I used to care about you so much. I trusted you, I worried about you, I fucking did so much for you. I was there for you through everything, whenever you needed me. I stuck with my words & even when we stopped talking and I hated you for a while, you hit me up saying you needed to talk & I was there. I put aside my feelings & went through with my words, I didn’t even hesitate because that’s what friends do, no matter how much we’ve drifted & no matter how long we’ve gone without speaking. Whenever you were hurting, when you needed to vent; I was there. Now that you’re fine, now that you’re through that bullshit, you don’t need me. I feel used. Sure, you’re “bettering” yourself, but no, you lost my trust once again & my respect. And now I understand what people mean when they say I have a good heart & I’m too nice. Fuck giving second chances to people who don’t even deserve it. Truth is, I’ll always be there for you, because that’s just how I am. But I won’t worry about you every damn day anymore & I won’t stress over you like I used to. So much for being someone I could go to huh? Where the hell are you when I need you? Nowhere to be found, that’s where. You’re too fucking occupied with your own shit, that you don’t care about anyone else’s for that matter. Well goodluck to you. Shit definitely ain’t the same with us & I’m fine with that. I won’t give a shit about people who don’t give two shits about me.