be blissful

“Nice wedding Eugene but I don’t understand why only my mother and I got the memo for feathered hats.”

When you and your mother are being judged by everyone else…


On a Poet’s lips I slept,
Dreaming like a love-adept
In the sound his breathing kept;
Nor seeks nor finds he mortal blisses,
But feeds on the aerial kisses
Of shapes that haunt Thought’s wildernesses.

~ Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792–1822), The Poet’s Dream

my love for harry grows more and more through each new appearance. the way he smiles in content, laughs in full joy, and looks in rejuvenation could easily make my heart burst. after all his hard work and time off, the harry styles we see is reborn in the best of ways. he stands as an individual who’s utterly confident and proud of who he is and the projects he completed, tongue tied in unspeakable words of pure bliss for the solo career ahead of him. there’s nothing more beautiful than that.