Hey guys, thought I’d offer some different options for my sketch commissions. Of course the old ones are still available. Basically the monochrome version is the one I’ve previously been working with, thought it’d be nice to add a light color option too.

You can order a sketch through the old form, <here>

I am still not sure when I’ll fully return to tumblr so if you have any questions regarding my commissions, ask me on Discord (for those who already added me or can DM me anyways) or send me an email at

I’ll be queueing this post for maybe one or two weeks so i apologize in advance for the spam ;;


Alonyah reached Lvl 43 today. And I was just grinding 2 to 3 hours yesterday and today? Thats fast, but its rly fun to play dark knight! I rly like this class a lot and i think she will be my second main after Rejla :) Also, I love her hair :D