So lately i have been hearing a lot about how beneficial it can be to include oysters as part of a raw food diet due to the b12 and other natural good nutrients. i’ve come to understand that they do not have a nervous system online other animals.. i’d love to hear others experiences or opinions on this matter..?

B12, the low down

B12 doesn’t come from animal meat or their muscle tissue, it comes from the bacteria in their body. The meat isn’t the source, it’s the carrier. B12 used to be found in very mineral rich soil (which we have sadly depleted through animal farming and chemical sprays). Some animals have trace amounts of B12 in their flesh because they eat food from the ground that has dirt on it or because their feed has been supplemented with it. However, eating lots of meat - which contains cholesterol and saturated fat - for trace amounts of B12, is inefficient. Also, B12 is destroyed by light and excessive amounts of heat, which may explain why 1 in 4 Americans have suboptimal levels of vitamin B12.. and they are certainly not all vegan. Furthermore, USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that all persons over 50 get their vitamin B12 from dietary supplements and fortified foods due to a diminished ability to absorb it from other sources.

Achieving an adequate B12 intake is easy and there are several methods to suit individual preferences. Consuming fortified foods is a common way for vegans to achieve an adequate intake - B12 is found in yeast extract spreads, soya meat, many soya milks, rice milks and other plant milks, margarines and packaged cereals. Another easy method is to take a supplement.


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Shinhwa To Hold An Encore Concert

[by You-bin Ha] Shinhwa will hold an encore concert in Olympic Gymnastics Arena on August 22 and 23.

On March 21 and 22, the group already held its concert ‘WE’ to celebrate its 17th anniversary and all the tickets were sold out, proving the group’s tremendous popularity.

With its 12th album’s title song ‘Sniper’, Shinhwa won on different music shows 10 times, setting a new record. Also, this new activity was particularly special since the group won its trademark rights. The encore concert will be meaningful for both fans and the group to finish its 12th album’s activity.

Shinhwa received a favorable response from the public for its concerts since it was organized with diverse events and performances. Fans’ expectations are rising to once again discover the group’s talents.

The group’s agency Shinhwa Company said, “Shinhwa will hold its encore concert on August 22 and 23 in Olympic Gymnastics Arena. There were a lot of great things during this 12th album’s activity and the group decided to hold another concert to celebrate and repay fans’ love. The concert will be organized with something different than the first ones so ask you for a lot of interest and attention for it”.

Meanwhile, the tickets of Shinhwa’s encore concert ‘2015 SHINHWA 17TH ANNIVERSARY FINALE CONCERT WE_SHINHWA’ will be available through Interpark on July 6 for the group’s fan club and on July 8 for everyone. (photo by Shinhwa Company)

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