And So It Begins | Riku | Body Discovery [Closed for Adelaide]

A body has been discovered…

Riku’s head jerked up, on full alert in an instant, though they hadn’t been asleep. No, thanks to Monokuma’s gas-happy interludes, Riku had already spent more time unconscious in the past week than they were used to, and thus hadn’t even felt particularly tired last night. On the contrary, the recent motive and upsurge in danger had left them anxious and on edge… apparently for good reason. 

Picking up the small broom that Kanta had assisted them in finding, Riku used the makeshift cane to get out of the cabin. Who was it? Who had died? Riku’s lips pressed together and they followed the sound of the commotion in the direction of the fountain… the sound of the running water was barely noticeable under the cacophony of fear and dismay.

Riku didn’t make a sound. They stayed back for the moment, at the edge of the group, not wanting to disturb any evidence- by the time they realized someone was moving the body it was too late to protest. So much for preserving the crime scene. Ah well, it wasn’t as though they could just call in the police right now anyway.

But who was it? Who? The question burns on the tip of Riku’s tongue, they’re already identifying voices- that’s Roxxy sobbing on the ground, not too far away, they’re sure, and they can hear Kanta in a similar state. Ayame was the one who had requested help moving the victim, and Yutaka had responded. Tomo and Hanami’s voices were unmistakable over by the gazebo, and Riku was reasonably sure they’d recognized Ochako’s scream not long ago…

There were several others they didn’t recognize, but they couldn’t pick out for sure who was… why wasn’t anyone saying a name… Riku took a breath, trying to suss out a way to approach someone to ask, when their ID card beeped with an update. Riku checked it practically on reflex, listening as the screenreader softly intoned the new information.


Well, that was convenient.

Chiyo Soseki, huh? A stranger, then. Riku knew her by name and talent only… which didn’t make her death less of a tragedy, of course, but it would be a lie to say they didn’t feel some relief that the body wasn’t one of their friends.

This time, anyway.

After taking a moment to memorize the file, Riku tucked their ID card away again and made a quick trip back to their room to retrieve their cane. It felt good to have the strap around their wrist again, and they were able to return to the fountain with relative speed. At which point they decided it was time to find a partner to assist with investigations.

Some listening and the scent of lemons eventually brought them to the side of someone they were fairly certain was…

“Addy-san. How are you holding up?” They kept their tone soft, respectful. They didn’t know if Adelaide was familiar with Chiyo, after all. Best to take things slow until they had a better idea of her feelings.


“Actually, Esme wouldn’t care if you had a third eye or webbed feet. All this time she’s been worried about me, afraid that there was something missing from my essential makeup, that I was too young when Carlisle changed me… She’s ecstatic. Everytime I touch you, she just about chokes with satisfaction.” - Edward Cullen, Twilight, chapter 15.