Yo this is hilarious. First Steroline got engaged and SEers and KCers got all bent out of shape and salty. Well, saltier. Then Bonnie firmly and unequivocally chose her canon true love Enzo’s life over Damon’s and BDers are cryin foul. And “OOC”, as usual. Oh, the TVD fandom… Y’all a trip. Yet, oh so predictable.

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I'm stunned how BDers are screaming how Damon deserves better. Like who??? Bonnie deserves better, Caroline deserves better, Enzo and Tyler definitely deserve better, Stefan deserve to go out better than that, hell Lexi deserves better and Matt. But Damon??? He got a human life, a wife and a HEA. What the fuck more could he get. Everyone else made huge sacrifices for his bum ass, he didn't do a damn thing but lay on the floor and turn human.

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This is a thing? Yeah, no.