bday project 2014

Hey, what’s up? Hope everyone’s fine.

Okay so it’s time to start working on the first part of this beautiful, amazing and inspiring video bday. As some of you know, I always separate the whole video in pieces to make sure everyone knows exactly what to do. This video is gonna be in the same way. One of my ideas for this year’s project is to make - in YOUR help - a short but touching documentary about us, the Mariska’s fans. I know how much she impact our lives and how she help us to get over through the bad things that unfortunately happens with all of us. And I also know how much we wanted to share with Mariska how she made us stronger, fearless and to get our voices back.

Therefore, it’s YOUR chance to speak up for her what she did that made you overcame your traumas, your fears. How she helped you to help another survivors or even our own friends.

So what I need you to do is:

-> Record a video (as if you were being interviewed) telling:

- Your name, age and where are you from

->Tell your story. If you suffered some kind of trauma or a tough time, tell how Mariska or her character made you overcame this. Put your heart on this, you’re gonna tell it directly to Mariska.

After you did this, send me your video to with the subject “Bday video - Part 1”

You also can send me here on tumblr.

The deadline to send this part is on November 8th. No more, no less.

There’s no limit time for the video. Feel free to tell your story.

Also there’s no restriction of country. Everyone around the globe can join this project.

If you have any doubt, please let me know. Message me or tweet me.

I count on you, guys! Let’s do it.

Love and peace,


Song list to Mariska's 2014 Bday vídeo

Hey you! I will need some help here.

Well, as you know we’re starting the annual project to Mariska’s 50th bday vídeo and like I said before, it have to be the better one.

Therefore, message me a song that inspires you! It must have the name who sing it and the song’s name. The best ones will go for the bday vídeo.

That’s all for now. More details soon!

Love and peace :D



Here’s the Q&A about Mariska’s bday video 2014. Watch it and join me :)