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So I’ve seen a lot of people make the connection that the Crewniverse was trying to parallel Greg and baby steven with the Virgin Mary and Jesus.

I’m not disagreeing with that idea, but after watching the episode again, Greg reminded me much more of… Someone else.

Baby Steven’s design calls a massive amount of attention to the diamond shaped opening on his stomach where his gem is located, directly comparing him to Pink Diamond.

Greg, on the other hand is shrouded in blue and woefully chases after the Crystal Gems, who have stolen his “Pink Diamond” away. He immediately reminded me of Blue Diamond.

I also find it really interesting that Greg is the first human in the show to interact with Blue Diamond, and they openly empathize with each other.

Maybe the relationship between Blue Diamond and Pink Diamond was comparable to one between a parent and child. Maybe Blue Diamond is the heartbroken protector who can’t stop mourning the loss of her child…. Either way, I am certain that there is some sort of parallel between BD and Greg.