Yo this is hilarious. First Steroline got engaged and SEers and KCers got all bent out of shape and salty. Well, saltier. Then Bonnie firmly and unequivocally chose her canon true love Enzo’s life over Damon’s and BDers are cryin foul. And OOC, as usual. Oh, the TVD fandom… Y’all a trip. Yet, oh so predictable.

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Yeah Damon had casual sex with other women and that's it, he never fell in love again until he and Katherine's relationship was truly over once he realized she played him like a fool. But the BDers believe Bonnie is the new Elena, and Enzo is the new Stefan and Elena is Katherine but they keep forgetting that DE isn't over and Elena is actually in the coffin sleeping. But I guess as long as BD has casual sex for a couple episodes until Bonnie dies for Elena to return that's okay for them.

That last line lol I wasn’t prepared

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