Hexxit day 5. While repeatedly punching a goblin in the face he managed to mutter something about a “twilight forest.” A few more beatings got the rest of the story.  So.. a few flowers, a diamond, and an army of conquered goblin slaves latter I’ve built a quaint hunting lodge overlooking the twilight forests. I can tell from the crumbling towers and foundations nearby that I am not the first intelligent being in this land, but at least during construction, things have been very quiet.

We fell 2 of the twilight oaks to make room for the lodge. They provded more than adequate wood for the framing and should make for plenty of firewood to heat the lodge. As for the walls, the goblin slaves have dutifully carried crate after frate of sakura wood through the portal. There’s been talk of an uprising, but all we have to do is make an example of one of them and they get right back into line.

(look if I don’t have a story this game gets boring ok?)

OK, stupid little story aside, I was playing hexxit after ANOTHER update fried my yogscast whatever thing. Meh. I did some reading on the other tekkit packs and this one seems centred around exploration. I managed to work up a chocobo that could fly and spent a good deal of time in the overworld, but.. well it got boring there. Goblin fortresses, stevemancers, there’s gotta be more. So.. I moved onto the twilight. The view on this mountain was amazing so I decided to put something here that I could enjoy. (built in creative to save time. I DEFINITELY had the materials!)


Ok what the fuck is going on with Feed the Beast and this texture pack

I once got it running (But super slow) with allt he texutres showing up

THen I get a bright idea to download a lower resolution ersion of the pack to make it less of a burden

So I download it, put it int eh texture pack folder, and it loads up much quicker! Oh boy, I thought to myself, I got it right for sure!

Nope. NOW none of the new BLOCK textures will show. Mobs, the Extra tools from the mod show up, but Anything remotely vanilla texturewise STAYS vanilla

What the heck

I EVEN tried re-downloading the first higher rez version to see if it was being picky, but now, I’ve got the same problem there!

And when I uninstall it and reinstall it still has all mys ettings and suff on there so I dont know how to wipe clean and start fresh


The original idea was simple - build a city for Villagers to live in.

Then I adapted it to - Build a city to such a scale, that to try and count the amount of blocks that made it would be madness. A city of such grandiose that one corner cannot be seen from the other.

That base is now set out. What you are seeing are the West and Central towers (graphics set to allow visualisations as far as possible), inside which is an NPC village. Between the Central and the Southern Towers is a second NPC town.

The outer wall stretches from the Snow-Biome, across the Desert and into the Jungle-Biome. The tower at the Snow-Biome is impossible to see from here.

Now the base is built, Gate-Towers will be erected at the cross-map railway which will be visible from the Centre, the North and the Eastern towers. A bridge 10-blocks across has already been built across the canal between the West, the Centre and the Southern towers.

This build is grandiose in the extreme.

Took a break for a little while. (until 1.5 bukkit comes up most likely..)

went back to broville to see what the guys have been up to.

If you follow the broville team you’ll know they’ve been pretty busy lately. (they seem to congretate more when I’m not there lol)

Here it is in Sphax bdcraft.

Day 7 in hexxit. After spending a ridiculous amount of time breaking down the removable walls in a doom fortress, I learned that I can just right click them and the door opens, only to close on it’s own again. I decided to use this to make a “garage” for my chocobo and portal to transport large things back and forth to the overworld. Sadly, all of my goblin slaves were killed by a naga, so I’m having to do all the work myself now. At least there’s no more talk about mutiny.

in this version of sphax bdcraft (128x in this case, I tried 512x but it kept crashing even after putting 4.5GB of ram into minecraft! Sorry.. this is a desktop not a server!)  iron blocks are connected textures, making it look kinda like this.

I like it!