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I am so freaking annoyed. I am one comic cover from having Magneto myself .. and this time around I didn’t land the 1000 Iso-8 box like I did last time with Valkyrie. Ugh.

I’m in the same predicament! But then I realized the likelihood of him being re-released at a high CP price.

About that, you remember how I was going to inbox you on tips how to work around that? Yeah, no. They changed the game completely if you haven’t noticed yet. I’m not too sure about yourself, but my chances of landing something good in the Daily reward have slimmed to basically zero chance. I had a better chance at choosing one of the panels myself. 

Also, the roulette in PVP favors people with high ranking. Or so I think. More often than not, I’ve faced people with the new Stark weapon who have indications of high ranking in previous tournaments. (Those really neat weapons that are tournament earned only? More often than not, they’re in the player I’m facing’s armory bonus.) I really want the new Stark tech they have up for reward but I keep getting either one CP or those armory bonus items. And my ranking isn’t going up because as I gain a new level, the PVP challenge gets harder. This game is going to kill me. 

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They’ve extended pretty much every Spec Ops. I’m really surprised they didn’t extend this one since attempting to get Magneto required pretty much every resource you needed to finish the mission for Havok.

If Playdom had a physical entity, I’d slap that physical entity. They watered everything down; your chances of a good daily reward, your chances of getting ISO without investing money, the chances of getting CP without extensive farming.  Everything has been nerfed. Not to mention that they improve heroes and practically overpower them. (Quicksilver, Wolverine)  I just want Cap to get fixed as well. I think he should also have a healing factor and reduced time w/ debuffs. Or so I see it.