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Jeremy: Okay so. I’ve got… these spare movie tickets.
Jeremy: Since I’ve been. Trying to expand my movie knowledge.
Jeremy: Anyone wanna take pity on me and come with?

Jack: Oooh, sounds exciting! What are we watching?

Michael: How many spare tickets exactly?
Michael: Enough for me and Ray to come too?

Ray: Yo, count me in.

Jack: I’m up for a double date. Or fourway date. Jeremy?

Jeremy: I have to admit I was not expecting this much interest. Guardians just came out, so. That.
Jeremy: And there is enough for four~

Michael: Have you even seen the first one yet Lil J?

Jeremy: I have!

Jack: Well then! This is gonna be fun. Popcorn’s on me, boys.

Michael: I’m genuinely shocked.
Michael: I can drive us.

Ray: Shotgun

If your kid is hitting someone in a mascot suit:

1) Remember there is a human being inside that suit that does not deserve to be hit
2) Kids actually can do damage to adults if they hit hard enough, repeatedly, in the right spot or in a previously injured area
3) It’s not okay for them to hit people, and you should stop them from hitting a person, it’s not ‘cute’ or ‘funny’ just because that person happens to be inside a mascot suit and you should not be laughing, filming, or taking photographs of it, you should be stopping your child from hurting someone.
4) Make them apologize to the Mascot/the person in the mascot suit.
5) Tell them it’s not nice to hit others, even if they think the bear or bunny or whatever is really a bear or a bunny, they can recognize it as ‘alive’ and you can tell them it’s not nice to hit or hurt others.

Seriously, at the end of the day the person in the mascot suit is still a person, even if they look like a giant bunny or bear or giraffe and they’re just trying to do their job.