I don’t know what I love more, Emmett being so immature about Bella and Edward having sex that even Jacob and Carlisle have to smirk or the look Bella gives her husband that says it’s not funny when he clearly thinks it is


Personal affection is a luxury you can have only after all your enemies are eliminated. Until then, everyone you love is a hostage, sapping your courage and corrupting your judgment.” - Orson Scott Card, Empire



I hope you have the bestest day ever because you deserve it. Let me just rant now what a fabulous person you are. As this cheesy as this sounds, as soon as I wake up, you are the first person whose messages I read. You are like an elder sister that I never had :’) I literally share everything with you and you are always there for me :’) You have taught me so many things. Starting with photoshop.  I actually remember the day when you messaged me on tumblr AND I WAS FANGIRLING LIKE AN IDIOT. Second was introducing me to love of my life aka…..PRABHAS LOL. At times,  I reread out whatsapp convos and I laugh because we go nuts when it comes to prabhas xD Actually, introducing me to south side of indian cinema which is by far the best thing I have came across. Addicted to it, as you already know.  oh oh and co running blogs with you is a lot of fun xD but now I wonder, jab tumhari shaadi hojayegi to mera kya hoga? *cries* main kisse baatein karungi kyunki tum to jiju ke saath busy ho jaogi D: Mujhe bhul mat jaana!  this messages is all over the place but you know what I am trying to hehe i wuuuv you


Twilight Meme: [7/10] scenes

“I can’t help thinking, all these people here are putting themselves in danger because I fell in love with a human.

You found your mate, you deserve to be happy.

But at what cost?

Everyone here has something to fight for, I certainly do.”


Don’t let me fall, Dad,” I whispered.Charlie pulled my hand through his arm and then grasped it tightly.

One step at a time, I told myself as we began to descend to the slow tempo of the march. I didn’t lift my eyes until my feet were safely on the flat ground, though I could hear the murmurs and rustling of the audience as I came into view. Blood flooded my cheeks at the sound; of course I could be counted on to be the blushing bride.

As soon as my feet were past the treacherous stairs, I was looking for him. For a brief second, I was distracted by the profusion of white blossoms that hung in garlands from everything in the room that wasn’t alive, dripping with long lines of white gossamer ribbons. But I tore my eyes from the bowery canopy and searched across the rows of satin-draped chairs - blushing more deeply as I took in the crowd of faces all focused on me - until I found him at last, standing before an arch overflowing with more flowers, more gossamer.

I was barely conscious that Carlisle stood by his side, and Angela’s father behind them both. I didn’t see my mother where she must have been sitting in the front row, or my new family, or any of the guests - they would have to wait till later.

All I really saw was Edward’s face; it filled my vision and overwhelmed my mind. His eyes were buttery, burning gold; his perfect face was almost severe with depth of his emotion. And then, as he met my awed gaze,he broke into a breathtaking smile of exultation.

Suddenly, it was only the pressure of Charlie’s hand on mine that kept me from sprinting headlong down the aisle.

The march was too slow as I struggled to pace my steps to its rhythm. Mercifully, the aisle was very short. And then, at last, at last, I was there. Edward held out his hand. Charlie took my hand and, in symbol as old as the world, placed it in Edward’s. I touched the cool miracle of his skin, and I was home.  - Bella Swan, Big Day, Breaking Dawn


Favorite Breaking Dawn Moments ( */👑)

Zafrina is among the minority of vampires who possess an additional quantifiable supernatural talent; in her case, she is capable of projecting powerful illusions into others’ minds. The visions she projects can seem so real to the person impacted by them that they can easily believe it is real; also, she can make her targets see nothing at all. Such illusions can be used offensively to blind or confuse enemies.


Siobhan - a woman of immense presence and whose huge body was both beautiful and mesmerizing as it moved in smooth undulations - was the leader, but she and her hard-faced mate, Liam, were long used to trusting the judgment of their newest coven member. Little Maggie, with her bouncy red curls, was not physically imposing like the other two, but she had a gift for knowing when she was being lied to, and her verdicts were never contested.” - Breaking Dawn


Vampires of Color in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2:

Huilen, changed in 1850 around age 17, from Mapuche territory.

I am Huilen,” the woman announced in a clear but strangely accented English. As she continued, it was apparent she had prepared herself to tell this story, that she had practiced. It flowed like a well-known nursery rhyme. A century and a half ago, I lived with my people, the Mapuche. My sister was Pire. Our parents named her after the snow on the mountains because of her fair skin. And she was very beautiful - too beautiful. She came to me one day in secret and told me of the angel that found her in the woods, that visited by night. I warned her. Huilen shook her head mournfully. “As if the bruises on her skin were not warning enough. I knew it was the Libishomen of our legends, but she would not listen. She was bewitched. 

She told me she was sure her dark angel’s child was growing inside her. I didn’t try to discourage her from her plan to run away - I knew even our father and mother would agree that the child must be destroyed, Pire with it. I went with her into the deepest parts of the forest. She searched for her demon angel but found nothing. I cared for her, hunted for her when her strength failed. She ate animals raw, drinking their blood. I needed no more confirmation of what she carried in her womb. I hoped to save her life before I killed the monster.

But she loved the child inside her, She called him Nahuel, after the jungle cat, when he grew strong and broke her bones - and loved him still. I could not save her. The child ripped his way free of her, and she died very quickly, begging all the while that I would care for her Nahuel. Her dying wish - and I agreed.

He bit me, though, when I tried to lift him from her body. I crawled away into the jungle to die. I didn’t get to far - the pain was too much. But he found me; the newborn child struggled through underbrush to my side and waited for me. When the pain ended, he curled against my side, sleeping. I cared for him until he was able to hunt for himself. We hunted the villages around our forest, staying to ourselves. We have never come so far from our home, but Nahuel wished to see the child here. - Breaking Dawn, Ch.38 Power


Vampires of Color in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2:

Henri is a vampire who appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2. He is the leader of the French coven, with only Yvette being his coven mate. He is an exclusive character in the movie, and does not exist in the novels.

He is portrayed by Amadou Ly in the movie.