bd pt.2

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I love your blog so much! Could you please write sex with Emmett would include??

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  • I’m like 98.97499629% sure Emmett is pretty kinky
  • He probs had a daddy kink
  • likes teasing
  • being dominate
  • dirty talk
  • I think he’d be cool with bondage as long as he wasn’t the one getting tied up and you wanted t do it
  • I feel like sex with Emmett would mostly be rough sex if you were cool with it
  • I think there’s probably days where he lets you be in charge, but most of the time he is
  • if he just got back from battle (like in eclipse or bd pt. 2) you guys would either have like really passionate “making love” type sex or rougher sex than normal it depends on your mood
Sight pt 2

BD: So this one is Yellow.

BP: Yes.

BD: And this one’s Blue.

BP: It is. 

BD: And Antlerite is green.

BP: Indeed she is.

BD: So what colour is Smokey?

SQ: I’m a kind of brown color.

BD: Brown… At least I can connect these words to something now. Even fused I wasn’t looking through my own eyes. I wonder if I’ll miss it when it goes.

BP: It might not go back. Maybe your gem changed somehow.

BD: It doesn’t feel any different. We should ask Sapphire… I’d like to be alone for a little bit.

BP: Oh, if you’re sure.

SQ: Are you sure you’re ok? 

BD: Don’t worry about me. I’m fine. 

(Black diamond waits until the two gems have left and picks up the dropped destabiliser. )