Am I the only BDer not bothered by the Elehoe mentions

I mean besides the involuntary gagging from Damon listing Dullena history on the porch, I was, dare I say it, glad Ebook was brought up.

As much as I hate to admit it, Elena did and continues to exist in TVD and the role that she plays in Bamon’s relationship is pretty undeniable. Eleanor for all intents and purposes has always been the proverbial thorn in Bamon’s side and I would NOT want Bamon to go romantic without addressing her, because once they acknowledge that they’re in love with each other, Elena shouldn’t even matter to them.

Eleanor was so heavily involved in their relationship from the beginning. Especially in the earlier seasons, she was always their main focus whether it be protecting her, saving her, wooing her, or kissing her ass. She was the only thing that they could agree on and put aside their differences for. Then, Season 6 happened and they got to know each other with Eleanor almost completely out of the picture and became friends for who they were inside. Which was wonderful but unfortunately Eleanor still was attached to their relationship. After Damon returned this became extremely noticeable as Eleanor was physically inserting herself into all things exclusively Bamon, their phone calls, their pancakes their bourbon blood pacts

It was like even though Bonnie and Damon have moved past the Elena being the focus of their interactions, Elena, being the cancerous cell that she is, would not allow it. Like her mere existence was there to roadblock Bamon’s relationship. And it didn’t just stop there, she continues to be obstacle even in death her sleep.

Throughout season 7, Elena has been like the shadow that looms over Bamon. Even though they both know that they mean a lot to each other, they’ve both had to measure their affection to each other against their affection for Elena. Bonnie has constantly worried if Damon would continue to save her or if he would hesitate because he wants Elena back. Damon had constantly compared the part of him that cares for Bonnie to the part of him that cares for Elena since the only reason Elena isn’t there is because of Bonnie. And even though we know that he cares for Bonnie faaaaaaar more than Eleana ( especially through his actions in 7x15 to now) Bonnie doesn’t. By bringing Eleanor up now, they can finally denounce her and her hold on their relationship.

With Bonnie’s insecurities regarding Elana being resolved and Damon clearly owning up to his specific love for Bonnie to Bonnie, they can be truly secure in their love for each other and finally move forward without Elena.  I am sooooooo glad they are hashing this out NOW as opposed to after they go romantic! If they didn’t address Elenoor now, we would have been subjected to another Beremy situation where Bonnie is now competing against Elena instead of a fucking ghost (wait Elena is basically dead so it would be the EXACT same situation smh). I do not want to watch Bonnie feel like she’s second choice and not good enough AGAIN! I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THAT SHIT!!!! Because nothing would crush my heart more than the writers creating angst for Romantic!Bamon by bringing up that bitch’s name.