On Millennial Complacency...

Complacency is a big part of it. Until we learn how to sort out the social forces that lead entire populations into a state of complacency, nothing is going to happen, nothing is going to change. It has taken quite a bit of maneuvering to get any semblance of a movement going. We are also part of a generation that never learned what real protest is; that it doesn’t end when you achieve a milestone; that it is a perpetual fight and demand for liberty. THE GOOD NEWS is that a lot of us are finally waking up, shaking off the cobwebs of trivial shit, and actively participating in conversations and actions off of Facebook that are making a difference in creating a more equitable society..,but it takes work…tenacity…and a spine to go out and challenge the current belief systems. It’s a hostile world for people that speak up and say, “wait a minute, things are really f**ked up!” I have had conversations with people and they look at me like I’m crazy…and I’m like…take the freaking blinders off and smell the coffee…get your ass up and start moving mountains because we should have started yesterday and it is going to take a long time as it is, let alone with the daily distractions of Super Bowls, Kardashians, and trash television.

When you're 15 yr old brother has a date for Valentine's Day and you don't


I’m not even mad though. He’s so excited and I’m happy for him. It’s his second date with the girl and we are currently on the phone plotting out what they are going to do. First date was something simpler, dinner and a movie. We about to show out on this one though haha.

Don’t judge me, I’m excited for him!

Latinos Can Be Racists Too

The other day I was sitting with a couple of friends discussing the issue of race and concluded that we ALL have to sit down at the proverbial family table and talk this out…as often as it needs to happen…until we all get a clearer picture of what systemic racism means. Mind you, the people in this conversation were all ‘Hispanic’ and we were talking about the prevalence of racist micro-aggressions within the Latino community; both within the Latino/Afro-Latino context and the dynamics between Hispanic / African-Americans. Racism is a global problem…but we need to start deliberate and clear dialogues that place raw truths on the table. It will be very uncomfortable, it will be very awkward, it will bring forth strong emotional responses, but usually change that matters feels that way…and we have to be okay with that.