I wasnt gonna but...

I see a lot of people going apeshit about Square not putting these things in FFXV in the beginning and I get youre all frustrated but in game development the more is in your game the more you have to make time for it and the more money you have to put into it. Tabata and the BD2 worked their ass off on this game and really wanted it to have all that detail but they had to fit what they could in time. The fans were pressed down on them, the company was pressed on them they probably had to cut a ton of stuff out in the process. It happens, but tbh this game turned out super great for having to be torn apart and built from the ground up again. Square as well could have just said “whatever” and not bothered to fix it for you but THEY ARE. THEY KNOW THEY SCREWED UP THEY ARE TRYING. Im sure they arent going to do just one thing from that list I think they want to know what the priority thing you want to see and go from there. Just be grateful they are actually doing it for you. It’ll all be fine…you will all be fine…


I don’t know what I love more, Emmett being so immature about Bella and Edward having sex that even Jacob and Carlisle have to smirk or the look Bella gives her husband that says it’s not funny when he clearly thinks it is


Favorite Breaking Dawn Moments ( */👑)

“Rosalie grinned at me, and I was glad to see that the new comradeship between us was still there in her smile. I hadn’t been entirely sure it would last after Renesmee’s life was no longer tied to mine. But maybe we had fought together on the same side long enough that we would always be friends now. I’d finally made the same choice she would have if she’d been in my shoes. That seemed to have washed away her resentment for all my other choices”