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Synopsis: Luke snoops and accidentally finds the special birthday gift you’ve been hiding from him. After he finds it, he’s eager to celebrate.

“Thanks again for taking me shopping.”

“Anytime hon. It was fun to have a girl’s day out. Enjoy the new outfits,” your best friend winks. “I know Luke will.”

At her words, you glance down at the pink Victoria’s Secret bags in your hand, immediately feeling the blood rush to your cheeks, and how they start burning up like a fever. You aren’t usually huge on lingerie, but with Luke’s birthday coming up soon, you decided it would be nice to surprise him with something new and special. You figure it’s something both of you will get kick out of. Just the thought of his initial reaction stirs up some heat within. At first, he’d probably try to contain himself, swallowing down his excitement with a gulp. But then, in only a matter of seconds, his blue eyes would darken with lust. You can practically see him biting his lip in anticipation as he breathes you in. It’s sure to be a priceless moment and unforgettable birthday.

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Bday Boy // Harry + Louis

Harry looked so angelic asleep, Louis hated to leave him. But he had a plan to keep. He set the alarm, put arrows on the floor and set out Harry’s cold weather clothed before putting on his own. He left a note for Harry to get dressed and follow the arrows.
On the snow with red food colored water he wrote Happy Birthday Harry in huge letters and more arrows pointing up the hill

  • Shinhwa at Junjin Birthday Party

Eric: I am not in a good mood today. Don’t ask me to talk too much.
Reason Is…………
Hyesung: He gets to know about Junjin birthday party late.
Hyesung: Therefore he drove here himself.
Eric: I get to know about this at around 2pm.
Eric: I think should be around 2.30pm, right?
Eric: I call up the members but none of them pick up the phone.
Eric: I am thinking that if none of them are going. I won’t go too.
Hyesung: Yesterday at 12 midnight, I send a text to Junjin.
Hyesung: Till I went to sleep, he did not even reply.
Hyesung: What is the reason?
Junjin: The text message is “Cook seaweed soup for mother bird.”
Junjin: Thus I did not reply.
Junjin: I am angry so I went to sleep.
Andy: There is rehearsal at 4pm.
Andy who is busy with rehearsal takes some time off to attend Junjin birthday party
Hyesung: Music show or Junjin more important?
Andy: Of course, Junjin hyung is more important.
Andy: Junjin hyung is more important.
Andy: So it Junjin hyung or your solo album more important?
Hyesung: Solo album more important.
Junjin hit Hyesung on his head for saying that
Eric: Junjin or me more important?
Hyesung: Junjin more important
Eric walk away dejectedly and Andy came over to console Eric.


  • Shinhwa, Junjin'in Doğum Günü Partisinde

Eric: Bugün iyi havamda değilim. O yüzden konuşmamı çok istemeyin benden.
Hyesung: Eric, Junjin'in Doğum Günü Partisini geç öğrendi.
Hyesung: Bu yüzden buraya dek arabayı sürüp tek başına geldi.
Eric: Bunu en azından öğlen 2 gibi bilmeliydim.
Eric: 2.30 gibi bile olabilirdi, değil mi?
Eric: Üyelerin hepsini aradım ama kimse aramamı cevaplamadı
Eric: Ben de eğer hiçbiri gitmezse, ben de gitmem diye düşünmüştüm.
Hyesung: Dün gece 12'de,Junjin'e bir mesaj yolladım.
Hyesung: Ben uyuyana dek cevaplamadı.
Hyesung: Sebebin neydi?
Junjin: Mesaj şöyleydi “Mommy bird için su yosunu çorbası pişir.”
Junjin: Bu yüzden bende cevaplamadım.
Junjin: Sinirlendim bu yüzden bende uyumaya gittim.
Andy: 4'te prova var.
(Provaları ile meşgul Andy,Junjin'in Doğum Günü Partisine katılabilmek için izin istemiş)
Hyesung: Müzik show mu, Junjin'mi daha önemli?
Andy: Tabii kide, Junjin hyung daha önemli.
Andy: Junjin hyung daha önemli.
Andy: O zaman Junjin hyung mu yoksa senin solo albümünmü daha önemli?
Hyesung: Solo albüm daha önemli.
Junjin, Hyesung'un kafasına vurur bu dediği için
Eric: Junjin mi yoksa ben mi daha önemliyim?
Hyesung: Junjin daha önemli
Eric üzgün ve kederli bir halde uzaklaşır ve yanına Andy gelerek Eric'i teselli eder.