Jikook (2016 Season Greetings)

❤ Jm’s hand sitting comfortably on Jk’s lap…

❤ Jk’s teasing his beloved Hyung the way a highschool kid teases his crush just to get attention

❤ Sitting next to each other during the game

❤ Jk being a helpful boyfie, tryin to give hints and Jm goes ‘aniyo’

❤ Jk choosing #3 coz he likes 13.. Coz every Jikook shipper knows that 13 is officially the Jikook number because

1 is Jk’s fave number also his bday

3 is Jm’s fave number

and 13 is JM’s bday

❤ and because Jk decides to share his fruit basket to everyone he is declared the best by none other than his boyfie.. Yeah Jimin we know HE IS THE BEST 😉

Video link: here