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Much as I would love those to be the same pants, I don't believe that they can share pants. They are big enough on Kristen to be loose but not fall off her. That would mean that Rob's waist is only a few inches bigger than K's - yeah right. Girl is teeny! Those are pretty standard man pants, so I think the similarity is just a coincidence :(

And I’m gonna have to disagree with you.  We’ve seen Kristen wear Rob’s pants before…his jeans after the BD2 premier in London.  And if you bothered to look closely you can see that the fucking pants are all but falling off of her!  

And you are right they don’t have the same size waist.  Rob’s pants fit her very low on her hips and her robust butt keeps them up.  Woman typically are wider then men in the hips and the thighs…even tiny women like Kristen and we know she’s got curves!

It’s also been pointed out by several ppl that have seen Rob in person how slender he really is.  So…yes, Rob is much taller/bigger in some areas than Kristen but if you look closely at pictures of them together you can see that his waste to her hip ratio is about equal.   Even slender women like Kristen can have hips and Kristen’s have actually widened since having the baby, so if she was able to wear his pants before the baby, it’s probably even easier for her to do so now.

Add to this that Rob has practically no ass in which to speak of where as previously mentioned we are all aware of Kristen’s robust butt…it makes it even more plausible for Kristen to be able to wear Rob’s pants!

As I’ve said before, I’m not one to get on this bandwagon often, but once I’m on it, your gonna have to do better than this to get me off!

Look close and you can see where they hit Kristen.  And it’s also obvious that they are mens pants when you look at what she has in her pockets.  Women’s pants are not created with those deep pockets…only mens.  Not only that, look at the fit in the crotch…again, women wearing mens pants that are too big and made to have room for a dick create that bulge when women wear them.

And let me point out that the pictures in my collage are not to scale.  I’ve zoomed into Rob so of course in this picture the proportions are off.

As I mentioned to my previous anon that wanted to say these were the same pants that she wore when returning from Paris…I pay attention to the details and the details tell me these are in fact the same pants!  Down the the crease.


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"Actually, Esme wouldn’t care if you had a third eye or webbed feet. All this time she’s been worried about me, afraid that there was something missing from my essential makeup, that I was too young when Carlisle changed me… She’s ecstatic. Everytime I touch you, she just about chokes with satisfaction." - Edward Cullen, Twilight, chapter 15.