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Sharp, but with airheaded moments, thought to work for a greater cause, a mysterious person who in the end falls into a grey zone. He shows various faces, both amusing and frightening, in the anime, obviously, but also in the novel, drama CD and others. Unlike the extremely easy to understand Yata, Kamamoto, Fushimi or the prudent, but definitely not incomprehensible Kusanagi and Awashima, he is a strange person, whose interpretation I will leave to the viewers. - GoRA Red

With the collaboration of @SPNfreaks, @WorldWinchester and @jpadaleckiBR we bring you the “HAPPY BDAY JARED PADALECKI PROJECT 2014”.

We need your help in order to make this successful. All you have to do is take a picture of you, or with your friend, or in a group of fans holding a paper or a banner with “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED PADALECKI” on it. You can also add a simple message somewhere if you’d like (but try to make it visible - not too small). Don’t forget to include your name or username, and the city and country of where you are from in the corner. It’s that simple and easy.

We are going to post the video with all the photos we received and send it to Jared on the big day (July 19th! Our MOOSE is turning 32!)

You can send your photos in until the 14th of July and email it to

We hope that you guys will participate! For more information, you can follow us on twitter for more updates about this project at @SpnTentation, @SPNfreaks, @WorldWinchester and @jpadaleckiBR!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail us at the same address.

Hi guys, it’s me again.

First of all, I would like to thank you a lot for being such an inspiration for me to keep going with this project. You have no ideia how much your stories impacted my life. I really appreciate it.

Okay so, said that I can tell you what I have been planning for the second and last part of this video. It’s kinda simple but if everyone together join me, it will be AMAZING and also the best bday video ever.

I bet you’re anxious to know so I’m gonna say it.

The second and last part of Mariska’s Birthday Video 2014 will be a PARTY! That’s right, a party! Each one of you will film your own celebration for Mariska’s 50th bday and send it to me. Use ballons, confet, cupcakes, birthday hats, everything a party can have.

You have to record a video with max a minute and submit me.

You’ll have until January 10, 2014 to submit your party viewing.

You can submit by:

- Sending me on

- Submiting here

- Uploading on youtube and sending me the link

Make it with all your joy and happiness. It’s her 50TH BDAY!

Any doubt you can ask me or send me a tweet.

Peace and love,


2014 Henry&Donghae Birthday Project.


@haesdiary, @smackhyuk and I have come together to do fund raising for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. We will be collecting donations from fans worldwide and these funds will go through Red Cross and directly to the Haiyan relief. We will be donating under Henry and Donghae’s name as a birthday project for their upcoming birthdays :)

We welcome any amount of money donated to help out the victims of Haiyan. We will also be doing a birthday photo book (it consists of 40 pages each, A4 size) to be given to both of them, one for Henry and one for Donghae. :) 

For any donations that are above 30USD, you’ll be able to write a short birthday message, not more than 40 words, to either one of them (Donghae/Henry). Our photo books will be split into two and will be passed to them in Korea. :)

We will also be accepting your own fan-taken photos if you donate a larger amount of money. (More than 50USD) You will also be entitled to half a page for your birthday message. (It includes your fan-taken photo). All photos will be credited back to you. :) [We will not accept photos that do not belong to you.] If you do not have any fan-taken photos, it’s fine as well, you will still be entitled to half a page for the birthday project. :)

We are accepting overseas donations, and local donations as well. We are accepting only bank transfers and transfer through PayPal.

For overseas donations, please transfer to through PayPal. State your name, amount you’re donating and your twitter account. *Please note that all PayPal fees will be handled by you. :)

For local (Singapore) donations:

Please transfer to POSB Savings 060-98404-2. 
Once transferred, please e-mail to The title of the e-mail will be 2014 fund support. Please include your name, your twitter account, amount of money transferred, transaction number/iBanking number and number. 

[This only applies to donations above 40USD] As the photo books will be split into two, please state which one of the two you will be wishing when sending the e-mail to 

E-mail format for your birthday wish: 
Title of e-mail: 2014 birthday wish [state either Donghae or Henry’s name]
In your e-mail, include your twitter name, name that you would like to be written in the message, and then your message. :)

We hope to gather at least 300USD for donations to Haiyan. And we will be more than glad if our funds exceed 300USD. All donations will definitely go to Red Cross to Haiyan under Henry&Donghae’s name. 

Any questions can be directed to either of us and we will try to reply asap. (@smackhyuk, @donghaessi or @haesdiary). Alternatively, you can approach me through my askbox. :)

Deadline for Henry’s photobook: 8th September, 2359hrs.
Deadline for Donghae’s photobook + donations: 15th September, 2359 hrs.

We hope that you’ll be more than willing to participate for our 2014 birthday project and it will be a huge success! ♥


Here’s the Q&A about Mariska’s bday video 2014. Watch it and join me :)