I like staying up late to make stuff.

In chronicalogical order. Cut wrong spot, put it back together and covered me tracks. Then cut it in the right spots, test fitted grood. Welded the rear gusset on. I always try soo soo hard to make mig look good, I seem to just not have it, and end up doing 1000 shitty tacks. Maybe I need to change to smaller wire size, idk… Then the lil fill plate and paint. Then cat.

So pretty much XM mounts are getting a c-. Engine mounts fit fine, but the welds are absolute crap and they don’t let you run bushings. Trans mount doesn’t fit the trans side well AND doesn’t fit in the auto 86 trans x member like it should. Wtf. Also it mounts the motor pretty far forwards.

All fixed now but after the fact it didn’t make sense to even buy their kit…

Third conclusion, everything sucks.