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On topic of BD2 fight scene, Seth's "death" really broke my heart! Also, when I watched the scene again, I noticed more "dead" wolves scattered around in some parts and it made me upset because it reminded me of the fact that there were extremely young, inexperienced kids having to battle an army of old, experienced fighters. I know it didn't come to a fight in canon but the fact that Jacob/Carlisle/others were okay with children putting their life on the line bothers me.

Yeah, again, that’s something that I don’t think SM gave enough weight. It’s all “save Nessie! Save the Cullens!” but at what cost? Of course the argument is that Aro would have found out about the wolves and come after them anyway, so they really didn’t have any choice but to stand with the Cullens (the alternative would be eventually facing the Volturi alone), but it’s all still pretty sad that these kids–KIDS!!!–are having not only their lives disrupted by turning into wolves so young because of the presence of MOAR VAMPIRES in the area, but also risking their lives in this confrontation about something that has nothing to do with them. 

I like to think that Jacob/Carlisle etc weren’t okay with it (Carlisle says to Sam “Don’t get your family slaughtered for pride,” so he tried to tell Sam not to get involved, but then Sam said something to the effect of: Jacob can’t abandon Nessie, we can’t abandon Jacob, so we’re all in), but it’s not an angle that SM was interested in exploring with any depth. It’s all about Bella’s fear for her daughter’s life–which is understandable, she’s the narrator–but Sue Clearwater must have been in fear of her children’s lives, too. If they had died in the confrontation, would that have torpedoed her relationship with Charlie (”his daughter and her choices indirectly got my children killed!”)? Like, this is way bigger than Bella and Nessie. 

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@kittengrin have you tried Lamictal? It’s incredible for BD2. Best thing on the market.

Side effects are basically “99.99999% you’ll be completely fucking cured and angels will raise you up out of perdition and Jesus will personally serve you the nectar of heaven. 0.00001% chance you might die. Nothing in between.”

Basically if you get The Rash (which would happen early, as the drug first kicked in) you go to the fucking ER. If you don’t, you start sending the drug manufacturer Christmas cards every year.

Just between you and me, it also completely fucking stopped my menstrual cycle as long as I take it. The gods are generous and kind.

When my psych diagnosed me with bd2 she didn’t get into any specifics and i feel weird just assuming im an ultraradian cycler i mean it’s the only way that it really makes sense for me to have bd2 but it’s also super rare to be a ultraradian cycler and the existence of us is also super debated so idk idk

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what did the psych person diagnose you as? mine was changed from bd2 to mdd. v lame

do u mean like my psychiatrist. major depressive disord, borderline personality disord, dissociative disord, and generalized anxiety disord im cool n healthy 

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Eyyyyyyy. B| what's hapnin? What's your opinion on the waza craft pedals? I was already a fan of the bd2 and is considering selling mine for the bd2w

I’m not sure they are worth it to be honest. I played the Blues Driver very briefly and it seemed nice, but a little pricey. The DM2W is the only one I think I’m super into. Haven’t had time with one yet though. 

“Rob has never changed since we met for the first time. He challenges his own limits and he always embraces me kindly.”  - Kristen  BD2 Promo