73.What/who are you thinking about right now? This may come as a surprise… but its you again, and the fact that i’ll be with you in 27 days.

74. Do you like cuddling? I guess you’ll just have to find out ;)

85. Which living celebrity would you like to know? Tatiana Maslany, Evelyne Brochu, Mackenzie Davis, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce. 


Dorothy Stratten [Dorothy Ruth Hoogstraten; 28.02.60 - 14.08.80]

Dorothy Stratten was a Canadian Playboy Playmate, model, and actress. She was the Playboy Playmate of the Month for August 1979, and Playmate of the Year in 1980. Stratten appeared in films and television. She was murdered at the age of 20 by her estranged husband/manager Paul Snider, who committed suicide on the same day. Her death inspired two motion pictures, Death of a Centerfold: The Dorothy Stratten Story (1981), and Star 80 (1983). In 1984, Peter Bodganovich published a book about Stratten, The Killing of the Unicorn. Stratten’s death inspired two songs: “Cover Girl” by Prism, and “The Best Was Yet to Come” by Bryan Adams, as well as the iconic line “First born unicorn/Hardcore, soft porn” in Red Hot Chili Peppers’ hit song “Californication”.

If someone’s going to talk about me, I’d want it to be positively. The way many write, you’d think only bad things were interesting. If we don’t think positive, what’s the use? It’s a lot more fun, you know.