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Saw a post saying that the cake Boruto smashed in the movie trailer is actually Himawari's bday cake. Whoever the cake belongs to, this is just getting more ridiculous.

LMAO i just heard about it the other day! just like the cake on the ground, this entire series has become one huge mess. I don’t know who’s writing this train wreck anymore lol XD

Pretty good day

Work was super busy. I did really well on food (stopped when I was full!!) and only went over my points by 4!

Ate watermelon for dessert - nom! Now I’m baking a bday cake for my mom. Tomorrow should be fun if not a little calorie-intense. Planning to get up early for walking so I can get it out of the way when it’s not 8,000 degrees. And going to keep track of things! :)