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I've got a lot of Judith Butler stuff (quotes/theory, etc) on my blog and I only recently learned about her views on Zionism and her (possibly misquoted) comments on Hamas and Hezbollah. Obviously, people can admire a person for some of their positions and disagree with them on others, but as a gentile I don't really feel I can determine whether her view on Israel is so problematic that I shouldn't be promoting her or whether it's just a case of adding a disclaimer. Any thoughts?

Look. History is filled with people who do great things in one area and not so great in another. I think Butler’s work on gender is damn near essential and she deserves the respect she’s earned in that area. Her discussions on Israel and Zionism are far more problematic and I largely pay her no mind when she talks about it. If we have a problem on the Left it’s a tendency to want to call people “trash” because they don’t 100% line up with our points of view and I don’t think that’s helpful. 

If there is a pro-BDS Jewish voice who I think doesn’t say anything flat out ridiculous, I’d probably go with Naomi Klein. I don’t agree with BDS outside of the settlements, but she’s very clear that she’s not anti-Israeli and finds ways to get her work published in Hebrew so that she doesn’t shut down conversation with the average Israeli. She also stresses non-violence in a way Butler clearly doesn’t by her odd support of Hamas and Hezbollah.

It’s nearing 2017!! Since this year a lot of things happened, Ego and Mun decided to reveal their new year’s resolution!! Time to prepare for the next year~ It’s a real joy to be in the bd family! THANK YOU EVERYONE <3 

HAVE A HAPPY UPCOMING NEW YEAR!! We want to hear others’ resolution too~!!

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Recipe for banana berry loaf
Banana berry loafIngredients: 1 ½ cups spelt flour, ½ teaspoons each baking powder and soda, 15g lupin flour mixed with 60ml water, ½ cup maple syrup, ½ cup plant milk, 1 large ripe banana mashed,...

I posted a new recipe for this absolutely scrumptious, fluffy and soft banana berry loaf :) 



Making the difficult choices and KEY decisions

        Experiences the consequences of those decisions


The character of SECOND-most importance

        May switch sides depending on their circumstances


May act as the INSTIGATOR

       Creates the situations in which sympathy for the protagonist is excited