Yesterday was Eurovision, a competition that specifically banned the use of the Palestinian flag in any performance while allowing Israel to participate every year since 1973 although not being part of Europe.

Today is Nakba Day. The annual remembrance day of the mass killing and displacement of Palestinians in 1948.

One day is not enough to remember what happened and what is still happening to the Palestinians, that being said take the time today to educate yourself on the on going atrocities and maybe think twice about taking part in things that regularly silence the oppressed.

anonymous asked:

Do liberals tend to dislike zionists? I'm a bit confused because I joined a liberal FB page and it said zionists would be banned. I ended up leaving obviously.

Hi there,

That’s an excellent question.   Unfortenetely there are many ignorant people in the world who view the Israel-Palestinian Conflict from a very skewed perspective.  Where on the far-right, we face anti-semitism on the far left Jews often face anti-semetism conceled within a mask of anti-Zionism.  

Many of these people are not aware that a wide spectrum of political beleif exists in Israel and in the Jewish community.   Intensified by racist propaganda from the Zionist/Israeli-right and anti-Israel/BDS propaganda from the far-right Muslim world, many folks on the left often do not see the complicated nature of the Conflict.  For example, many “anti-Israel” groups online typically post photos of children in Syria and argue that they were taken in Gaza.  They see stories posted by far-right groups (on both sides of the Conflict) and see them as fact.

I am a very proud Zionist and a liberal person.  One of my major goals (and hopefully many of your goals) is to stamp at the notion that Zionists can only be extremely right wing.  I am very open in social circles and online that I am a Zionist, hope and pray for peace, condemn the Occupation AND terror aimed at Israel from Palestinians and other groups, and I hope and pray for a viable and economically stable Palestinian state that recognizes the State of Israel (and visa-versa). 

I hope that this answers your question!