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And they say romance is dead

okay so I’m on board with the whole “My Dad” = Greg theory, it makes the most sense and its something we’ve been expecting since the start of Peridot’s redemption arc, but I can’t help thinking, like  

just, BD referring to a random human as “My Dad” because that’s what Steven calls him. 


“আমার ভাইয়ের রক্তে রাঙানো একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারি
আমি কি ভুলিতে পারি
ছেলেহারা শত মায়ের অশ্রু গড়ায়ে ফেব্রুয়ারি
আমি কি ভুলিতে পারি”

“My Brothers Blood Spattered 21 February
Can I forget the twenty-first of February
incarnadined by the love of my brother?
The twenty-first of February, built by the tears
of a hundred mothers robbed of their sons,
Can I ever forget it?”

A Brief History of Ekushey February, February 21st:

If you don’t know already: The British colonized the Indian subcontinent for centuries and… I am angry… but fast forward to 1947’s partition, which led to 2 nations: India, and Pakistan, which consisted of East Pakistan–Now proudly Bangladesh–and West Pakistan–which is the present Pakistan. Historically, East Pakistan was underrepresented in government and military, and underfunded during the Pakistani rule despite the fact that out of 69 million Pakistanis at the time, 44 million were Bengali-speaking and residing in East Pakistan (Bangladesh).

Even though 54% of the national population spoke Bengali (Bangla) as their mother tongue, in 1948 the Pakistani government enforced an ‘Urdu Only’ law, saying that the sole official language of East (Bangladesh) and West Pakistan would be Urdu—which had been promoted as the common language of Muslims during the British Rule. This felt like an attack against the Bengali identity, one that not only aimed to establish supremacy of one people over the other but was also unrepresentative of the national population. Although sectorial violence and tensions existed before, East Pakistan began protesting for our right to speak our mother tongue, to establish our Bengali identity, to institute equal respect for Bangla. Bengali scholars, student leaders and politicians led, supported and fought alongside in the movement that began.

ON 20TH FEBRUARY, 1952, the government enforced section 144: banning all public protests and marches in Dhaka. They began imprisoning University of Dhaka’s student leaders.

ON THE 21ST OF FEBRUARY, students marched protesting ‘Rashtro bhasha Bangla chai’ or ‘We want Bangla as the official language’ and the Pakistani police opened fire, killing 4 and injuring 17. Hearing the news of the shooting, thousands of people gathered in front of Dhaka Medical College, where the injured were admitted, a state of civil unrest began. Every year from then on, Bangladeshis began to commemorate this day of mourning and organized demonstrations and protests. The next few years consisted of political unrest, imprisonment of Bengali politicians, and public demonstrations.

THE FIRST SHAHEED MINAR was built on February 22nd, 1952 in memory of the martyrs and was destroyed by the Pakistani army on February 26th. In 1957, a second minar was built in tandems and completed in 1963, but that too was violently demolished by the Pakistani army in 1971. The current Shaheed Minar was built in 1972 and stands to this day.

IN 1956, the Pakistani government ruled Bengali as an official language alongside Urdu. In 1999, the UN declared 21st February International Mother Language day. As Bangladeshi people, to this day we march for the lives lost since those days in 1952, to the 1971 genocide, until our independence. Early in the morning of every February 21st, we walk to the Shaheed Minar (pictured above) with fresh flowers in our hands and black badges on our chests. Ekushey February marked a significant day not only because of our fight for our mother tongue, but because it strengthened and became a part of the Bangladeshi identity and catalyzed events that led to the 1971 liberation war.

I am proud of my history, I am proud of my people for fighting for our language and identity under an oppressive rule. I mourn the deaths of martyrs Abdus Salam, Rafiq Uddin Ahmed, Abul Barkat, Abdul Jabbar, and many more. 21st February 1952 was the beginning to a tale of blood, atrocities, and liberation. I am proud to be Bangladeshi. It’s time to acknowledge Bangladesh’s liberation and the 1971 genocide. 

[I hope at least some of you read this and learned a little bit more about my country and of course feel free to add to this. Images are off google and I used my old Bangla textbooks and Wikipedia for specific dates.]

Ruby can see out of two eyes
  • This is mainly supported by the episode stuck together (which in itself i think also explained a lot about gem anatomy)
  • In stuck together, steven and lars are traped inside of the topaz fusion and are trying to get out. They decide to tell/yell at topaz to try to get her attention but it doesnt seem that she was listening or could listen for that matter. This was pointed out by lars when he said, "she cant hear us with those big ear muffs she's wearing".
  • These "ear muffs" are her gem, obviously, but it did raise the question, can gems use their senses if their gem is placed there? It is suggested that it can not be in the episode but as soon as steven and lars finish talking, topaz opens up and reveals that she was listening. This in itself reveals a lot about gems like eye ball and jasper.
  • On a less important note, this proves that jasper can smell and use her nose BUT this also proves ruby can see out of her gem which is in her eye. This not only proves that eyeball's witness statement is true but it also proves that if ruby actually didnt see it right, it wasnt because of her gem but instead a third party source, such as a certain diamond's sadness aura or power.
  • (i read something where gem placement on diamonds are worth something and i agree. Meaning that blue and yellow both show both sides of the heart, more specifically; one strikes fear in the hearts of her enemies and court with power and one breaks the heart emotionally. Blue diamond is more emotionally advanced/minipulative than yellow diamond but yellow diamond knows how to use information to scare and inform people. Each diamond following their heart in a different way.
  • BUT
  • Lets assume that white diamonds gem is on her forehead, associated with the brain and pink is on her stomach. So pink follows her gut feeling but white diamond is extremely clever. If white diamond's natural gift is intellegence, that could imply that she can change memories or alter them. (This would also explain why she seems the be the head of the gem authority) Which would make eyeball, jasper and anyone else believe that rose shattered pink diamond when it was actually her.
  • This is in brakets because i havent really have solid proof or evidence but only a gut feeling)

Ma mission est d'apporter plus de fanart m&m’s dans le monde fabuleux de tumblr :P (que le monde en question en veuille ou non xD)

Et voilààà, j'espère que ça te plaira, j'ai beaucoup aimé ton idée ^^ J'aime beaucoup le popcorn aussi :P