Butch O’Neal & Vishous 

“I’m losing my mind,” V said against Butch’s neck. “The one thing that’s always saved me and I’m losing it… I’ve lost it… I’m gone. It’s the only thing that’s saved me and now I have nothing…”

As Butch squeezed harder, he became aware of an easing inside of himself, a sensation of relief and healing. Except he didn’t think much about it because something hot and wet seeped into his collar. He had a feeling it was tears, but he didn’t want to draw attention to what was doing. V was no doubt totally horrified by the show of weakness, assuming the guy was crying.

Butch put his hand on his roommate’s nape and murmured, “I’ll do the saving until you get your head back, how about that? I’ll keep you safe.”

When Vishous finally nodded, something dawned on Butch. Shit… he was up against the glow, a whole lot of the glow… but he wasn’t on fire or in pain. In fact… yeah, he could feel the blackness in him seeping out of his skin and bones, leaching into the white light that was Vishous: That was the relief he’d noticed just now.

Except why wasn’t he burning up?

From out of nowhere, a female voice said, “Because this is what shall be, the light and the dark together, two halves making a whole.”