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Hi there! Y’all lookin’ for horses? …Yeah? Well you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to my ranch!”

Stand User: Colyne “Ceecee” Cujoh.
Stand: Lone Digger
Stand abilities: Lone Digger gives Colyne the ability to see whether or not her customers have harmed animals, or have the intent to harm an animal. This makes it incredibly easy to see if someone buying a horse is fit for it or not. However, she can only ‘see’ it via touch; like placing a hand on a clients shoulder or shaking their hand. 
Lone Digger can manifest as certain objects, though it’s limited to what it can be and for how long it can stay like that. Most commonly, it appears in the form of a shovel. 

Colyne Cujoh runs a ranch. She’s got horses, cows, chickens, pigs, you name it. Whatever it is, she’s probably got it. She has a pet hedgehog named Penny that she carries around in the pouch of her overalls. She treats all of her animals with the love and respect they deserve, and is known for treating her animals like gold. Her nickname is Ceecee because of her initials!  

Connie isn’t 100% Human

I’m going to admit right now that I never thought I would make this theory, let alone endorse it, but after a period of uncomfortable denial I’ve realized that I cannot in good conscience keep this to myself. I think one of Connie’s distant ancestors might have been a gem-human hybrid. The words taste bitter coming out of my mouth, but I wouldn’t say them without evidence

From the beginning, we were told that there has never in the history of anything and everything been another half-gem like Steven, and that his very existence is unprecedented, and yet…

Rose: Steven, we can’t both exist. I’m going to become half of you.

How the fuck did Rose know this? There’s never been a half-human hybrid before. Hell, no gem has ever given birth before! How the could she have possibly known that he wouldn’t just be a pure human, or that he would wouldn’t just have his own gem, or that she would become a part of him rather than simply being trapped in his gemstone? This has happened before, and Rose hid that from her own team!

That brings us to another issue: Fusion

Greg: Wait, you guys are Gems. You gotta help me out here, I need to be able to fuse with Rose.

Garnet: First you need a gem at the core of your being. Then you need a body that can turn into light.

One of the problems that’s bugged me the most behind the scenes is the fact that Steven was able to fuse with Connie. How Steven’s body works has been a mystery for some time. He seems to be a mix of flesh and light since he’s able to shapeshift and fuse all the same, but if Connie was human, she should just be made of meat and bones and keratin. Her being able to fuse with anyone, even Steven, should be completely impossible by the logic of the show!

And while we’re talking about things that should be impossible, let’s talk about her being able to lift Rose’s Sword

This is a weapon made for a woman twice her size with super strength, and yet Connie wields it effortlessly in battle. Wields – not bench-presses – wields, with skill and grace. I can guarantee you that you are not going to find a 12-year-old human girl out there who can fight with a greatsword in one hand. Believe me, I’ve run experiments.

And you know what? We shouldn’t even be shocked. This was foreshadowed a while ago. Listen to this:

Connie: Okay… *pulls out Unfamiliar Familiar*

Steven: *opens eyes* *gasp* BOOOOKS! Whoa, cool cover!

Connie: It’s my favorite series! It’s about this girl named Lisa and she’s a witch! - I mean, she doesn’t know she’s a witch at first. Anyways she goes on this quest to find her father after he’s kidnapped by the mysterious one-eyed man.

And who does Connie dress up as in Open Book? 

She dressed up as Lisa, the girl who didn’t know about her magical powers!

Side Note: I wonder if that mysterious one-eyed man who kidnaps her father is foreshadowing for something

Okay, back to Connie. I think it’s safe to say there Connie having a distant gem relative isn’t as far-fetched as it sounded. If said ancestor was male like Steven is their quarter-human offspring probably wouldn’t have a gem, but since Steven canonically has gem DNA there would still be some left over traits.

The real question now is who? Contrary to the image above, I don’t think Connie is a descendant of Blue Diamond since she is still presumably alive. How would that even work anyway? Sexing up a 25-foot-tall woman is not something a human is capable of, no matter what JK Rowling might tell you. That said there is quite a bit of evidence that Connie’s gem ancestor was of the blue court. Both she and her mother resemble blue court gems

And the blue court itself had a definitively Indo-Persian aesthetic

There’s also the blue court’s ever-present connection with water, whereas Connie spent her very first episode trapped on the ocean floor

Plus there’s the fact that Connie is almost always seen in a blue or teal outfit

At this point, I’d hazard a guess guess that Connie’s gem ancestor was a Turquoise

Gem location influences personality

So by now a lot of people have noted that gem locations and gem personalities are linked. Below I’ve compiled a list of how a gem’s personality is linked to their gem placement. This may lead us to predict traits of certain gems before we get to know them.

Forehead (Pearl and Peridot): Forehead gems seem to more intellectually-oriented and both Pearl and Peridot show symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome

Eye (Eyeball/Rubeye, various monsters): The one eyepatch gem we’ve seen was grim and mysterious. Both are classical personality traits of “the grizzled veteran”

Nose (Jasper): The only nose gem we’ve seen, Jasper, is both literally and figuratively “Hard Nosed”

Collar (Yellow and Blue Pearl): The collar, in the sense of a dog collar, symbolizes a lack of self-possession or ownership. The two gems with collar gems we’ve seen are both pearls, a slave caste who both appear loyal to and fearful of their masters.

Chest (Amethyst, Yellow and Blue Diamond, Doc, Bismuth [citation needed]): Chest gems are emotional and quickly angered, with their gem located right over their heart.

Navel (Rose, Steven, Navy): Navel gems tend to be significantly more sensitive and feminine than normal. Understandable given that the navel, the scar left behind by the umbilical cord, is symbolic of a maternal connection and feminine influence

Back (Lapis Lazuli): The one back gem we’ve seen, Lapis Lazuli is unable to leave the past behind her and it always looking back at what she’s left behind

Left Bicep (Army): A sign of brute strength. Army was noticeably more quiet and muscular befitting the strong, silent type.

Palm of Right Hand (Sapphire): The palm is symbolic of love (holding hands) as well as taking matters into one’s own hands, and the right is associated with strength and influence (regarding her title) “doing the right thing” as sapphire did when she gave up her title for the gem who protected her

Palm Of The Left Hand (Ruby): The Left on the other hand is associated with counterculture and subversive behavior, such as Ruby breaking the taboo of mixed-gem fusion

Back of Left Thigh (Leggy/Nuby): The one gem we met with a leg gem was overly cautious and easily frightened. The gem placement may symbolize a desire to turn tail and run away

EDIT: I should probably mention something else:

Gem location symbolism does’t apply to most fusions, but the few it does apply to all have a singular trait in common: They lost themselves in the fusion

Both Hands: Garnet takes matters into her own hands and lets her fists do the talking

Both Hands and Chest: Sugilite is combines strength with emotion to get wanton violence 

Back and Nose: Loss and wrath combine in Malachite to create a creature consumed by a desire for revenge against Steven

Okay, wow, that’s a big info dump, but what exactly do we do with this information?

The same thing we do every night Pinky; Speculate about children’s cartoons