The Whale Shark Bbe | Yamazaki Sousuke | 
Happy Birthday to my sweet & awesome king Minji!! ♥ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

  • Dazai: Happy Birthday Atsushi!
  • Atsushi: Thank you Dazai.
  • Dazai: Wanna know what your present is?
  • Atsushi: *sigh* It's you.
  • Dazai: Wrong! I'm already yours guess again.
  • Atsushi: No more... suprise attacks?
  • Dazai: Nope! I'll teach you how to master suicide so we can do it together.
  • Atsushi: Not this again.
  • Dazai: *gets close to Atsushi* Oh and also a private lesson as well *kisses Atsushi's nose*
  • Atsushi: *blushes tiger red* I-I'm looking f-forward to it then.

etherealbatwing  asked:

Could I possibly request some sweet bedtime w/ so Ignis HC? I'd be very grateful 💜

Sure thing!

  • Goes to bed at roughly the same time every night since having a regular sleep schedule is important and would want them to try and do the same
  • After the bed time routine is done he’d love to settle down in their bed and wind down for a bit
  • Reading is a good way to settle down, whether they lay next to each other and read their own books or they cuddle together while one reads to the other are his favorite choices
  • Another good way to wind down is just lay face to face and talk until they fall asleep
  • He really likes doing that too, no matter what the subject is or if it’s serious or not
  • Loves to be the big spoon when they cuddle
  • Always says “I love you” and “sweet dreams” and he gives them a kiss before falling asleep
  • Sometimes says it more than once