I have had many requests for new clients to see the work I do, so I decided to create a new blog to show off some of my flyer designs. 10 years ago I began promoting local music events and could not afford the costs for flyer design for them. After picking up my first copy of Photoshop I began the long process of learning the program myself.

After 4-5 years, it was something that I very much enjoyed to do and continue to do so today. Being a self taught amateur designer I offer affordable prices, that still retain much of the quality of higher priced work. 


I put a few new patterns on my REDBUBBLE if anyones interested!!

I’ve used both s backgrounds or my art blog andhonestly i love both I can’t decide what I like more, so I put them up for patterns sale!!

hit it up and I’m always open to new Ideas for what I should sell!!